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DT 27331

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27331

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. I really enjoyed this puzzle particularly when reviewing it. A couple of &Lit clues and some very good surface readings coupled with some nice tricky definitions. A good Saturday Prize Puzzle all in all.

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1a           Vegetable‘s beauty set down by artist (6)
RADISH – A DISH (an old fashioned word for a beauty or Belle) after the usual abbreviation – RA for a Royal Academician or Artist.

4a           Colour of suit captured by writer (3-5)
PEA-GREEN –A lovely clue. The wordplay is AGREE (suit) inside PEN (a writer or writing implement. The whole thang reads so well when one remembers the Owl and the Pussycat from Edward Lear’s lovely poem.

10a         In positive signal, Stock Exchange initially moved slowly forward (5)
NOSED –The initial letters of S(tock) E(xchange) inside of NOD (a positive signal/assent).
NO (S E ) D. Great surface reading!.

11a         English ranting shown in print (9)
ENGRAVING –Tricky to remember that ENG can be an abbreviation for English and not just E (I am thinking Eng. Lit. for English Literature). Start with ENG and add RAVING as a synonym for ranting.

12a         Saint’s recompense getting tip off servant (7)
STEWARD –The usual abbreviation for Saint – ST followed by (r)EWARD – or the tip/starting letter being removed a recompense. I saw the last episode of Downton Abbey last Sunday – what a load of rubbish!

13a         Bit of roast leg, it’s thrown out (7)
GRISTLE –Top Clue!. This is an &Lit or all in one clue where the definition is the whole sentence ( a dodgy bit of meat that might be thrown out from a roast dinner). Take the first bit (leading letter) of R(Oast) and then add LEG ITS and then make an anagram (R LEG ITS)* indicated by ‘thrown out’. Hat doffed on this one.

14a         Film Grand National winner set to make return, holding form (4,1,3,6)
DIAL M FOR MURDER –Another great clue. It sounds like ‘International Velvet’ (q.v.)but the definition is simply the first word. Now take RED RUM (a Grand National winner that is famous worldwide) and add LAID (set). Reverse both (to make return) and then include FORM from the clue. DIAL M (FORM) URDER. Hats Off!

17a         Lazy fellow gets benefit free (4-3-7)
GOOD-FOR-NOTHING – A charade of  GOOD (benefit) and FOR NOTHIN G (for free) – simple but effective.

21a         Dim former pupil’s treatment (7)
OBSCURE –An abbreviation of O(ld) B)oy) or former pupil, with the possessive apostrophe ‘s then CURE for treatment.

23a         Harmony left behind tuneless music (7)
RAPPORT –PORT for left (in nautical terms) after or behind RAP Music which, being spoken, is devoid of any musical harmonies.

24a         Cleaner part of South Africa turned rogue (9)
CHARLATAN –Take your CHAR (or cleaner/daily) and then reverse NATAL- that part f South Africa.

25a         Dislike one-day international’s first pair of umpires (5)
ODIUM –A lovely cricketing surface reading (sorry!). The abbreviation ODI is for One Day International. Add the first two letters (pair) from UM(pires)

26a         Lasts longer than unfashionable underwear (8)
OUTSTAYS – A charade of OUT (unfashionable/not with it baby and STAYS – the whalebone corsets from Victorian unmentionables.

27a         One tries to catch old Englishman with Queen (6)
ANGLER –An ANGLE (as opposed to a Saxon or Jute) followed by R for Regina (queen in Latin)


1d           Call on team near to fighting (8)
RINGSIDE –A charade of RING (call on the phone) and SIDE (team). The fighting is a boxing ring.

2d           Dead poser masquerading as bandit (9)
DESPERADO –Our first anagram (masquerading) of DEAD POSER. Good clue.

3d           Phonecard conceals expensive weapon (7)
SIDEARM –The little card in your phone is a SIM card. Insert DEAR for expensive. SI (DEAR) M

5d           It shows one’s intended to employ tutoring heartlessly (10,4)
ENGAGEMENT RING –A charade of ENGAGE (employ) then MENT(o)RING or tutoring without the middle letter (heartlessly).

6d           Large ice endlessly slipping? (7)
GLACIER –Another &Lit or All-In-One clue. Remove the last letter (endlessly) of LARGE IC(e) and make an anagram (slipping). The whole clue is a great description of the answer!.

7d           Be way out including touch of scattiness (5)
EXIST –A tricky little clue since the definition is the small word at the front. The first letter (touch of ) S(cattiness) inside of an EXIT or ‘way out’

8d           Weapon cocked, go for small piece (6)
NUGGET –Reverse a GUN or weapon and then add GET for ‘go for’.

9d           Dotty conveners set out to ostracise (4,2,8)
SEND TO COVENTRY –An anagram (set out) of DOTTY CONVENERS. A bit of an easy anagram spot!.

15d         I led a riot, anarchic leader (9)
EDITORIAL – An anarchic anagram of I LED A RIOT.

16d         It’ll help cook get grime scrubbed (3,5)
EGG TIMER –Nice surface reading but the third anagram in a row so it also went straight in. An anagram of GET GFRIME indicated by ‘scrubbed’.

18d         Historical garment, cotton in the middle? (7)
DOUBLET –I liked ths. The middle letters of coTTon are two Ts or a DOUBLE-T collectively.

19d         Storm — sort endlessly overcome by former Blairite minister (7)
TYPHOON –All but the last letter (endlessly) in TYP(e) or sort followed by Geoff HOON, a former Minister of Tony Blair in the UK Cabinet. Personally I think that this clue is unfair to non UK citizens who didn’t live at the same time.

20d         American boss in marathon chosen (6)
HONCHO –The Big Cheese is hidden in the last two words.

22d         Louvre embraces new point of view (5)
SLANT –Place N for New inside SLAT or Louvre.


Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable puzzle. I’ll see you all the week after next.