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DT 27367

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27367

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

To assist the easily confused, I will start by explaining that this crossword appeared on Saturday 21 December (the day of the big Centenary Celebration) but the extended Christmas closing date means that I can only post the review today.

A splendid 16a/20a from the Saturday Mysteron, with a very nice Nina round the outside which none of us could miss given that the instructions under the puzzle number were so clear ‘Look for a message if you get round to it’  (See the end of the review, if you didn’t notice it at the time).

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7a           Boy attending to a composition (6)
SONATA –   SON (boy) AT  (attending) and A (from the clue).

8a           King Henry’s lead in unusual role of Robin Hood perhaps (4,4)
FOLK HERO –  An anagram (unusual) of ROLE OF with the initial letters (lead) of King and Henry inserted.

9a           Live accommodated by one encouraging soft drink (4,4)
ROOT BEER –   Insert BE (live) into a ROOTER (an informal term for someone providing loud encouragement)

11a         Occasion for people to enter test (6)
MOMENT –   Insert MEN (people) into an MOT test.

12a         Fashion designer — politician ’Arriet needs one (6)
ARMANI –   The apostrophe at the start of ‘Arriet tells you that you need to remove the H from the surname of the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party – HARMAN  and then add an I (needs one).

15a         Cat left tree (4)
LASH –  A cat-o’nine-tails – L (left)and ASH (tree).

16a         Make dramatic entrance year after special occasion (9)
CENTENARY –  An anagram (make dramatic) of ENTRANCE followed by (after) Y for Year.

17a         Some scoffed dodgy exotic vegetable (4)
EDDO is hidden in some of scoffED DOdgy.

18a         Handle fellow turning to drug (4)
NAME –   A reversal (turning) of MAN followed by E (the drug, Ecstasy).

20a         Puzzle requires ticking off (9)
CROSSWORD –   Split 5, 4, it might well be part of a ticking off.

23a         City in either end of yearbook (4)
YORK –   I love this type of clue –   either ends  of Yearbook are, of course, Y OR K.

25a         Cause senora to be upset (6)
REASON –   An anagram (to be upset) of SENORA.

26a         Soft cryptic clue in Daily Telegraph initially (6)
DULCET –   Insert a cryptic anagram of CLUE between the initial letters  of Daily and Telegraph.

28a         Bird dressed to suit me (8)
TITMOUSE –   And another anagram.   This time dressed tell us to rearrange TO SUIT ME.

31a         Titles constituting me as lord (8)
EARLDOM –   An anagram (constituting) of ME AS LORD.

32a         Get the better of remote American media company (6)
OUTFOX –   OUT (remote) and FOX (American media company).


1d           Hospital supported by boss of our paper given recognition (8)
HONOURED –   H (hospital) ON  (supported by)  OUR ED (the boss of our paper).

2d           Card player to scoff, taking in his opponent (4)
EAST –   Insert S (South being one of East’s opponents  in a game of bridge) into EAT (scoff).

3d           Fashion from right period (4)
RAGE –  R (right) and AGE (period).

4d           Heat making airmen toil (10)
ELIMINATOR –  Heat here meaning a division of a contest –   an anagram (making) of AIRMEN TOIL.

5d           Second bad actor in charade (4)
SHAM –  S (second) and HAM (bad actor).

6d           Swimwear revealing torsos (6)
TRUNKS –  Pants worn for swimming or parts of the body apart from the head and limbs.

8d           Pelt with mineral causing uproar (6)
FURORE –   FUR (pelt, skin) and ORE (mineral).

10d         Bar’s given European harmful stuff (4)
BANE –   A cause of evil or poison –   BAN (bar) and E (European).

13d         A familiar chap’s stuck up (5)
ACOCK –  in a stuck up manner  or defiantly –   A (from the clue) and COCK (a slang familiar address to a man).

14d         Novelty pub gets applause (10)
INNOVATION –   INN (pub) and OVATION (applause).

15d         Name possessed by lady possibly (5)
LYNDA –   An anagram (possibly) of LADY with N (name) inserted or possessed.

19d         Space flight is rather aimless, creating news (8)
MOONSHOT –  MOONS (wanders aimlessly) and HOT (currently newsworthy).

21d         Rank university beset by figures (6)
STATUS –   Insert U (university) into STATS (figures).

22d         Rock band keeping a stock of paper (4)
REAM –  Insert A (from the clue) into the rock band REM.

24d         Dashing valour could become seedy (6)
OVULAR –   An anagram (dashing) of VALOUR.

27d         Fish around lake — it’s bleak (4)
COLD –   Insert L for lake into a COD (fish).

29d         Second person in the Bible gets short measure (4)
THOU –   An archaic or Biblical way of saying you is an abbreviation for a thousandth of an inch (short measure).

30d         One’s sworn in supremo at Hogwarts (4)
OATH is hidden in supremO AT Hogwarts.

And the Nina – Starting at the top and running right round the edge of the puzzle, it says “Here’s to the next hundred years”.  I’ll second that.


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  1. Speaking on behalf of the easily confused I can’t seem to get this crossword. Can you tell me how to access it on-line. Also will you be doing todays

      1. I can quite see why you have trouble solving crosswords. If you read the introduction to my review, you will see that my hard work on your behalf relates to a puzzle which appeared before Christmas which I would imagine you both solved and commented on on the day . Saturday’s puzzle will appear on Saturday as normal.

        1. No.
          1. I don’t have trouble solving most crosswords
          2. I did read your introduction
          3. I would like to know how I can access this puzzle, 27367, as I am experiencing trouble doing so
          4. Are you writing this review whilst at work or have you go the rest of the week off?

          1. 1 http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif
            2 Really?
            3 If you kept your puzzles from before Christmas, you should have a piece of paper with this puzzle on – as at 12.25 on 21 Dec, you were going for a siesta before coming back to finish the last five you hadn’t got.
            4 I typed the Word document of review on Sun 22 Dec as I like to type the weekend puzzle blogs while I can still remember what I thought of the puzzle.
            5 I am not back at work until next Monday.

            1. Yes really!
              1.I do not keep old ones
              2. You are right – I did not finish it
              3. That is why I want a copy now so that I can see the clues I did not complete and view your answers
              4. So can you tell me how I can download a copy from the website because I am having difficulty doing it

            2. Hands up who loves crypticsue for all the work she does on this blog and also for the work she does reviewing the number of up and coming setters whose puzzles she has time to review.
              Shame on you Collywobbles!.

              1. My hands are way up ! If I knew how to connect others to a You Tube clip , I’d write the url for “mountain high valley low”.

  2. Looking forward to the Hints for DT Cryptic 27,376. I see these are for 27367.. you had me for a moment there CS. My breath is baited…

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