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DT 27337

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27337

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

I found this Cephas puzzle slightly trickier than usual  but now I have been through it for the review, I am not really sure why.

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3a           Troops slip over wet blanket (10)
SPOILSPORT –   An anagram (over) of TROOPS SLIP.

8a           Reason to go about half-time (6)
MOTIVE –   Insert  TI (half  time) into MOVE (go)

9a           Bird that’s trapped fish behind bars (8)
CAGELING –   CAGE (some bars) and LING (fish).  The one that held me up!

10a         Noticed molar is serrated (8)
SAWTOOTH  –   SAW (noticed) TOOTH (molar).

11a         Glue-on transfers waste time (6)
LOUNGE –   An anagram (transfers) of GLUE ON.

12a         In a trauma I will skip the country (10)
MAURITANIA –   An anagram (skip) of IN A TRAUMA I

14a         Sort of diet that is less stiff (6-7)
STARCH-REDUCED –  A  type of slimming regime might be said to contain less stiffening agent!

20a         Beer wasted cooking offal (10)
SWEETBREAD –   Another anagram – this time cooking  tells us to rearrange BEER WASTED.

22a         Smooth  tongue (6)
POLISH –   Double definition – either a verb meaning to smooth or the mother tongue of someone from Poland.

23a         Record pile should be organised, one believes (8)
DISCIPLE –    Follow a DISC (record) with an anagram (should be organised) of PILE.

24a         Good man, Leonard — he’s living within a distant island (2,6)
ST HELENA –   ST (saint, good man)   HE (from the clue)   LEN (Leonard) and A (from the clue).

25a         Sign worker’s put inside shelter (4-2)
LEAN-TO   –   Insert one of crosswordland’s workers the ANT into the astrological sign of LEO.

26a         Notwithstanding lacking in variety (3,3,4)
ALL THE SAME –   A phrase meaning notwithstanding sounds like something is lacking in variety.


1d           Won over by commercial, say, that’s to be wrapped up in the present (8)
NOWADAYS –   A reversal (over) of WON followed by AD (commercial) and an anagram (that’s to be wrapped up) of SAY.

2d           Conqueror, one annexing a state (8)
VICTORIA –   VICTOR (conqueror) I (one) and A (from the clue) combine to make a state in Australia.

3d           Start    display (3,3)
SET OUT  –   To start off;  to display to advantage.

4d           When penny drops from pocket there’s a shout of pain (4)
OUCH –   Remove the P (penny) from POUCH (pocket).

5d           In case this help might be needed (5,3)
LEGAL AID –   A cryptic definition of the assistance given to people who might not be able to pay the full costs of their legal case.

6d           Stop    lift rising and falling (4,2)
PULL UP –   ‘Rising and falling’ indicates that not only is this solution a double definition, it’s a palindrome too.

7d           Renounce Frenchman, say, on the way up (6)
RENEGE –   RENE (an example, say, of a Frenchman’s name) and a reversal (on the way up in a down clue) of EG (say).

13d         Old European making one or two points (5)
NORSE –   N (one compass point)  OR (from the clue) and SE (two more compass points).

15d         Wealth, nothing more than material? (8)
CASHMERE –   CASH (wealth) and MERE (nothing more).

16d         Quartet appearing in sensual revelry (8)
CARNIVAL –    IV, the Roman numeral for four (quartet) is inserted into CARNAL (sensual).

17d         What prolific artist may do to make random selection (4,4)
DRAW LOTS –    A cryptic description of what a busy artist might do is actually a way of singling out one person from many.

18d         One entertaining the Spanish in residence (6)
HOSTEL –  HOST (one entertaining) and EL (the in Spanish).

19d         Go out of one’s way to entertain (6)
DIVERT –   To change the direction of travel;   to amuse or distract.

21d         Doctor lets us scrap (6)
TUSSLE –   Had to look at this one carefully  as there were two possible anagram indicators in this clue.   We needed to doctor LETS US to get a scrap or sharp struggle.

23d         Info turned up at short notice (4)
DATA –   A reversal (turned up) of AT and AD (abbreviated or short advertisement or notice).

Thanks once again to Cephas.   I’ll be back next with a view of the Saturday Mysteron.



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    1. Well done for spotting my undeliberate error. My solution does indeed have OUT but obviously I can’t read, or type or something.

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