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DT 27319

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27319

A full review by crypticsue

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The Saturday Mysteron didn’t seem to cause many problems  on Saturday,  apart from my having to choose which clues to give hints for and making sure I didn’t get sent to the Naughty Corner for giving too much away.


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1a           See leader’s husband introduced to chap Boris sacked (10)
ARCHBISHOP – The person who leads a ‘see’ is an anagram of CHAP BORIS with H, the abbreviation for husband,  inserted.

6a           Jazz fan follows singular singing style (4)
SCAT –   Nonsense syllables and other wordless effects in singing.  S (singular) and CAT (jazz fan).

9a           In an impasse, like followers of Rastafarianism without its leader (10)
DEADLOCKED –   Remove the R (Rastafarian leader) from DREADLOCKED (like followers of Rastafarianism).

10a         Kiss Gregory? (4)
PECK –  A quick kiss or the surname  of Gregory the actor.

12a         I was first to go round food store (4)
DELI –   A reversal (to go round) of I LED.

13a         Make a fresh plan covering new standard at sea (3,6)
RED ENSIGN –   Insert N (new) into REDESIGN (make a fresh plan).

15a         Source of luxury food — rush ahead to acquire tons (8)
STURGEON   – Insert T (tons)  into SURGE  ON (rush ahead).

16a         He is bound by supreme command (6)
BEHEST –   HE is bound by, or inserted into, BEST (supreme).

18a         Sack a Government leader in illegal party (6)
RAVAGE –   Insert A from the clue and G (government leader) into a RAVE.

20a         Word spoken by Ernie’s partner — it’s spicy (8)
TURMERIC –    A homophone of TERM (word)  followed by  ERIC (Ernie’s partner).

23a         I harm gent suffering bad experience (9)
NIGHTMARE –   An anagram (suffering) of I HARM GENT.

24a         Indication of one’s ignorance? (4)
If  you were solving from the paper version where the clue ran over two lines, the solution was particularly well ‘hidden’ in one’S   IGNorance.

26a         Keen old fellow coming round (4)
MOAN –    Once you realize that here keen means to wail over the dead, the wordplay is very clear – insert  O (old) into MAN (fellow).

27a         Adapts iris to make a house plant (10)

28a         Corrupt English teaching system (4)
ROTE –   ROT (corrupt) and E (English)  – to learn by repetition.

29a         Painting with trendy girl held by me is a piece of tack (10)
MARTINGALE – Part of a horse’s tack –  Insert into (held by) ME, ART (painting), IN (trendy) and GAL (girl).


1d           Functionary gets a day in Rome cut short (4)
AIDE – A confidential assistant to a person of rank is obtained by following A with almost all (cut short)  of IDES, the Roman word referring to the 15th day of certain months.

2d           Two afternoon drinks provided by high-class mansion (7)
CHATEAU –   CHA and TEA (both ways of referring to the same afternoon drink) and U (upper-class).

3d           Computer entrepreneur’s taken a cut, hiding bad sign in market (12)
BILLINGSGATE – The London fish market is obtained by putting an anagram (bad) of SIGN into almost all of BILL GATES,  one of the world’s best known computer entrepreneurs.

4d           King fell over, thus being put first in place of invalids (8)
SICKROOM  – SIC, the Latin word for ‘thus’  followed by K,  the abbreviation for King,  and a reversal (over) of a MOOR (fell here meaning a upland tract of wasteland).

5d           Nymphs so upset about study (6)
OREADS –   Insert  READ (study) into a reversal (upset)  of SO.

7d           Crack odd characters in cartel associated with depravity (7)
CREVICE –   The odd characters in CaRtEl and VICE (depravity).

8d           Proceeds with review, making you pay attention (4,6)
TAKE NOTICE – TAKE (proceeds from a business enterprise)  and NOTICE (review).

11d         Break Italian football team on purpose (12)
INTERMISSION –   INTER, the short way of referring to a well-known Italian football team followed by a MISSION (purpose or specific errand).

14d         Could be eccentric Moore — star man ultimately (10)
ASTRONOMER –   An anagram (eccentric) of MOORE STAR and the ‘ultimate’ letter of maN.

17d         Traditional musician with funny tune in repertoire (8)
LUTENIST – Someone who plays an old stringed instrument  – insert an anagram (funny)of TUNE into a LIST (repertoire or catalogue)

19d         Tramp from Virginia, accompanying Union Army general (7)
VAGRANT –  VA, the abbreviation for the US State of Virginia, followed by General Ulysses GRANT.

21d         Shot at great sporting event (7)
REGATTA –   An anagram (shot) of AT GREAT.

22d         Three naughty characters on ocean feeling sick (6)
NAUSEA –   The first three characters of NAUghty on, or followed by, SEA (ocean).

25d         Part of church where Welshman’s turned up (4)
NAVE – A reversal (turned up in a down clue) of EVAN , a Welshman’s name.


I’m off to find my dancing shoes and will be back later with Fred with our thoughts on the Friday Toughie.