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DT 27229

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27229

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! I really struggled with this one – there were some unfamiliar words and as I blog this I still have no idea on the ?ATURE at 16d! Apart from that there were some very nice clues that could be read in a number if deceiving ways.

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3a           Why one is attending sale that’s uninviting (10)
FORBIDDING – Split as (3,7) and it might be a reason to go to a sale or auction.

8a           A jolly lady that sailed from Spain (6)
ARMADA – A charade of A , RM (Royal Marine or saior – Jolly Jack Tar) and then ADA – a woman’s name.

9a           One fine piece of work, and just as well (1,4,3)
A GOOD JOB – A cryptic definition and definition – A (one) GOOD (fine) JOB  (piece of work)  and a phrase meaning ‘just as well’.

10a         Transfusion of fresh talent? (3,5)
NEW BLOOD – A cryptic definition of fresh talent (NEW BLOOD) alluding to blood from a transfusion.

11a         Found in shack: left-handed comb (6)
HACKLE – An unknown word for me – a comb for flax or hemp – is hidden inside (found in) sHACK: LEft-handed.

12a         Sort out a profit — one grand, possibly (10)
PIANOFORTE – A well disguised anagram (indicated by sort out) of A PROFIT ONE. The others may be upright or baby.

14a         Grand, having immensity of good food (13)
GASTRONOMICAL – G for Good and ASTRONOMICAL (having immensity).

20a         Novel recalled in pantomime (10)
CINDERELLA – Another anagram (novel) of RECALLED IN.

22a         Line of fat — or lean — right inside meat (6)
STREAK – A winning or losing STREAK. Place R for right inside STEAK (meat).

23a         Immediate treatment needed to make tree steady (5,3)
FIRST AID – Split as (3, 5) and you would get FIR STAID – a tree that is steady.

24a         After said dancing who reported commotion? (8)
BALLYHOO – Not quite sure I like the first homophone (said) of BALLET for BALLY there is another one (reported of WHO for HOO.

25a         Thin point on weapon (6)
NARROW – A charade of N for North (a cardinal Point on the compass) and ARROW (a weapon).

26a         Criminalsenvironment in life and death? (10)
UNDERWORLD – double definition


1d           Generating good manners (8)
BREEDING – Two definitions, begetting progeny and having been brought up well.

2d           Doctor spotted personal hygiene issue requiring three directions (8)
SAWBONES – A charade of SAW (spotted) BO (an abbreviation of Body Odour/personal hygiene issue) followed by three directional points of the compass N E and S

3d           Gambling game played very loudly in the distance (3-3)
FAR-OFF – The card game FARO followed by FF (the abbreviation of Fortissimo – very loudly).

4d           Way leading character enters bar (4)
ROAD – The leading character in the alphabet – A – inside ROD for bar.

5d           Temperature line more confused with this (8)
ISOTHERM – Another good clue that caused confusion. Make an anagram of MORE and THIS (one confused with the other).

6d           Gather Scottish course is detaining French duke (6)
DEDUCE – The French Duke – DUC – inside DEE – a Scottish river or water course.

7d           Dope comes from north with endless abundance (6)
NOODLE – N for North and all but the last word of OODLE(s) or abundance.

13d         Catch final stage of race? (3-2)
RUN-IN  – The cryptic definition is to  arrest and run in to the police station and the definition is the usually straight approach to a finish line in e.g. a stage of the Tour de France.

15d         Quantity of hay and old wood in carriage (8)
RICKSHAW – A charade of RICK (a quantity of hay) and SHAW (a small wood in Old English).

16d         Being in credit, getting article with initial deduction (8)
CREATURE – CR(edit) followed by a magazine article without its initial letter (with initial deduction) – No – I don’t understand it either!

17d         Relax, I will take father something sweet (8)
LOLLIPOP – A charade of LOLL (relax), then I from the clue and POP for father.

18d         Arrive at a time volunteers may get in (6)
ATTAIN – A charade of AT TA (an abbreviation of the Territorial Army or volunteers) then IN.

19d         This writer needs a rest from South African corn (6)
MEALIE – The setter/writer might call himself ME. Follow that with A LIE (A rest). Another unfamiliar word.

21d         Moving job with an order muddled up? Nothing’s missing (6)
ERRAND – An anagram (muddled up) of AN (o)RDER without the O for nothing (being missing). I guess that an errand involves running somewhere usually.

23d         Pair of braces (4)
FOUR – That’ll be 2 x 2 the two being pairs.

Thanks to the setter for a puzzle that I had to get my head around. Any elucidation on 16d appreciated!


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  1. at least it wasn’t only me who struggled this morning!, isn’t Being the definition for 16d?

    Thanks to the setter and to gnomethang for the excellent hints

      1. You are right John, that’s why it is underlined. Sorry about the d’s – when you grab the text from online and then run it through the macro to generate the blog format if you miss a space then things go awry. I didn’t notice this time!

        1. sory for some reason the underlining didn’t show, so wasn’t sure about your comment regarding not understanding it.

  2. I enjoyed solving this. The surface readings were good and nicely misleading.I agree about 16d (feature without the f) and a creature is a being

  3. Sorry to quibble but the answers are revealed in today’s blog as opposed to usual format. I am at entry level and need the hints and for a 4 star puzzle will have to use them extensively. Any chance of hiding the answers please?

  4. I’m really sorry for wasting your time – opened mouth engaged both feet – didn’t sleep in the heat I would like to say how much enjoyment I have had since discovering your brilliant blog which I use every day .

  5. 16d the cr is short for credit and the magazine article is a feature with the start left off

      1. Was it something to do with the heat, the flies and those damned, damned drums…

  6. An article in a published magazine can be referred to as a feature, particularly if it is shown on the cover :-)

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