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DT 27396

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27396

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All!. The clock stopped quite quickly on this puzzle . I quite enjoyed the solve though as it had a bit of Old Skool contained therein..

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1a           Planning not to get hitched or committed (6-6)
SINGLE-MINDED – A cryptic definition and definition. The first is descriptive of someone who has planned not to get married i.e. Minded to be SINGLE, the second is a synonym of committed or firm of purpose.

9a           Object of ridicule is nevertheless outspoken (4)
BUTT – A homophone of ‘but’ (nevertheless) indicated by ‘outspoken’, The BUTT of the jokes.

10a         Don’s cruel — naughty rascal (9)
SCOUNDREL – A naughty anagram of DON’S CRUEL.

12a         Mystery of Vietnam GI never going back (6)
ENIGMA – A reversed (going back) hidden word (‘of’ simply indicating)  inside the phrase VietnAM GI NE ver

13a         One may enter after one’s turned round (8)
DOORKNOB – A nice cryptic definition.

15a         Worker has it, he is on island opposite (10)
ANTITHESIS – Start with an ANT or worker then add (has) IT, HE and IS (straight from the clue) and follow up with IS, one abbreviation of Island.

16a         North-east flower show (4)
WEAR – The flow-er or river in the North-East is also a synonym WEAR /sport/show as in a suit or button-hole flower.

18a         Virginia, house-sitter and seductress (4)
VAMP – A charade of VA – the abbreviation of the US state of Virginia and then MP – A Member of the House of Parliament who SITS in sessions.

20a         Check of eco qualities of granite due to be redrafted (5,5)
GREEN AUDIT – One of those neologisms!.  Make an anagram (redrafted) of GRANITE DUE.

23a         Grand race of people (8)
NATIONAL – The world-famous horse-race from Aintree (GRAND NATIONAL)is a cryptic definition for an adjective meaning ‘of people/nation’.

24a         Cave is reached across river (6)
GROTTO – Place GOT TO (reached) around (or across) the abb (abbreviation) R for river.

26a         Not certain if indeed cud is chewed (9)
UNDECIDED – After making an anagram (having been chewed) of INDEED CUD you get the answer.

27a         Fellow‘s insurance not complete (4)
COVE – A rum old cove is a fellow. Remove the last letter (not complete) from COVE(r) or insurance.

28a         Old style of building up — 6am breakfast at the B&B? (5,7)
EARLY ENGLISH – I’ll use BD;s hint of the day as he seems to have an issue with the current B&B starting times: “Cryptically defined as this breakfast in a B&B when served at 6 am!”. The Full English Breakfast for our foreign visitors….!


2d           Private hint (8)
INTIMATE – Two definitions – the first an adjective the second a verb. Both hush-hush.

3d           No end of enthusiasm: ‘It’s a blast!’ (4)
GUST – Remove the last letter (no end of) from GUST(o) or enthusiasm.

4d           Spent frugally — income does need to be put in order (10)
ECNOMISED – An anagram )indicated by ‘need to be put in order’ of INCOME NEEDS. Liked this one!.

5d           Take no notice of topless Italian gentleman (6)
IGNORE – Remove the first letter (The top in a DOWN clue) if (s)IGNORE – the Italian gent.

6d           Put into confusion, tinkled in river! (7)
DERANGE – RANG (tinkled on the phone) inside the River Dee.

7d           Thought on the continent of freedom (12)
DELIBERATION – The French (on the continent) for OF is DE. Add Liberation or freedom.

8d           Unusually piquant, not gentle or twee (6)
QUAINT – Remove the P for Piano (gentle as an abb. in musical notation) from (p)IQUANT then make an unusual anagram.

11d         Maybe for each promotion, enterprise will follow (12)
PERADVENTURE – -An old Victorian usage but I like it!. A charade of PER (for each), AD (ab. Of advert or promotion) and then VENTURE (enterprise commercially).

14d         Where there’s an outside chance of getting drunk? (4,6)
BEER GARDEN – Remember the Summer? This is the outside place to have a beer!.

17d         Private houses (8)
BARRACKS – Another cryptic definition as the last. The Privates are the rank and file soldiery and this is where they live.

19d         One in the ring turned to drama (7)
MATADOR – An anagram (turned) of TO DRAMA. Very nice clue if you like the bull-fight.

21d         Case of four fruit outside (6)
DATIVE – Latin scholars got this straight away!. Place DATE (a fruit) outside the Latin numerals for four – IV.

22d         Reach journey’s end, irritable (6)
TOUCHY – A charae of TOUCH (reach) and then the end of the word journe(Y)

25d         Wildfowl appearing regularly is something to be revered (4)
IDOL – The figure of reverence is located in the even (regular) letters of the first word            .

Thanks to the setter. I’ll see you all next Friday.


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  1. I’m still going through the daily faff of downloading PDFs – guessing I’m not alone? That’s now 2 weeks and 1 day since I first wrote to the Telegraph, the site tells me my user name or password is ‘incorrect’, which is not true unless they’ve done something to make it so – not a word (other than the automated ‘high volume’ email) since then. I am not happy.

  2. Thanks Gnomethang for reminding me of a pleasant solve last Saturday although I confess I needed a little help to keep me going.

    A typo spotted whilst reading through:
    4d answer s/b ECONOMISED

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