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NTSPP – 208

NTSPP – 208

A Puzzle by Wiglaf

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows.

Many thanks to Wiglaf for the crossword.  If you read across the top row, you will see the name (informal) of a group.  A number of solutions are records that the group recorded that have one word titles (thanks to Big Dave for pointing out the more obscure ones).  In addition to those in the grid, the clues also contain references to the following records – HELP, REVOLUTION and GIRL.


8 More just attitude adopted by judge after revolution (6)
{FAIRER} – A word for a look or attitude goes inside (adopted by) a three letter word for a judge that is reversed (after revolution).

9 European gangster spotted by bar man north of the border? (8)
{ALBANIAN} – The first name of Mr Capone (gangster) followed by a word meaning bar or prohibit and a Scottish (north of the border) boy’s name.

10 Girl in torment after being bitten by rodents (8)
{MICHELLE} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  A four letter word for torment goes inside (after being bitten by) four letter word for rodents.

11 Crazy and foolish about small son (6)
{INSANE} – A word meaning foolish goes around the abbreviation for son.

12 Cheapskate with yen for wretchedness (6)
{MISERY} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  Another word for a scrooge or cheapskate followed by the abbreviation for Yen.

13 To refuse to abandon established dogma is suggestive of Saint Patrick (literally)? (5,3)
{STAND PAT} – Literally ST AND PAT for St Pat or Saint Patrick.

15 A graduate going after Cassandra’s melons (7)
{CASSABA} – A four letter diminutive form of Cassandra is followed by the A in the clue and the designation for the first degree a graduate receives.

17 The first person across the channel to encounter river snakes and rodents (7)
{JERBOAS} – The French for I (first person across the channel) followed by the abbreviation for river and a word for snakes.

20 Stock made by butchering eastern pig-deer (8)
{PEDIGREE} – An anagram (butchering) of E PIG DEER.

22 Old political hack spending time in study again (6)
{REREAD} – Remove the T (spending time) from a word for an old political hack (and a recycled tyre).

23 Over fifty, overcome by desire, wearing granny glasses? (7)
{OWLISH} – The abbreviation for over followed by a word meaning desire inside which (overcome by) you put the Latin for fifty.

25 Suitable duplicate covers put in place (8)
{APPOSITE} – A word meaning duplicate or mimic goes around (covers) a word meaning put in place.

26 Northern beauty queen, according to audience, is beguiling (8)
{MISLEADS} – A homophone (according to the audience) of MISS LEEDS (Northern beauty queen).

27 Turkey finally caught in attempt to get airborne (6)
{FLYING} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  The final letter of turkey goes inside (caught in) a word meaning an attempt or a casual affair.


1 Rising French actor will stand in, ready to help (10)
{FACILITATE} – Reverse (rising) TATI (French actor) and put this inside a word meaning ready or easy to accomplish.  Chambers Thesaurus gives ready as a synonym for the word meaning easy or simplistic but I think it a bit of stretch to link the two.

2 Cunning used in constructing bridgehead? (8)
{ARCHNESS} – Put together a word for a bridge and a word for a head or cape.

3 What goes up when 7 comes down? (6)
{BROLLY} – A very mild cryptic definition of a form of shelter from the elements.

4 A king tucking into meal from the Orient? (3,4)
{FAR EAST} – The A from the clue and the abbreviation for Rex (King) go inside a word for a lavish meal.

5 A goblet I shattered by force (8)
{OBLIGATE} – An anagram (shattered) of A GOBLET I.

6 Fresh students introduced to university education (6)
{UNUSED} – The abbreviation for the union that represents students goes inside (introduced to) the abbreviations for university and education.

7 Croatians regularly tumble down (4)
{RAIN} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  The even letters of cRoAtIaN.

14 It’s very hard to become a post-punk singer in Spain (10)
{ADAMANTINE} – A singer who came after punk rock (performed Stand and Deliver) followed by the IN from the clue and the vehicle registration code for Spain.

16 A third criminal will stop by for anniversary (8)
{BIRTHDAY} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  An anagram (criminal) of A THIRD goes inside the BY from the clue.

