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DT 27325

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27325

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I was breezing through this puzzle on the day but had to stop a couple of times in order to admire some clues and also to make sure that I had the correct answer on a couple of others. A very good puzzle in my opinion.


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1a           Final stage of house extension (4,7)
HOME STRETCH – The cryptic definition is a charade of HOME (house) and STRETCH (extension).

7a           Carts I’d overturned — that’s radical (7)
DRASTIC – An anagram (indicated by overturned) of CARTS ID.

8a           Don’t go on to break one’s journey (4,3)
STOP OFF  – Don’t here means take the opposite. The opposite of Go is STOP and the opposite of ON (in cricketing sides) is OFF. Took me a while to spot this.

10a         Peer is number five to start (8)
VISCOUNT – A nice charade – take IS from the clue and COUNT (number) and add the Roman Numeral V for five at the start of it all.

11a         I had to break up row, being smarter (6)
TIDIER – The abbreviation of I had  – I’D – inside TIER or row of seats.

13a         Some estaminet takings may be after tax (4)
NETT – A hidden word, the opposite of gross is hidden within estamiNET Takings.

14a         Primitive plants developed from a large gene (5,5)
GREEN ALGAE – A good surface reading and an anagram (developed) of A LARGE GENE.

16a         Making one more time for fun (10)
RECREATION – Making something once would be a creation – making it one more time might be a RE-CREATION. Nice clue!.

18a         Clear off, having mislaid right racket (4)
SCAM – Remove the R ( having mislaid Right) from SCRAM or clear orff!.

21a         Mark’s kind of music? (6)
GOSPEL – There are four Gospels in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Any of these four could also describe the type of music.

22a         Better fiddle gas meter! (8)
GAMESTER – A great clue for the surface reading!. Make an anagram (fiddle) of GAS METER.

24a         Person seeking fur — salesman getting some returned (7)
TRAPPER – Start with a REP (a salesman or company REPresentative) and add PART (some). The reverse the lot (returned).

25a         Shark needs to follow trawl (7)
DOGFISH – You need to know that the shark and dogfish are related by Genus. It is a charade of DOG (to follow/tail) and FISH (trawl).

26a         Risk capital (6,5)
DANGER MONEY – A lovely cryptic definition once you realise that capital the whole clue is a noun.


1d           Receiver’s needed for dates he organised (7)
HEADSET – An organised anagram of DATES HE. The receiver that plays music to you quietly.

2d           Mongrel will get no flipping meat (6)
MUTTON – A lowly dog is a MUTT and then add a reversal ( flipping) of NO. Another very nice surface reading.

3d           Mediocre time comes with cost (6-4)
SECOND RATE – SECOND (time) is placed next to RATE (cost) in this charade.

4d           Run on the bank, that’s growing (4)
RUSH – Possibly two definitions. To run and also a reed (or rush on a river bank that is a plant).

5d           Current flowing across river near equator (8)
TROPICAL – TOPICAL (current in the news) going across (i.e. outside) of R for Right.

6d           Another thing about this gauge of model railway is sounding the horn (7)
HOOTING – An anagram (another) of THING around or about the OO gauge of model railway beloved of the model enthusiast – TOOT TOOT!

7d           Deduce side from which kings took authority (6,5)
DIVINE RIGHT – A charade of DIVINE (deduce/work out) and RIGHT ( one side but not the left!).

9d           One has to take hurried steps in it (6,5)
FORCED MARCH – A nice little clue here – Has means ‘must or is FORCED to’ and hurried gives a MARCH as opposed to an amble. A good cryptic definition.

12d         Brief note written out in full (10)
MEMORANDUM – The short form is a MEMO – this is what it is short for! A good topsy-turvy CD.

15d         Pantomime involved notepaper — nothing was left out (5,3)
PETER PAN – It’s that time of year again, folks! Make an anagram (involved) of N(o)TEPAPER having first removed the O for ‘nothing’.

17d         Way amateur infuses part of milk to produce sauce (7)
CUSTARD – Place the abbreviations ST (for Street or way) and A for Amateur inside CURD (part of milk). CU (ST) (A) RD.

19d         Hun cut short invading borders of Cathay, with a show of spite (7)
CATTILY – Alarm bells should ring at the Hun – ATTIL(A) is the best known. Remove his last letter (cut short) and place inside the outer letters ( borders) of C(atha)Y.

20d         Ice in French or Norwegian port (6)
BERGEN – A BERG (mass of ice) and EN, one of the French words for ‘in’.

23d         Real torture at intervals (4)
TRUE – Take the odd letters (at intervals) of ToRtUrE.


I enjoyed this puzzle and I think it is a good standard of difficulty for a Saturday Prize Puzzle. I’ll see you all next week with another one.