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DT 27278

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27278

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Here is today’s collection of answers/hints to the Monday Maestro’s offering. (More Rufus in the Guardian if you need it). A pleasant and enjoyable solve with 13a and 13d providing the entertainment.


1. Loans saved, can make a move (8)
{ADVANCES} – An anagram (make a move) of SAVED CAN.

6. Where the Ark went fast (6)
{ARARAT} – A mountain in Turkey where Noah’s ark is supposed to have come to rest

9. Name for girls and boys, evenly distributed (6)
{EVELYN} – An anagram (distributed) of EVENLY. It’s only just an anagram.

10. A compulsory turn-out (8)
{EVICTION} – The forcing out of a tenant or squatter (for example) by a legal process.

11. Blue tits flying offer something deaf people may appreciate (8)
{SUBTITLE} – An anagram (flying) of BLUE TITS.

12. Cycle chain? (6)
{SERIES} –A periodically repeated sequence of events or a number of things linked by some factor. The two definitions seem to be almost identical.

13. Change sides (5,2,5)
{HEADS OR TAILS} – What you would find on either side of a coin.

16. Today’s charge for electricity? (7,5)
{CURRENT PRICE} – The cost of something at the present time, could also be how much you might pay for electricity.

19. Did not see but heard spray (6)
{MISSED} – Sounds like (heard) MIST.

21. Legal man shifting on treaty (8)
{ATTORNEY} – An anagram (shifting) of ON TREATY.

23. Suggestive of financial aid in hiring charge (8)
{REDOLENT} – A word that means reminiscent or suggestive of can be constructed from the sort of financial aid given to the unemployed, placed inside the fees a tenant might pay to a landlord.

24. Manages to rope in live artist (6)
{RUBENS} – Put BE (live) inside another word for functions or operates to get a Flemish painter.

25. Also seen in the guise of a dandy (2,4)
{AS WELL} – A phrase that means in addition could if split (1,5) refer to a person who is fashionably dressed.

26. Not all there being called into action (8)
{DERANGED} – Place a word for telephoned inside something that is carried out, to get someone who might be mentally disturbed.


2. Swallow or dove circling over ancient city (6)
{DEVOUR} – An anagram (circling) of DOVE on a Sumerian city.

3. A student’s destiny to get grant (5)
{ALLOT} – A L (student) and a word for one’s fortune or fate.

4. Force prisoners to take exercise (9)
{CONSTRAIN} – A word that means to compel by force is a slang term for convicts, followed by a word that means to prepare physically.

5. Pins inserted into joints (7)
{SKEWERS} – Another word for long pins used to secure meat during cooking.

6. Unfortunately one is taken in by it (5)
{ALIAS} – An exclamation of grief or compassion has I (one) placed inside to produce an assumed name.

7. Appearing every second (9)
{ALTERNATE} – To act or proceed by turns.

8. Particularly the highest (5,3)
{ABOVE ALL} – Over all other factors or considerations.

13. An all-star cast? (9)
{HOROSCOPE} – A prediction of a person’s future based on the aspect of the planets and stars.

14. Possibly terrorise a noisy carouser (9)
{ROISTERER} – An anagram (possibly) of TERRORISE.

15. Work shop? (8)
{BUSINESS} – The occupation you are engaged in or a commercial enterprise or establishment.

17. Formed a queue at the back (7)
{PLAITED} – How a pigtail might be created for example.

18. Irishman goes to church for spiritual guidance (6)
{SÉANCE} – A popular Irish name (Bean, Connery, Penn etc) followed by CE (Church of England).

20. Stay and brood (5)
{DWELL} – Double definition, to live or reside, or to think moodily or anxiously about something.

22. Hood and sash worn in Royal Navy (5)
{ROBIN} – The leader of the “Merry Men” is a wide Japanese sash placed inside RN (Royal Navy).

The Quick crossword pun: (universe} + {city} = {university}

42 comments on “DT 27278

  1. Thanks, Libellule, for the hint to get me out of trouble with 5d especially. I’d got fixated on operations since the last blog-Fest! Thank you setter for a good start to the week. My favourite is 26a, but hope it doesn’t apply to me….

