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DT 27384

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27384

A full review by crypticsue

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It is quite rare to get a Pangram in a Saturday prize puzzle but Cephas provided us a crossword which included  all the letters of the alphabet in addition to several of  his usual nicely-indicated anagrams.

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5a           Defying orders, perhaps, fellow learner’s joining expedition (8)
FLOUTING –    F (fellow) and  L (learner) join an OUTING (expedition).

8a           One female in France, say, confused and uncomfortable (6)
UNEASY –   UNE (the female version of the French word for one) followed by a confused anagram of SAY.

10a         Coal’s left out to light (6)
IGNITE –   Simply omit the L (left out) from LIGNITE (brown coal).

11a         Get back, i.e. revert, when ordered (8)
RETRIEVE –  Another anagram (when ordered) of IE REVERT.

12a         Ways in front will be immeasurably better (7,5)
STREETS AHEAD –   STREETS (ways) and AHEAD (in front).

15a         Travel round Antipodean island briefly or Mediterranean island (4)
GOZO –   Insert OZ (the abbreviation(briefly)  for the Antipodean island of Australia) into GO (travel).

17a         One keeps moving, though certainly not disturbed (5)
NOMAD –    NO (certainly not) and MAD (disturbed).

18a         Debauchee has nothing to be sorry about (4)
ROUE –   Insert O (nothing) into RUE (be sorry).

19a         Build in sections and lay a fibre carpet (12)

22a         Tense, organised bedspread to cut temperature, becoming calm (8)
TRANQUIL –   T (tense) RAN (organized) and QUILT  (bedspread) with the T (temperature) cut or removed.

24a         River that makes a U-bend (6)
DANUBE –   A river that probably has lots of U-bends but here A U BEND is the anagram fodder.

25a         Like Olive perhaps, drunk (6)
STONED –  The capital O for olive, of course,  being there to mislead!!

26a         Covered second edition about island (8)
SECRETED –   S (second) and ED (edition) ‘about’ the island of CRETE.


1d           Pointless transforming it into refined fuel (6)
FUTILE –   Two anagrams – FUEL is refined and then a transformed IT is put into the result.

2d           Amateurish poet accepting fancy title (10)
DILETTANTE –   A fancy anagram of TITLE is inserted into the Italian poet, DANTE.

3d           Barely   free from bias (4)
JUST –  Double definition – the first being exactly as per the BRB; the second meaning fair or impartial.

4d           Others dropping a hint (8)
REMINDER –    Drop the A from REMAINDER (others).

6d           Easy to carry, Punch picture editor might use one (5,3)
LIGHT BOX –   LIGHT (easy to carry) and BOX (punch).

7d           A nameless germ spreading disease (6,7)
GERMAN MEASLES –   an anagram (spreading) of A NAMELESS GERM produces the disease that stopped me going on a school outing to London Airport in 1961!

9d           Rescue bangers a veggie keeps under wraps (4)
SAVE –   Hidden (under wraps) in bangerS A VEggie.

13d         Result of multiplying shown in finished article (3-7)
END-PRODUCT –   Without the hyphen, the two words refer to the result of multiplying two numbers together.

14d         Becoming match fit (8)
SUITABLE –   SUIT (match) and ABLE (fit).

16d         Mate initially needs ten cycles as competitor (8)
OPPONENT –   OPPO (an informal term for one’s opposite number or mate)  N (the initial letter of Needs) and ENT (the initial letter of TEN moved (cycles) to the end).

20d         Soundly beat hard nut (6)
CONKER –  A homophone (soundly) of CONQUER (beat).

21d         Court order that’s mostly in pen (4)
WRIT –  Almost all  (mostly) of WRITE (pen).

23d         Partly honour Dutch in another language (4)
URDU –   Hidden in part of honoUR DUtch.

I’ll be back next week with the explanations of the Saturday Mysteron’s Prize Puzzle.