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DT 27277

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27277

A full review by gnomethang

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I thought that this was a typical Cephas puzzle that was of a decent difficulty level for a Saturday. His usual array of interesting anagram indicators and gentle cryptic definitions made this a fun solve for me.


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1a           Scoffed after material’s seen as fake (9)
FABRICATE – ATE (scoffed) after FABRIC (material) might be seen as a verb for fake or make up.

9a           Banality cut short by revolutionary (6)
CLICHÉ – Shorten the word CLI(p) i.e. cut being short and add CHE Guevara – one of the usual Crosswordland revolutionaries.

10a         Complain before coming in to get building work (9)
CARPENTRY – CARP for complain (beef, duck or grouse!) before/in front of  ENTRY (coming in).

11a         Popular commander of French using secret language (2,4)
IN CODE – A charade of IN (popular) CO for Commander and then DE- ‘of’ in the French language.

12a         Battles shown in colour in middle of night, providing satisfaction (9)
REWARDING – a WAR (battle) inside the colour RED then IN from the clue and finally the middle letter of niGht.

13a         Not often models will be in disarray (6)
SELDOM – An anagram (in disarray) of MODELS.

17a         Old bird from Missouri with a following (3)
MOA – The abbreviation for the US Sate of Missouri is MO (MI is taken by Michigan). Add the A from the clue (A is following).

19a         Crumble onion cube on meal on rare occasions (4,2,1,4,4)
ONCE IN A BLUE MOON – I must confess to writing this answer in without looking at the wordplay. It is a crumbly anagram of ONION CUBE ON MEAL and worls very well.

20a         Length of history fellow traveller has written out twice (3)
ELL – A historical length which varies by the length of one’s arm. It is seen written out in both fELLow and travELLer.

21a         Champ‘s moment of truth (6)
CRUNCH – Two definitions – To champ as a horse does on an acorn and the CRUNCH time when a decision must be made.

25a         Keeping members apart, answer’s to adopt a non-committal attitude (9)
ASTRADDLE – Horrible word!  A for the abbreviation of Answer followed by (to adopt) a non-committal attitude favourable to both sides

26a         Clothes that are not worn out? (6)
UNDIES –You wear them on the inside not the outside! A good cryptic definition.

27a         Wrong thing designed, not right it’s worn in bed (9)
NIGHTGOWN – An anagram of WRONG THING losing R for Right (being designed).

28a         View prison, one might say it’s worth a look (6)
SCENIC – It took me ages to spot the homophone one might say) of SEE NICK (view & prison)

29a         Out racing around battlefield (9)
AGINCOURT –Make an anagram (about) of OUT RACING


2d           Come to an Irish funeral party held inside (6)
AWAKEN – WAKE (an Irish Funeral) held inside AN from the clue.

3d           What to do to end the act? (6)
REPEAL – A cryptic definition. The act being an Act od Parliament.

4d           Is the woman able to land across the water? (6)
CANADA – A charade of CAN ADA (is the woman able)

5d           Sad lot’s noting sober religious behaviour from 4 Down (7,8)
TORONTO BLESSING – A sad anagram of LOTS NOTING  SOBER referring to CANADA in 4d.

6d           Joiner in Rose’s place is restricted in vision (9)
BLINKERED – A LINKER – one who joins inside a rose BED.

7d           Agreement needed by one playing instrument (9)
ACCORDION – An ACCORD next to I for one and ON (Playing)

8d           Edward keeps some harmful creatures. Not to worry! (5,4)
NEVER MIND – VERMIN (harmful creatures) inside NED , a diminutive of Edward.

14d         Hundred going the right way for assembly (9)
CONCOURSE – A charade of C (the Roman Numeral for 100) then ON COURSE – heading in the right direction.

15d         Not the underclothes to be removed — rascal! (9)
SCOUNDREL – Remove THE from UNDERCLOTHES then make an anagram (being removed).

16d         Socialist record to the fore, it can amount to disgrace (9)
DISCREDIT – A RED (socialist) with a DISC (record) in front (to the fore) followed byIT from thje clue

17d         Miss West moaned at regular intervals (3)
MAE – Alternate letters (at intervals) in MoAnEd.

18d         A couple of lines, that’s everything (3)
ALL – Simply A followed by two Ls – abbreviations for Lines.

22d         Harp on about unfortunate youngster (6)
ORPHAN – An anagram (about) of HARP ON.

23d         Scored slowly (6)
ADAGIO – A cryptic definition. Scored should put us in mind of a composer’s manuscript and this is a musical instruction.

24d         Angry look from head of gardeners and inferior (6)
GLOWER – G is the head letter of Gardeners. Add LOWER for inferior


Thanks to Cephas (for I think it is he) for a good Saturday workout. I’ll see you all next week.