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DT 27284

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27284

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ****

Usual Monday morning fun, completed as the sun started to come out after the nights rain.


1. Would it take another like him to be of one mind? (7)
{HALFWIT} – Two of these feeble minds might make a whole one.

5. Hire one to play the female lead (7)
{HEROINE} – An anagram (to play) of HIRE ONE.

9. Fit girl given body-building exercises (5)
{ADAPT} – A word that means to make something suitable for a purpose is a girls name followed by an abbreviation for physical training.

10. Right to get outstanding performer on committee (9)
{STARBOARD} – The definition is right. Take a word for a highly celebrated actor or actress for example, and then add another word for an organised body of administrators or investigators.

11. Cleaners put off by public convenience (10)
{DETERGENTS} – Cleaning agents are constructed from a word that means to prevent or discourage and then an informal word for men’s public toilets.

12. Better the non-drinker leaves this (4)
{BEER} – Remove TT (Teetotaller) from better.

14. Spirit conjured up by other spirits? (5,7)
{DUTCH COURAGE} – Bravery gained by drinking alcohol.

18. They get passed on the road (7,5)
{DRIVING TESTS} – In order to get your driving licence.

21. Mail goes astray in country (4)
{MALI} – An anagram (goes astray) of MAIL.

22. New stars never cross (10)
{TRANSVERSE} – An anagram (new) of STARS NEVER is a word that means situated or lying across.

25. A whisker (3,6)
{EGG BEATER} – A device that would be used in the kitchen.

26. Call of captain for ends? (5)
{TAILS} – A call that might be made when a coin is tossed, is also the posterior parts of animals.

27. Bound for Rouen, perhaps, with a note (2,5)
{EN ROUTE} – An anagram (perhaps) of ROUEN plus TE (a note).

28. Not interrupted without purpose (7)
{ENDLESS} – A word that means eternal or infinite could also describe not having a result or outcome.


1. Gathers crowds when speaking (6)
{HOARDS} – A word that sounds like HORDES.

2. Incline towards getting a simple building (4-2)
{LEAN-TO} –To have a tendency or preference could also describe a shed.

3. Stream of notes by Handel? (5,5)
{WATER MUSIC} – “a collection of orchestral movements, often published as three suites, composed by George Frideric Handel. It premiered on 17 July 1717 after King George I had requested a concert on the River Thames.”

4. Try to have discrimination (5)
{TASTE} – Double definition, to sample a small amount of food for example, or the faculty of discerning what is aesthetically excellent or appropriate.

5. Misery of a teacher working with horrible head (9)
{HEARTACHE}– An anagram (working) of A TEACHER and the first letter (head) of horrible.

6. Teases wool in rows (4)
{RIBS} – Teasing remarks or actions, or raised ridges in knitted material.

7. One’s not afraid to speak — probably! (1,4,3)
{I DARE SAY} – A phrase that means likely, possibly or maybe, could also describe someone who is capable of speaking out.

8. Object about wrong-doers being supported (8)
{ENDORSED} – A word for a goal or object is placed around (about) an anagram (wrong) of DOERS.

13. Farmed in a civilised way (10)
{CULTIVATED} – Double definition, prepared and used for raising crops, or a word that can mean refined, or educated

15. It may be tipped but not recommended by doctors (9)
{CIGARETTE} – Possibly because smoking is considered bad for you.

16. A bed made badly, George Eliot’s work (4,4)
{ADAM BEDE} – An anagram of A BED MADE is also a novel.

17. No townsperson having beer after 6.50 (8)
{VILLAGER} – Someone, who lives in a small community, is VI (six), L (fifty), plus a light beer.

19. Reach a swirling river (6)
{ARRIVE} – A and an anagram (swirling) of RIVER.

20. It checks the growth of population (6)
{CENSUS} – An official, usually periodic enumeration of a population.

23. She tends to rush over certain points (5)
{NURSE} – Reverse (over) a word that means to move swiftly on foot, and then add SE (South, East) to get someone who cares for the sick.

24. University chaps, first that’ll be ordered off (4)
{MENU} – Another word for adult males is placed before (first) U (university) to get a list of dishes that are available to be ordered at a restaurant perhaps.

The Quick crossword pun: (shandy} + {leer} = {chandelier}

48 comments on “DT 27284

  1. Good fun, not too taxing, just what I needed this Monday morning. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review.

  2. Gentle start to the weeks entertainment, no problems encountered and I agree with the ratings. Thanks to libellule for the review sun out hope its a nice day for the cricket.

  3. Good morning all from the shores of Loch Awe. A relaxing start to puzzlweek. Off exploring in the rain. At to all. See you tomorrow.

    1. Just left that area on Saturday – mind the speed camera in Crianlarich by the bridge – 20 mph speed limit !

  4. All present and correct – wasted quite a lot of time on 19d trying to make a river out of AREACH before the wosname dropped!

  5. A pink fluffy slippers start to the week. Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

    I’ve just remembered there’s the MPP to look at; i somehow doubt it will be as straightforward as this one!

  6. No rain here. Just sun. Easy but enjoyable. Many thanks to Rufus for the usual quality and to Libellule for the hints, largely not necessary. My favourite was 1a. Now, what am I going to do. Paint the Volets I suppose.

