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DT 27283

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27283

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! – I only managed to solve this last night as I have been working the last couple of weekends and my Sci-Fi addiction has just ratcheted up a notch so I am mostly reading on the train instead of solving crosswords. This puzzle had one howling error but that aside was relatively gentle so my enjoyment level was compromised.


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7a           Steelworks made a stink on the outskirts of Exeter (7)
SMELTER – SMELT (made a stink) followed by the outer letters (outskirts) of ExeteR.

8a           Dishonest man on board in last month returned (7)
CROOKED – The man on the (Chess) board) is a ROOK. Place him inside a reversal (returned) of DEC (the abbreviation for December, the last month). C ROOK ED.

10a         Mao Tse-tung cooked vegetables (10)
MANGETOUTS – An anagram (indicated by cooked) of MAO TSE TUNG.

11a         Dingy English seaside feature (4)
DUNE – Dun is a synonym of dingy/drab. Ad E for English.

12a         Fashion designer a liberal authority in church (8)
CARDINAL: – Start with the fashion designer Pierre CARDIN (I have one of his suits) and then add A and L (an abbreviation for Liberal)

14a         Van Gogh painting is about to go up (6)
IRISES – Place IS from the clue around (about) RISE – to go up.

15a         He wrote novels when vaguely befuddled (6,5)
EVELYN WAUGH – A lovely clue!. Make an anagram (befuddled) of

19a         Suggestion about container for vegetable (6)
TURNIP – A TIP ( suggestion) around an URN.

20a         Bath switched lock and prop (8)
BUTTRESS – Reverse a TUB (bath, switched) then add a TRESS or lock of hair.

22a         One will punch son in display of temper maybe (4)
FIST – The abbreviation S for Son inside FIT or display of temper/pique. The ‘maybe’ indicates a definition by example – other explosive outbursts are available.

23a         Italy’s smooth source of elixir consumed by TT — it’ll raise spirits (10)
DISTILLERY – A tricky one to parse – I is the IVR code for Italy. Then add STILL for smooth/calm then add the first (source) letter of Elixir. Place all this in DRY  – TT or TeeTotal. D (I STILL E) RY

25a         Woman engages lad for building work (7)
MASONRY – SON (lad) being inside (engaged by) MARY – a woman’s name that you must pluck at random.

26a         Last character driven from pirates’ home in atonement (7)
PENANCE – Remove the Z (last character in the alphabet) from PENZANCE (Pirates of),


1d           Monkey unfortunately gets African antelopes (7)
IMPALAS – A charade of IMP (monkey or fool) and ALS (unfortunately).

2d           Sell fine piece of wood (4)
FLOG – The abbreviation F for Fine and a LOG (piece of wood)

3d           Have dinner hosted by good French portrait photographer (6)
BEATON – Place EAT (have dinner) inside the French word for good – BON. This gives you Cecil BEATON the portrait photographer. Please review the DT Hints from last Saturday the 14th.  The original clue was:
Nosh swallowed by good French cookery writer.  Unfortunately the prolific cook is Mrs BEETON – A mistake made in a Toughie puzzle a few years back. Unfortunately the offending vowel discrepancy is unchecked.

4d           Money one accountant needed for certain plants (8)
BRASSICA – BRASS is a (usually) Northern term for money (also ‘tin’). Add I for one and CA for a Chartered Accountant to get yer veg.

5d           Dogged girl is flighty — she’s after rich mate (4-6)
GOLD DIGGER – a flighty anagram of DOGGED GIRL. Nice surface reading.

6d           Stray animal originally taken in by fixer (7)
MEANDER – The original letter of Animal inside MENDER (fixer).

9d               Boozer, male, associated with ex-President (4,3,4) BULL AND BUSH – An old Battle-Cruiser/Boozer. BULL for Male then AND (with) followed by BUSH – George Snr or Dubya – take your pick of the ex US Presidents.

Come, come, come and make eyes at me

down at the Old Bull and Bush,

Da, da, da, da, da,

Come, come, drink some port wine with me,

Down at the Old Bull and Bush”


13d         Prediction of small return on investment by state (10)
DIVINATION – DIVI – the abbreviation/vernacular for a Dividend or small return on an investment followed by NATION – a state or country.

16d         A rapidly developing jeweller (8)
LAPIDARY – dragged this from the back of my head!. It is an anagram (developing) of A RAPIDLY. A person who cuts, polishes or engraves gems.

17d         Some hippopotamus I call Oliver perhaps (7)
MUSICAL – Hidden in (it is SOME of) hippopotaMUS I CALl. Oliver is an example of a West End production so ‘perhaps’ is required to show the definition by example.

18d         Great number wanting starter with full-flavoured exotic meat (7)
OSTRICH – I had a lovely Ostrich Wellington in M’Dina in Malta once. Remove the H from (h)OST) or great number/mass (it is wanting/lacking a starter) then add RICH for ‘full flavoured’.

21d         Worked after time, fuel being sent to eastern Germany (6)
TOILED – A charade of OIL (fuel) and E(astern) then D, the IVR code for Germany, all after T for Time.

24d         Metal electrical wire (4)
LEAD – A nice double definition. Think the Periodical Table of Elements and your Jump Leads.


Thanks to the setter – I am sure that nobody else will do ‘Do a BEETON’ again for a while at least!. I’ll see you all the week after next.


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