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DT 27223

  Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27223

A full review by crypticsue

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The presence of no fewer than six anagrams did make me check that this was indeed the Mysteron’s week to provide our Saturday morning entertainment.   There also seemed to be several  of those ‘take a single-letter abbreviation and follow it with a couple more’ type of clues.   Didn’t take long to solve and I decided to be kind to the Gnome and not mention the significance of that river* today …. :oops:   :D

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1a           One of the Archers,   leading person in craft? (6)
BOWMAN –   Not Dan or Doris!(can you tell its many years since I listened to the long-running radio programme) but someone who uses a bow and arrow.  This person could also be the rower nearest the  front of a boat.

4a           Uneducated Italian gentleman getting extremely carried away with angry tirade (8)
IGNORANT –   Remove the outside letters (extremely carried away) from sIGNOr (Italian gentleman) and follow with a RANT (angry tirade).

10a         With fortune, take time over gambling game (5)
LOTTO – LOT (fortune) followed by T (time) and O (over) produces the old name for the gambling game now called  bingo.

11a         Beast needing little water roamed dry possibly (9)
DROMEDARY –  The one-humped camel  is possibly an anagram of ROAMED DRY.

12a         Fast car to go off course taking a right in Formula One (7)
FERRARI –   insert between F (formula) and I(one) ERR (to go off course)A (from the clue) and R (right).

13a         Dodging what’s charged, getting reprieve overturned first (7)
EVASION –   Start with a reversal of SAVE (reprieve overturned first) and follow with an ION (an electrically-charged particle).

14a         Lousy actors recoiled in false show of emotion (9,5)
CROCODILE TEARS –   An anagram (lousy) of ACTORS RECOILED.

17a         A troublesome situation requires courage — this may be comforting (3-5,6)
HOT-WATER BOTTLE –   HOT WATER (a troublesome situation) plus BOTTLE (courage).

21a         Not remembering to prepare a seminar not quite finished (7)
AMNESIA –   An anagram of A SEMINAr (not quite finished tells you to omit the R).

23a         Organised activity collecting flower returning in direct route (7)
BEELINE –  We have four hives in our garden so have lots of bees taking the most direct route between hive and nectar.   BEE (a gathering of people united for a particular purpose, either to work for the benefit of one individual, or in a competition such as a spelling bee)  followed by a reversal of the River NILE  (flower).

24a         List cheat that’s abused sport (9)
ATHLETICS –   An anagram (that’s abused) of LIST CHEAT.

25a         Small bone found in Italian villa (5)
ANVIL –   One of the extremely small bones in the inner ear is found in ItaliAN VILla.

26a         Tom perhaps collects funerary vessel in state of grief (8)
MOURNING – A tom is a male cat, and a slang term for a cat is MOG.   Insert into  MOG an URN (funerary vessel) and IN (from the clue).

27a         One keeps looking for celebrity — the Queen (6)
STARER =   STAR (celebrity) and ER (the cipher of our current Queen).


1d           Heavy type that’s put on to show spirit in adversity (4,4)
BOLD FACE –  Being impudent n adversity could also be a typeface like this.

2d           Aquatic sport‘s endless battle round river (5,4)
WATER POLO –  The Battle of WATERLOo without its last O (endless) has the River PO* inserted into it.

3d           A very ordinary blighter, old fruit! (7)
AVOCADO – A (from the clue) V (very) O (old) CAD (blighter)  and O (old).

5d           Third party not welcome on ex-President’s birthplace supposedly (10,4)
GOOSEBERRY BUSH –   GOOSEBERRY (an unwanted third person in the company of a couple) and BUSH (either of the two ex-Presidents with that surname).

6d           Make speech about sport in school work (7)
OPERATE –  Insert PE (sport in school) into ORATE (make speech).

7d           A graduate has 101 calculators (5)
ABACI – More than one abacus –  A (from the clue) BA (someone who has graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts) and CI (101 in Roman numerals).

8d           Distressing year in Herts town (6)
TRYING –   Insert Y (year) into the Hertfordshire town of TRING.

9d           A Martini stirred finally? No it’s shaken as a rule (14)
ADMINISTRATION –  An anagram  (shaken) of A MARTINI  D ( stirred finally) and NO  ITS.

15d         Dog — one going back up round island (9)
RETRIEVER   –   Insert I for Island into a reversal (up) of a REVERTER (one going back).

16d         Scoff about one bored tradesman (8)
JEWELLER –   JEER (scoff) with WELL (one bored) inserted.

18d         You and I back film genre (7)
WESTERN –  WE (you and I) and STERN (back).

19d         Butcher to carve ham (7)
OVERACT –   An anagram (butcher) of TO CARVE.

20d         Bomb China in scene of Asian conflict (6)
NAPALM –   Insert PAL (China being Cockney rhyming slang for a PAL or mate) into NAM,  the abbreviated way an American might refer to the Vietnam War.

22d         Ancient city woman picked up Indian statesman once (5)
NEHRU –   Crosswordland’s favourite ancient city UR and a HEN (woman) , all reversed (picked up).