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DT 27414

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27414

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

The Mysteron obviously noticed that Cephas didn’t have so many anagrams as usual last week, so he made up for it by giving us eight this week!

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1a           Following leads in special operations, spies left party (6)
SOCIAL  –   the ‘leads’ of Special Operations, followed by the CIA (spies) and L (left).

4a           Successfully woo girl holding diamonds — that can give you a lift (8)
WINDLASS –   WIN LASS (successfully woo girl) with D (diamonds in a card game) inserted.

9a           Roughen up a certain Mr Pitt with energy (6)
ABRADE –  A (from the clue) BRAD (Mr Pitt the actor)and E (energy).

10a         Some gent renovated jewel (8)
GEMSTONE –   A renovated anagram of SOME GENT.

11a         Showing respect if no choir performing (9)
HONORIFIC –   An anagram (performing) of IF NO CHOIR.

13a         Good-for-nothing makes Bette lose head (5)
IDLER –   Remove the initial letter or ‘head’ from Bette MIDLER’s surname.

14a         One back in rugby team leaving space between locks (6,7)
CENTRE PARTING –  CENTRE (one of the backs in a rugby team) and PARTING (leaving).

17a         Children’s puppet directors win everything (5,3,5)
SWEEP THE BOARD –   Sooty’s friend SWEEP and THE BOARD (directors)

21a         Grub of regular variety (5)
LARVA –   Hidden in reguLAR VAriety.

23a         Engineer fuelled in US city as a requirement (9)
NEEDFULLY –   An anagram (engineer) of FUELLED inserted into NY, the abbreviation for the city of New York.

24a         August? Put in danger around its beginning (8)
IMPERIAL –   A (the beginning of August) inserted into IMPERIL  (put in danger).

25a         Person engaging lawyer right in court (6)
CLIENT –   Insert LIEN (legal right) into CT, the abbreviation for court.

26a         Restrained old hooligan given anaesthetic (8)
TETHERED –  Insert ETHER (anaesthetic) into a TED (teddy boy, 1950s hooligan).

27a         Ploy to get one caught following diplomacy (6)
TACTIC –  TACT (diplomacy) I (one) and C (caught in cricket scoring).


1d           Shop initially with two articles to wrap up (6)
SWATHE –   S (the initial letter of shop) W (with)   A (indefinite article)  THE (definite article).

2d           Dreadful cliché about king, concerning history (9)
CHRONICLE –   An anagram (dreadful) of CLICHÉ with R (Rex, king) and ON (concerning) inserted.

3d           Unknown author takes director in bar with log fire (7)
ANDIRON –   ANON (unknown author) with DIR (director) inserted.

5d           Sort of banal piece’s impossible to get away from (11)
INESCAPABLE –   An anagram (sort) of BANAL PIECE S.

6d           Rough sleeper holds single record (7)
DOSSIER –   Insert I (one, single) into a DOSSER (rough sleeper).

7d           Bikini, perhaps, has a price (5)
ATOLL –   Split 1, 4 it would be A and TOLL (price).

8d           Eagerest to make trip in cheapest place on ship (8)
STEERAGE –   And another anagram (to make trip), this time of EAGEREST.

12d         Habit of Victorians taking very cheap beer even for them! (11)
FARTHINGALE –  Apparently this garment was worn in Victorian times as well as in the 16th and 17th centuries.   Split  8, 3, it produces some particularly cheap beer.

15d         Dig tunnel for redevelopment that’s gratifying (9)
INDULGENT –   And another anagram – a redevelopment of DIG TUNNEL.

16d         One looking into the future admitting son may become religious writer (8)
PSALMIST  –   A PALMIST might look at your hand to determine your future.   Inserting an S (son) produces a writer of psalms.

18d         Plain damage I repair (7)
PRAIRIE –  An anagram (damage) of I REPAIR.

19d         Ramsey perhaps doubled a source of fodder (7)
ALFALFA –  The famous footballer manager is an example of someone called ALF  –  ‘doubled’  indicates that you need two lots of   ALF ALF and A (from the clue).

20d         My staff endlessly hard to fathom (6)
MYSTIC –   MY (from the clue) and STIC (stick or staff ‘endlessly’)

22d         Drunk comes up to plant again (5)
REPOT –  A reversal (up in a down clue) of a TOPER (drunk).

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  1. I didn’t get to complete this until last night. As you say, Crypticsue, plenty of anagrams, but I enjoy them. 16d was my last in because I kept trying to think of a vowel to begin the word! Plenty of very nice clues. I particularly liked 4a, 17a, 26a, 12d and 19d. Am much pleased because my parsing was correct and I didn’t miss any definitions. (My paper copy is covered in pencil notes!)
    Many thanks to Mysteron for a very pleasurable puzzle. And many thanks to Crypticsue for a beautifully clear review.

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