  2. All present and correct today – no real problems.

    5d seemed so obvious, a distinct lack of crypticness (if there’s such a word).

    The blog for 17d might have said that QUEUE is another word for PLAIT – or is that too obvious!

    Good fun though!

  3. I spent a while on 5D, I think I was trying to make it more difficult than it was. I thought 22D was excellent. Off to do more packing now :(

  4. For the second week in a row we found the Monday puzzle trickier than we have become used to. Today, this puzzle took us almost twice as long as the one in the Guardian by Rufus. The clue that held us up longest was 13d for some (now) unexplainable reason. Full measure of enjoyment as ever from this setter.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule.

  5. This made a very good start to the week. There were a number of good clues and I specially liked 24a and 18d. 11a struck a happy note with me too, as actors on television mumble so much these days! Or is it age creeping on? The only question I have is with 6a which slotted in very quickly, but where does ‘fast’ come into it? Shouldn’t that be ‘last’? Anyway, thanks as always to Rufus and a grand merci to Libellule. :-)

    1. Franny,
      Re 6a
      I think you are meant to think about a ship (Ark Royal?) and the speed it might be going.

    2. From thefreedictionary.com :

      fast 1 (fst)
      adj. fast·er, fast·est
      1. Acting, moving, or capable of acting or moving quickly; swift.
      a. Accomplished in relatively little time: a fast visit.
      b. Acquired quickly with little effort and sometimes unscrupulously: made a fast buck scalping tickets.
      3. Quick to understand or learn; mentally agile: a class for the faster students.
      4. Indicating a time somewhat ahead of the actual time: The clock is fast.
      5. Allowing rapid movement or action: a fast running track.
      6. Designed for or compatible with a short exposure time: fast film.
      a. Disposed to dissipation; wild: ran with a fast crowd.
      b. Flouting conventional moral standards; sexually promiscuous.
      8. Resistant, as to destruction or fading: fast colors.
      9. Firmly fixed or fastened: a fast grip.
      10. Fixed firmly in place; secure: shutters that are fast against the rain.
      11. Firm in loyalty: fast friends.
      12. Lasting; permanent: fast rules and regulations.
      13. Deep; sound: in a fast sleep.

      The definition we are looking for here is number 9 as in where the Ark stopped as it could no longer move and was stuck fast.

      BTW sorry about the American spellings in the definitions – it was a cut and paste, nothing to do with me at all.

  6. A couple held me up for a while in an otherwise not too tricky start to the week.
    Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

  7. I’d go for 2*/2* today. For some reason I didn’t particularly enjoy it but I think it’s probably, or even certainly, just me being grumpy. :sad:
    6a was obvious – well, it was once I’d stopped thinking there was a double ‘R’ in it somewhere – but, like Franny, I didn’t understand the fast bit.
    13a and 13d were my last ones and couldn’t get one until I’d got the other.
    I didn’t know that a queue was a plait, or if I did ever know I’ve forgotten.
    16a also took a while and ‘far too much’ didn’t seem to fit.
    At the risk of being picky an attorney doesn’t have to be a man.
    I did think there were some good clues – 24 and 26a and 18 and 22d.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libbelule.

    1. Kath, regarding 21a, I’ve noticed that these clever (devious?!) setters quite often try to disguise which part of a clue is anagram fodder by having other parts of the clue with the same number of letters. 21a certainly fooled me today – see my comment below – which it wouldn’t have done had it said “legal woman” or “legal person”.

      P.S. I like your alternative non-fitting answer for 16a :grin:

      1. I also have my suspicions and if they are correct then it will be a welcome moment. Only 2 sleeps to go as I used to say to my boys before a big event.

      2. I bet we’re all wrong but I’m keeping quiet – or would if you chaps didn’t keep reminding me!

  8. A nice puzzle, slightly tricksy in parts. The North east corner held me up and I could not get away from Ankara for 6ac However once i had travelled the necessary 973 kilometers It all fell into place easily. Loved 13across – a great clue.

