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NTSPP – 198

NTSPP – 198

A Puzzle by Toro

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NTSPP - 198

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle follows.


8a Technique for growing crops of sort regularly planted in allotment (8)
{ROTATION} – The even letters (regularly) of SORT are put in (planted in) a word for an allotment or share.

9a Depression‘s over – go dancing! (6)
{GROOVE} – An anagram (dancing) of OVER GO.

10a Serpent of two masters (5)
{MAMBA} – The title of two postgraduate degrees (Master of Arts) and Master of Business Administration.

11a Abandoned son traces long-lost relatives (9)
{ANCESTORS} – An anagram (abandoned) of SON TRACES.

13a Tyrant from the east imprisons English court favourite (3,4)
{TOP SEED} – … the tennis court… Reverse (from the east) a word for a tyrant and include the abbreviation for English.

15a Let back in to study at university (7)
{READMIT} – A word meaning to study is followed by the initials of an American university.

17a Gazed about, feeling angry and doomed (4-7)
{STAR CROSSED} – A word meaning gazed or looked fixedly at goes about a word meaning angry.

21a Greek heroine recalled in Mozart celebration (7)
{ELECTRA} – The answer is hidden and reversed (recalled in) MOTZART CELEBRATION.

22a Agglomeration of south-east New York (7)
{YONKERS} – A nice &lit – this New York district is an anagram (agglomeration) of SE N YORK.  The area is in the south-east of the state of New York though to the north of the city of New York.

24a Royals are corrupt? Time for a revolution! (5,4)
{SOLAR YEAR} – … revolution of the earth around the sun… An anagram (corrupt) of ROYALS ARE.

26a Star prize is an SUV? (5)
{OSCAR} – … awarded to film actors.  A sports utility vehicle could be a large type of vehicle.

28a Dislike of French cricket? (6)
{DETEST} – The French for of followed by a type of cricket match of which the least said at the moment the better!

29a Seats of power in the Near East once (8)
{OTTOMANS} – These Turkish rulers give their name to a type of seat without arms or a back often acting as a storage compartment as well.


1d Senior cleric is an animal like the rest of us (7)
{PRIMATE} – A double definition requiring another name for a bishop and the order of animals of which man is a part.

2d Staunch supporter of Daisy? (4)
{STEM} – A double definition for a word meaning to staunch or stop and the stalk of a flower.

3d A kid free from worry (2,4)
{AT EASE} – The A from the clue followed by a word meaning to kid or make fun of.

4d Cringe to play the violin twice (3,3,6)
{BOW AND SCRAPE} – Two different ways of describing the way in which a violin can be played (the second slightly derogatory).

5d Spring forced into lock for unauthorised entry (8)
{TRESSPAS} – Another word for a spring of water goes inside (forced into) a word for a lock of hair.

6d Party act that was never a flier (4)
{DODO} – … an extinct flightless bird.  Another word for a party is followed by the same word that also means to act.

7d Concentration of refuse outside squat (7)
{DENSITY} – A word meaning refuse or say no to goes around (outside) a word meaning to squat or to pose.

12d Content of food Deborah and Tracy ordered (12)
{CARBOHYDRATES} – An anagram (ordered) of DEBORAH TRACY.

14d First in training run (5)
{PISTE} – … on which you can ski.  The abbreviation for first goes inside a word for training.

16d Biting insect of humid geographical parts (5)
{MIDGE} – The answer is hidden in (parts) HUMID GEOGRAPHICAL.

18d Master uncovered danger in star sign (8)
{ASTERISK} – … as a typographical symbol… Remove (uncovered) the first letter of master and follow what remains with a word meaning danger.

19d Where buckets and spades are put away when temperature drops (7)
{SEASIDE} – A phrase (3, 5) meaning put away or reserve has the T removed (temperature drops).

20d Revolutionary artists of imperial Russia (7)
{TSARISTS} – An anagram (revolutionary) of ARTISTS.

23d Right-winger in Number 10 periodically holding firm (6)
{NEOCON} – The tenth element in the periodic table holds the abbreviation for company (firm).

25d Musical instrument spoils broadcast (4)
{LUTE} – A homophone of a word for spoils or takings from a robbery.

27d Teatime gossip (4)
{CHAT} – A three letter word for tea followed by the abbreviation for time.


12 comments on “NTSPP – 198

  1. Great fun so thanks to Toro. Some splendid clues especially the SE corner.

    23d is hyphenated in both Collins and the OED but not in the BRB, strange http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif

  2. This is excellent. I particularly admire the high quality of the surface readings. There are lots of good clues but I’ll pick out 26a, 7d and 18d. Many thanks to Toro who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite setters.

  3. What a lovely puzzle, just the right level of fun and difficulty for me.

    Many thanks Toro.

    Thanks to Prolixic for the review, not needed for answers but clarified some wordplay.

  4. I needed a few hints today, but still thoroughly enjoyed this. 22A went in early…no surprise there..and ended up being my favorite. Also loved 7D and 18D. But I still don’t get 26A, even with the hint….Oh, wait a minute. The penny just thudded to the ground! Ha! What a great clue!

    Thanks to Prolixic and Toro.

  5. Really good fun to solve. A few head-scratchers, but nothing too obscure. Just how we like it.
    Thanks Toro and Prolixic.

  6. Lovely puzzle – I found it not quite as tricky as some NTSPP’s – maybe I’m improving but probably not.
    I ended up with four answers that I just couldn’t do – husband stepped in and got the lot – maybe Kiwis are right and this is going to become joint solving although I suspect not!
    I couldn’t do 13 and 22a and 20 and 23d – I did tell him that they really weren’t difficult clues and that it was just me being dim – he has to be kept in his place – at least as far as crosswords are concerned! And anyway his logic, such as it was, for 23d was completely cock-eyed, not to mention wrong.
    I liked SO many of these that it’s very difficult to pick out any in particular – maybe 9a and 1 and 12d. I think my favourite has to be 4d.
    With thanks to Toro and to Prolixic.

  7. Thank you everyone for taking the time to solve this, and for the nice comments. It’s really nice to hear that people enjoyed it. Some lovely illustrations today – thanks to Prolixic for those and for the explanations.

  8. What an enjoyable puzzle! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gifI didn’t need the hints. I was unhappy with my answer to just one clue — 22a. I thought I understood ‘agglomeration’ but obviously didn’t because I ended up with ‘yankees’! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cry.gif So big thanks to Prolixic for putting me right. That apart, I had no problems with the word play, which I thought very good. This was fun and made me think.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif I liked many of the clues, including 8a, 28a, 29a, 1d, 6d, 18d, and 23d. My fave was 4d. I also liked the anagrams, especially 9a, and 24a.
    Well done, and many thanks, Toro. And many thanks, Prolixic, for an excellent review.

  9. Very nice puzzle, thanks Toro and Prolixic.

    I particularly liked the star sign, right-winger and the star prize.

  10. This is the first time I’ve done the NTSPP as I could not do it at one sitting and couldn’t find a way to save what I’d done. Now I’ve downloaded the Ap I can do it.
    Enjoyed it very much.

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