  7. Probably nearer 2* for difficulty and 3*/4* for enjoyment for me.
    Like Michael I spent quite a while trying to make 19d an anagram of the wrong letters with the wrong definition. I was also slow to get 14a and 15d. No other real problems today. Oh – there was nearly another problem – 10a – Lima, but just as I was about to put it in I realised that it isn’t a country, it’s a capital. That could have made things a bit tricky.
    Is 5d going to be the recurrent answer – I’m sure we had it last week but can’t remember when.
    I liked 12a and 6 and 7d. My favourite was 1a.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    Sunny but chilly in Oxford. Chimney’s just been swept so first fire this evening. :smile: I’m SUCH a pyromaniac!

  8. Surpassed myself with this one. All in without the hints in record time, (for me!). Perhaps the chillier air has sharpened the mind. No rain here in Perthshire today.
    Favourite was 17d with 10a, 11a and 7d close behind.

  9. Just back from a week in deepest Devon – no shops no wifi no telegraph. This was just right to ease me back in!

      1. A month ago I came back from Devon with a horribly-bloated hand and forearm – it was an allergic response to a spider bite, not an ill-chosen memento :-)

        1. Poor you. People say that spiders can’t/don’t bite but you and I know better! I had a horrible spider bite when we were in France a couple of years ago. It really hurt at the time and for several days after – hand was like a football. What annoyed me more than anything was that I was only trying to rescue the little sod!

  10. A later than usual start because of a very pleasant excursion to ‘historic’ Cape May in New Jersey, but only three clues (11a, 14a, and 7d) left open by lights out. And, I needed help on all three. Otherwise a very pleasant start to the week. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    1. Hey Senf hubby and I visited the lovely Cape May in June during a visit to see grandsons in Westfield N J.

      1. Hope you enjoyed your visit. For us it was a ferry ride from Lewes in Delaware about 15 miles from where we now live.

  11. Nice start to the week. 11a made me smile and I also spent time on 19d before changing the anagram and felt such a dope.

  12. What was it to-day? Kiddies Korner? Never before have I finished both the quick and cryptic in xx xxxxxxxx flat. No, I’m not showing off – it was just boring, snoresville. 0.5 ratings for each category for me. For goodness sake let’s have something a bit more entertaining that one can get ones teeth into, especially on a Monday. And I’m not nearly savvy enough to do the Toughie!

    1. However easy one finds a crossword, the convention here is that we don’t mention times as it can prove disheartening to those who take longer to solve it

      1. Many apologies – I didn’t mean to fall foul of conventions – put it down to the fact that I’m a novice as far as the blog is concerned – although I’ve probably been doing the cryptic for many more years than you lot have had hot dinners. Will be better behaved in future————–forgive?

        1. Ummm, you don’t own bragging rights on crossword solving longevity here. I’ve been doing the DT cryptic for 50 years, and there are many long-time solvers who comment on this blog. Some have been solving longer than I have. Generally, we respect the setter’s work, too, even if we don’t particularly enjoy a puzzle for whatever reason.

    2. I forgive you Magmull. It was bad enough finishing quickly on paper but the iPad tells you exactly how long it took. I agree today’s was far too simple.

  13. All (but one) seem in agreement today that it was not too taxing but nevertheless enjoyable, liked 18a, reminded me of the conversation I had with the landlord of a pub in Tattenhall , when asked about his clientele, took great pleasure in telling me that the village had seven idiots-and they all drank in his pub!

  14. A gentle cryptic canter, as is the way for a Monday and long may it remain so, please? Plenty of time left in the week for stiffer challenges… there’s always the Toughie or heaven forbid, the Mephisto. I know where they are and I’ll go and find them if I want my clearly limited intellect stretched. Thanks as ever to Rufus and to Libellule for the hints, though not needed on this occasion.

  15. Stop boasting Magmull, I’ve been doing the DT crossword for about 60 years, and while I may not be as clever as you, I found this one equally as easy as you did. An easier puzzle is not necessarily a silly one. I found this puzzle to be absolutely delightful with a smile for every answer. I just loved it. Too many favourites to single any out, all good stuff. Thanks to all for a good start to the day.

    1. Oh sorry, sorry, sorry – I AM an unpopular bunny. I wasn’t boasting, truly, and I too have been doing it for about the same time as you. My trouble is that I start the morning very early and don’t get up until I’ve finished – or nearly – the x-words. So to-day I had no excuse to linger and had to get up hideously early which threw all my comfortable daily routine out! And I rely on the daily workout to keep the dreaded Alzheimers at bay. Advanced old age is a testing time, innit. I’ll try to be much better behaved in future – honest.

        1. Dear Merusa, thank you for your forbearance. By the way, I’m a lady bunny. Tuesday’s xword is a right stinker……………lovely! And Miffypops bless you too for those few kind words.

      1. Enjoyed this, even tho I got a bit stuck on 7d – and I have no idea why! Thanks to setter and to Libellule for the hints. And, Magmull, I’m totally with you as regards early morning starts & fending off Alzheimer’s :-) my problem today was my iPad wouldn’t load, so I was late off the mark…

  16. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review and hints. Was 2*/3* for me, as I spent ages getting the last two clues, 14a & 7d, the pennies eventually dropped. Favourites were 1,9,12a and 17d. Managed a walk today, which is all I can do, until the stitches come out, luckily I took my waterproofs, we had a very heavy shower in Central London this afternoon.

  17. An absolute delight, in my opinion.I don’t know how Rufus does it every week.Witty,clear and definitely not torturous clues.1a was my favourite with 10a and 14a close seconds.Thanks Libellule for the explanation of 1d, my last one in.

  18. Great fun with a superb puzzle today. So many clever clues but for me none better (!) than12a. My sort of crossword with lots of ‘smile’ clues. Thx to the setter and to Libellule for the usual high quality ,if not needed today, hints.

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