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Toughie 1016

Toughie No 1016 by Beam

It must be too hot for anagrams

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This very pleasant puzzle provided a steady solve although I did have minor problems in the southeast corner especially with the parsing of 16 down. I blame the hot weather.

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1a    Regarding round behind etc… (12)
{PREPOSITIONS} ‘Regarding’, ’round’ and ‘behind’ are three examples of such words

9a    Legion lacking man of rank? (9)
{COUNTLESS} This word for legion (multitudinous) could also be taken to mean ‘lacking man of rank’

10a    Canine, occasionally royal, growing intimate initially (5)
{CORGI} The initial letters of Canine Occasionally Royal Growing Intimate

11a    Give power to computer getting dangerous (6)
{LETHAL} ‘Give power to’ + the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey

12a    Getting on, around about, getting on (8)
{AGREEING} Getting on (in years) goes round ‘about’

13a    Infantile description of setter, perhaps (6)
{DOGGIE} What an infant might call a setter (of the English, Irish or Gordon variety)

15a    Large cat bearing single crease in paw? (8)
{LIFELINE} L (large) + any animal of the cat family around I (single) = something on the palm of your hand which is supposed to show how long you will live

18a    Fellow‘s a knave leading rodents tail first (8)
{ACADEMIC} A fellow (at a university) = A + knave + rodents with the last letter moved to the front (tail first)

19a    Odds on a dunderhead kind of betting (6)
{SPREAD} The odds (against a horse winning) + on + A + D (head of dunder)

21a    Cannon ball catching Navy men to begin (8)
{ORDNANCE} A ball (formal entertainment) goes round N (Navy) with men (soldiers) put at the beginning

23a    Fashionable? Put on donkey jacket! (6)
{JERKIN} Fashionable goes after (on) a donkey (stupid person)

26a    Knot found in fine violin (5)
{AMATI} A violin made by a family from Cremona = knot inside ‘fine’

27a    State of Spanish hero accepting Quixote’s second bolted (9)
{ELUCIDATE} ‘To state’ = a Spanish hero (2,3) round U (second letter of Quixote) + bolted (food)

28a    From pointers tell a relationship between stars (12)
{INTERSTELLAR} Hidden in poINTERS TELL A Relationship


1d    Drunk went for lager top inside (7)
{PICKLED} ‘Went for (chose)’ goes round L (first letter of lager)

2d    River over point burst open (5)
{ERUPT} A reversal (over) of the river that flows through Wensleydale + an abbreviation for point

3d    Snub old Nazi perhaps, almost appearing in unfinished march (9)
{OSTRACISE} ‘To snub’ = O (old) + ‘Nazi, perhaps’ with the last letter removed (almost) inside ‘to march’ with the last letter removed (unfinished)

4d    Feature scrap with male going down (4)
{ITEM} A feature (e.g. in a newspaper) = a scrap (small amount) with the letter M (male) moved down from the beginning of the word to the end

5d    Certain GI sniper returned securing decoration (8)
{INSIGNIA} Hidden in reverse in CertAIN GI SNIper

6d    Opening hotel in French resort (5)
{NICHE} H (hotel) in a French resort on the Mediterranean Sea

7d    Company endlessly providing cool device… (8)
{ARTIFICE} I had to think about this one. ‘Company’ with both ends removed (endlessly) + ‘providing’ + ‘to cool’

8d    …Dell computer device, one for nothing (6)
{DINGLE} Take a device that is plugged into a computer and replace O (nothing) by I (one)

14d    New support with tabloid elevated including posh paper (8)
{GUARDIAN} A reversal (elevated) of N (new) + ‘support’ + an informal word for a newspaper round U (posh) = a daily newspaper

16d    It’s topless love. The compiler’s fifty — that’s taken in with curse! (9)
{EXPLETIVE} ‘It’ with the first letter removed + love (as a term of endearment) + ‘the compiler has’ round L (fifty)

17d    Individual‘s album oddly twee after return of Queen (8)
{DISCRETE} An album (record) + the odd letters of TwEe following a reversal of the Queen

18d    The French foreign capital turning sinful? (6)
{AMORAL} A reversal (turning) of ‘the’ in French and the local name of a European capital city

20d    French in street lifted Nureyev, say (7)
{DANSEUR} The French word for ‘in’ + a reversal (lifted) of the French word for ‘street’

22d    Advanced, useless with heart flipping like a bird… (5)
{AVIAN} A (Advanced) + ‘useless’ with the middle two letters (heart) reversed (flipping)

24d    …village bird flipped embracing adult (5)
{KRAAL} A South African village = a reversal of a bird round A (adult)

25d    Expressions of disapproval of short skirts, latterly not universal (4)
{TUTS} Remove the second U (universal) from skirts worn by ballerinas

The paper-hanging’s finished. Now I’m trying to work up enthusiasm to start the painting

13 comments on “Toughie 1016

  1. 3*/4* for me too. I also had problems trying to parse 16d, and also spent a while justifying the first three letters of 7d.
    Thanks to Beam, and to Bufo for the review.
    A minor tweak needed to the hint for 18a.

  2. Good puzzle non the worse for being anagram free, favourites were 1d 15a 21a and 27a thanks to Beam and to Bufo for the comments.

  3. Evening all. Many thanks to Bufo for the dissection and to everybody who left a comment.


  4. We found this one really hard work but got there in the end, apart from parsing 3d. Even with the above hint we are lost with the wordplay. Help! Lots of really clever clues.
    Thanks Beam and Bufo.

    1. It always happens doesn’t it. As soon as one asks for help the answer just pops into mind. Got it now.

  5. Very late to thank Beam but I still dont get 3d and 16d, maybe after a sleep post hours on a train with no air con they might … Thanks Beam and Bufo to whom your dissection is not at fault, just me being particularly dim

  6. Having been converted by this site from an intuitive solver to shall we say a more disciplined one and increasingly a fan of RayT puzzles had to revert to type for 7d,16d and 3d and possibly more ,nor did I find it gentle (and I love the heat )
    Thanks to RayT and Bufo (should you not paint first ?)

  7. A nice steady solve. 16d’s a bit clunky but otherwise all fine. Is the lack of anagrams a trademark [a fetish?]? I have nothing against em, like any other type of clue there’s good and there’s bad. My favourite is “Butcher has ox tongue [5]”, simple but effective. Might have been Paul in the Graunaiad.
    Thanks to Beam and Bufo.

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