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Toughie 1197

Toughie No 1197 by Firefly

Yabba Dabba Doo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

One of the easier Friday Toughies.

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1a    Basis for a troubled sleep? (7)
{BEDROCK} – this could be an uncomfortable place to sleep – unless your name is Flintstone!

5a    Greedy folks would vociferously behave thus at Billingsgate (7)
{SELFISH} – sounds like (vociferously) what folks do at Billingsgate Market (which is, incidentally, now in Poplar)

9a    Belabour entertainer with missing notes and falling apart (9)
{REITERATE} – an anagram (and falling apart) of E[N]TERTAI[N]ER without (missing) the two N(ote)s

10a    Stupid fool, going after credit (5)
{CRASS} – a fool preceded by CR(edit)

11a    Stalks, gets arrested? (5)
{STEMS} – two definitions – stalks of plants and arrests or checks a flow

12a    Passage from current examination in English (9)
{INTESTINE} – this passage, a part of the digestive system, is a charade of a two-letter word meaning current or recent, an examination, IN and E(nglish)

13a    A dance for Ron and Grace evokes pride (9)
{ARROGANCE} – the A from the clue followed by an anagram (dance) of RON and GRACE

16a    Glitches evident in Beeb lip-sync (5)
{BLIPS} – hidden inside (evident in) the clue

17a    Pronounced incentive to gain weight (5)
{CARAT} – sounds like (pronounced} an incentive, for a donkey, perhaps

18a    Frost in centre affected reserve (9)
{RETICENCE} – a three-letter word for frost inside an anagram (affected) of CENTRE

20a    Making a comeback, Emu is sat opposite, not completely in element? (9)
{POTASSIUM} – hidden (not completely) and reversed (making a comeback) inside the clue

23a    Academy putting Jock on course (5)
{ASCOT} – A(cademy) followed by a jock from north of the border gives a racecourse putting Jock on course

25a    Spike embraces group’s initial suggestion (5)
{TINGE} – a spike around () the initial letter of G[roup]

26a    Tidy up dreadfully messy site (9)
{SYSTEMISE} – an anagram (dreadfully) of MESSY SITE

27a    Losing every advantage, dissipating early results? Surely they will show themselves? (7)
{LEADERS} – the initial letters of seven words in the clue gives another word for those initial letters

28a    Singular form of ‘gantries’ has no ‘I’ (7)
{STRANGE} – an anagram (form) of GANTR[I]ES without (no) the I


1d    Stone in arabica (out of Central America) damaged coffee-maker (7)
{BARISTA} – ST(one) inside an anagram (damaged) of ARABI[CA] without the abbreviation for Central America

2d    Header over defender’s foot shows tenacity (5)
{DRIVE} – a header or plunge around the final letter (foot) of [defende]R

3d    Slip-up with faulty vaulting-horse — broken ulna, out of action (9)
{OVERSIGHT} – an anagram (faulty) of V[AUL]TI[N]G-HORSE without the assorted letters (broken) of ULNA

4d    Start-up facilitator reportedly in the buff? (5)
{KHAKI} – sounds like (reportedly) something that facilitates the starting of a vehicle (3,3)

5d    Fancy — Tiny Tim’s first to join Miles in saddle (9)
{SWEETMEAT} – this fancy or delicacy is derived from a three-letter word meaning tiny, the initial letter (first) of T[im] and M(iles) inside a saddle

6d    Devastator not last in position (5)
{LOCUS} – an insect that devastates vegetation without (not) its final letter (last)

7d    Sporting nation, Italy, initially suffering lack of enthusiasm (9)
{INANITION} – a two-letter word meaning sporting or wearing followed by an anagram (suffering) of NATION and the initial letter of I[taly]

8d    Husband shoots outfitters (7)
{HOSIERS} – H(usband) followed by some shoots of willow

14d    Geller’s aboard a train derailed in romantic spot (9)
{RURITANIA} – the first name of self-proclaimed psychic Geller inside (aboard) an anagram (derailed) of A TRAIN

15d    Reflective chap is suspect overlooked by DEA man (9)
{NARCISSUS} – IS and the shortened form of to SUS[pect] preceded (overlooked in a down clue) a slang word for a man from the US Drug Enforcement Administration

16d    Bruce navigated round Malacca in ‘Sea Rover‘ (9)
{BUCCANEER} – an anagram (navigated) of BRUCE around another word for Malacca, used to make walking sticks

17d    Investment‘s high in architecture (7)
{CAPITAL} – two definitions – money that has been invested and the distinct section at the head of a pillar or column

19d    End time among former engineers (7)
{EXTREME} – T(ime) inside a two-letter word meaning former, as in a former partner, and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

21d    Entreat Miliband to raise unprepared material (5)
{SUEDE} – a verb meaning to entreat or beseech followed by the reversal of the first name of the leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition

22d    Essentials — new wine with sushi for starter (5)
{MUSTS} – a word for new or partially fermented wine followed by the initial letter (starter) of S[ushi]

24d    Reading perhaps skirted by killer dog (5)
{CAIRN} – Reading is one of (perhaps) three fundamentals of learning – put its abbreviation inside (skirted by) Abel’s killer

A handful of good clues among many fairly pedestrian ones.

12 comments on “Toughie 1197

  1. I didn’t enjoy this very much, favourites the two homophones at 4d and 17a thanks to Firefly and to Big Dave for the review.

  2. I was going along nicely until the SW corner. I’d blithely put in plead for 21D, which of course made everything else impossible. It wasn’t until I erased it and took a fresh look that the penny dropped for 20A and most of the rest fell into place. I was then left with 27A and eventually decided on what turned out to be the correct answer but had no idea why. 7D was a new word for me, but doable from the clue. I did like 8D, 15D and 16D. Thanks to Firefly, and to BD for the review and especially the unraveling of 27A.

  3. Many thanks to Firefly and to BD, an enjoyable and not overly taxing toughie and an excellent review.

  4. The weather is forcing me to feed the grey matter instead of the vegetable matter… was a stretch for me.

    I enjoyed the homonyms.
    I had never heard of 7d and resorted to electronic crib and although I wrote in 24d, I needed the hint to make sense of it …doh!…I kept trying to come up with names of obscure fighting dogs.

    27a was clever, 21 my last one in and 22d my favourite.

  5. Gilbert’s comment has just altered what I was about to say and put me back where I belong.
    I enjoyed this very much.
    I was defeated by 7d – I’ve never heard of the word and was trying to make it an anagram but not with the right letters.
    I liked lots of these clues, probably too many to mention. I think my favourite has to be 3d.
    With thanks to Firefly and BD – and an honourable mention to Gilbert for not allowing me to become too big for my boots!

  6. The puzzle kept us smiling throughout the solving process. What more could one ask for. Not the hardest but fun.
    Thanks Firefly and BD.

  7. Quite friendly for a Friday toughie. A good accompaniment to the England match on the box.Thx to all.

  8. Absolutely kicking myself at the time it took me parse that blessed dog, made worse that one is saying with me at the moment so not only was I staring at the clue I was staring literally at the answer.
    LOL moment at 5a for me anyway. Thanks to Firefly and BD

  9. I enjoyed solving this puzzle in the evening light.

    Faves : 1a, 17a, 20a, 6d, 8d & 24d.

    1d was last in as I was concentrating on a type of machine but at last the penny dropped!

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