18 Could this provide an aerial view of bride? Yes, possibly (4’1-3)
{BIRD’S-EYE} – An anagram (possibly) of BRIDE YES.

19 On account of puzzle, accountant’s coming in for money (7)
{BECAUSE} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  Replace the abbreviation from Money with the abbreviation for accountant in the word BEMUSE (puzzle).

21 I see lice crawling from frozen spike (6)
{ICICLE} – The I from the clue, the letter pronounced as C and an anagram crawling of LICE.

22 Intellectual Property Rights principally made fun of by this (3-3)
{RIP-OFF} – The first letters (principally) of Intellectual Property Rights could be made in an anagram clue (made fun of) giving an expression that means to abuse those rights.

24 Hang around Welsh island (4)
{WAIT} – … and the title of a song by the group indicated across the top row.  The abbreviation for Welsh and a word for a small island.

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15 comments on “NTSPP – 208

  1. The RH side went in fairly quickly but several clues in the LH side took a lot longer.

    Thanks to Wiglaf and Prolixic (in advance).

  2. I hasten to add that it was the setter who pointed me to the titles – I was never their greatest fan, more Elvis and the Stones.

  3. Thanks for the excellent review, Prolixic. Of course a certain member of the band was famous for wearing granny glasses.

    There seems to be two separate blogs running. Is it possible to merge them?

  4. Fun crossword but I totally missed the Beatles bit, but then I never remember to look for Ninas or other hidden stuff :sad:

    Thanks to Wiglaf and Prolixic

  5. Completely missed the theme!

    Tough but fair puzzle.

    Thanks Wiglaf even cleverer in retrospect and v. Enjoyable.

    Thanks to Prolixic for the review.

  6. Loved it – I thought some of the clues were pretty tricky – well, for me anyway.
    I did see the Fab Four across the top, then spent ages trying to make sense of the other ‘sticky outy’ letters round the outside – stupid – then missed all the references to the songs.
    I’ve never heard of the 13a expression or the 22a MP and I missed the anagram indicator in 16d.
    I liked 9, 10, 15 and 26a. I think my favourite was 14d.
    Thanks to Wiglaf and Prolixic.
    Off to do battle with Alchemi now while husband cooks supper.

  7. Fell one short. Did not get 26a. Also totally failed to spot the theme. However, still enjoyed the puzzle and now appreciate its cleverness.
    Thanks Wiglaff and Prolixic

  8. As a Beatles’ fan (and Elvis and Stones and, and, and …) I loved this.

    I may have got this wrong but my interpretation of 22d was that the answer contains the anagram indicator “off” which tells you to juggle up the first word to give you the initial letters of Intellectual Property Rights.

    Many thanks to Wiglaf and Prolixic.

  9. Thanks Prolixit and Wiglaf,

    Lovely puzzle and blog.

    13 across and 22 down both very nice indeed.

  10. Thanks to Wiglaf and to Prolixic for the review and hints. Some very good clues, needed six hints to finish. Nice theme. Favourite was 14d, which I couldn’t get without the hint. Was 3*/3* for me.

  11. A lovely Saturday treat! Albeit, I completely missed the letters across the top and the various titles.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cry.gif (Am not up in pop music. As Brian once said, we don’t get much of it on Radio 3! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_biggrin.gif)
    Although I didn’t appreciate it’s cleverness at the time, I enjoyed this puzzle from beginning to end.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif Some clues were more difficult than others, with the delightful 26a being last in. Fave clue was 14d. (I’ve actually heard of his name!) I also liked 10a and 15a. I was interested to note that the clue for 18d does contain the apostrophe indicating the possessive.
    Although I had all the answers without using any hints, I am more than glad of Prolixic’s review. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif I couldn’t work out the parsing of 1d (haven’t heard of ‘Tati’), 6d, 22a (never heard of that expression used for ‘an old political hack’), and 25a.
    Very many thanks to Wiglaf for an excellent puzzle. And much appreciation to Prolixic for shedding light on all the subtleties.

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