    1. Miffypops
      I couldn’t disagree more. I think 13a is an awful clue for the answer it gives.
      Of course ‘change’ is referring to a coin but the clue suggests ‘and’ not ‘or’, but of course that’s not what one normally asks is it.

  9. 3*/3* for me today. Very enjoyable but a bit tricky in places. 12a was my last one in, and I am not fully convinced by the clues for 12a (my last one in) and for 6d. I was fooled by 21a to start with, trying to use “legal man” as the anagram fodder and “treaty” as the defintion. Hence I spent some time searching for a Magellan Treaty on Google! I agree with Libellule that 13a and 13d were brilliant.

    Many thanks to Rufus and to Libellule.

  10. Did not think much of 15d. A commercial enterprise is not necessarily a shop, is it? Otherwise enjoyable. I didn’t know obi was a sash or queue a plait.

    1. i might agree with 15d but I see nothing wrong with either 13a or 17d. In fact I’d say they were rather good.

  11. Usual pleasant start to the week from Rufus.

    Faves : 11a, 13a, 16a, 5d, 13d & 17d.

    Damp today – managed to get shopping done before it restarted to rain!

  12. Lovely puzzle today, crisp and concise, and some very clever clues. Faves 13a and 13d, but Kath’s answer for 16a deserves honourable mention, even if it doesn’t fit! Thanks Libellule for the review and setter for good start to the day.

  13. I always enjoy Rufus’ puzzles although, like the two Kiwis, I found it quite tricky in parts.9a was very easy since that is my daughters name.(should there be an apostrophe ?). Kath has already made most of the comments that I would. I had to resort to hints for 15d and 17d.Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  14. I’ve just read the report on cryptic crossword solvers and a very enjoyable read it certainly is.The researchers are obviously very perseptive and, of course , completely right ! ( I feel like doing one of those AH5 things and get another ego boost.)

        1. Kathryn was present at a recent Sloggers and Betters in Manchester, I’m ashamed to say I was too nervous to do the test, I’m a ridiculously slow solver, but get there in the end :)

          1. I am pretty slow too and I would never do a cryptic with people standing over my shoulder with stop watches in hand, ticking boxes on their clipboards.And if the AH5 turns out to be a mensa thing, I wouldn’t do that either.But hey! we are both ABOVE average fluid thinkers, right !

            1. It wasn’t quite like clipboards and stop watches and I might have surprised myself, but my excuse was the beer was great, and busy chatting with setters and solvers and bloggers from the DT but also the Independent , Guardian and others. And I’m sticking to that excuse :) :)

              1. Surely chatting with other solvers and setters and bloggers from everywhere, not to mention the beer, is more fun than doing crosswords which we can all do, and do, on our own at our kitchen tables every day. I think you have a very valid excuse.
                I haven’t yet read the stuff about the clipboards and stopwatches but will do so, either in a minute or, more likely, tomorrow.

                1. Kath do you remember Bridge House in London, we were in a conversation with BD and many contributors and about half hour later you said, oh you must be andy :)

  15. Thanks to Rufus & to Libellule for the review and hints. Very enjoyable as usual, but I’m getting a phobia about the Monday puzzle, despite having all the checkers, I couldn’t get 12a, 13,15,17d. Favourites were 16&24a and 22d. Back in the Smoke now after a great week in the Northern Lakes. Well, not in but around :-)

      1. Thanks Kath, had some superb walks. I always use to finish the Monday puzzle, but haven’t done so for ages.

  16. Missed getting three. 5d , 7d , 12a. I don’t like the clues for 7d and 12a, but just missed the parsing of 5d altogether.

  17. I’ve just read through the crossword research stuff very quickly. I don’t know what AH5 means but might investigate more tomorrow. I DO know that if someone was watching over my shoulder, asking me to talk through all my thought processes (assuming that there were any under the circumstances) AND timing me I would become completely paralysed and unable to get an answer to a single clue. I also fail to see the point in trying to do a crossword as quickly as possible – why rush what is surely supposed to be an enjoyable experience?

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