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DT 27227

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27227

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Yet another excellent puzzle from Ray T. Avoid the pitfalls and it’s not too difficult – fall into them and it could take all day!

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7a    Beginning to spout tiresome bad language (8)
{SWEARING} – the initial letter (beginning) of Spout followed by an adjective meaning tiresome

9a    Endless surprise regarding aggressive woman (6)
{AMAZON} – a verb meaning to surprise without its final letter (endless) followed by a two-letter word meaning regarding or concerning

10a    Jailhouse Rock? (4)
{STIR} – two definitions – a prison and a verb meaning to rock or agitate

11a    Nosed around wretched dog’s tail? It could be rich! (10)
{PRIVILEGED} – a verb meaning nosed or searched around an adjective meaning wretched and the final letter (tail) of doG

12a    Select frozen sweet, not cold (6)
{CHOICE} – a frozen sweet (4-3) without (not) one of the three C(old)s

14a    Sensible boy facing English in study (8)
{REASONED} – a male child and E(nglish) inside a verb meaning to study

15a    Dodgy start taking Independent newspaper (6)
{SHIFTY} – if you’re trying to fit a dodgy anagram of START around I(ndependent) to get a newspaper, stop now! – a verb meaning to start or recoil around (taking) I(ndependent) and a financial newspaper

17a    Lie about in stench producing gas (6)
{HELIUM} – an anagram (about) of LIE inside a stench or strong unpleasant smell

20a    Guides from peak in Andes, oddly (8)
{ADVISORS} – the peak of a cap inside the odd letters of AnDeS

22a    Tired out by Conservative’s reputation? (6)
{CREDIT} – an anagram (out) of TIRED preceded by C(onservative)

23a    Crude sign to a man provoking conflict (10)
{ANTAGONISM} – an anagram (crude) of SIGN TO A MAN

24a    Instrument‘s no lead instrument (4)
{LUTE} – one musical instrument is derived by dropping the initial letter (no lead) from another

25a    Camp male hugging nearly everybody (6)
{STALAG} – this German camp for prisoners of war is derived by putting a male, typically one on a night out with the boys, around (hugging) most of (nearly) a word meaning everybody

26a    Herald changing year embracing girl (8)
{EMISSARY} – an anagram (changing) of YEAR around (embracing) an unmarried girl


1d    Starts with first of three hags (8)
{TWITCHES} – the initial letter (first) of Three followed by some hags – an allusion to Macbeth?

2d    Shock generated by musical (4)
{HAIR} – two definitions a shock or mane and a stage musical

3d    Bohemian tart after joint (6)
{HIPPIE} – a tart preceded by (after) a joint in the body

4d    Defence of Queen’s assistant for the audience (8)
{PALISADE} – this defence or fortification sounds like an assistant to the Queen (6,4)

5d    Tie cargoes roughly and put into boxes (10)
{CATEGORISE} – an anagram (roughly) of TIE CARGOES – the boxes themselves can also be derived from the anagram, but the definition is “put into boxes”

6d    Fuse in centre containing high explosive (6)
{COHERE} – a centre or nucleus around (containing) High Explosive

8d    Growth occurring in thyroid, rarely enlarged initially (6)
{GOITRE} – the initial letters of six words in the clue

13d    Sublime one with short skirt raised on counter (10)
{INIMITABLE} – I (one) and a short skirt are reversed (raised in a down clue) on a counter or worktop

16d    Meticulous even if handling gold (8)
{THOROUGH} – a word meaning even if around (handling) the heraldic term for gold

18d    The majority of river round island’s water (8)
{MOISTURE} – a word meaning the majority and a river in North Yorkshire around I(sland)

19d    Wish for a master to take power (6)
{ASPIRE} – the A from the clue and a master or man of high rank around (to take) P(ower)

21d    Parade not exactly holding show (6)
{DENOTE} – hidden (holding) inside the clue

22d    Put inside or execute? (6)
{COMMIT} – two definitions – to put inside prison or to execute or carry out

24d    Young woman‘s large bottom (4)
{LASS} – L(arge) followed by a bottom or backside

A smattering of innuendo and the almost mandatory visit from Her Majesty – it couldn’t be anyone else. Old hands will have done the Quickie first and recognised the signature single-word clues and answers.

The Quick crossword pun: (lied} + {cheers} = {light years}

41 comments on “DT 27227

  1. Finishing up the NE corner took forever, as did 15A, so definitely more than ** for me today. 4D is absolutely wonderful! Many thanks to Ray T. and to BD for the review.

  2. Wonderful puzzle today, thanks Jay. Spent a while on 15A even after realising it wasn’t an anagram. 4D also took me a bit of brain power and is probably my clue of the day. Enjoyed 12A too.

    England seem to be getting a bit of a shuftie on after a slow start today. Oooo – just got another

  3. Completed in staccato fashion ,NW,SE,SW ,NE ,took slightly longer than the toughie ,
    As others favourite clue 4d which was last in .
    9a made a rather rapid reappearance .
    Thanks again to Ray T and BD .

  4. Agree about 4D, also thought 25A was quite clever.Thanks to BD for the review now back to watching the Aussies batting collapse.

  5. Apart from falling into one of the traps; which one i’m not going to say… the rest went in very nicely :)
    2*/4* for me today. Many thanks to RayT and to BD.

    I thought the other puzzle by Shamus was also good.

  6. Thanks to Ray T and BD. Agree with the ratings. NE corner my problem too today with 6d being the last in and needed the hint for 4d. Also thought wretched implied an anagram in 11a but quickly realised my mistake. Otherwise no problems.

  7. Finally finished it but a bit of a struggle – in between watching England struggle to take the last wicket – frustration on both counts!

  8. A very enjoyable and not overly difficult offering from Jay and a superb review from BD, my thanks to both.

  9. Phew! I seemed to fall into every trap – clambering out of one only to fall into another! So 3* / 4* for me. Nevertheless enjoyed this very much, so many thanks to the setter. BD, I couldn’t have managed without your hints today, thank you. Liked lots, so no particular favourite. And forgot to say, BD you’ve done it again with fab music… Didn’t know Freddy Cannon (my education seems to have been sadly lacking) so loved that & the poster. Brilliant, & cheered my day. Thank you.

  10. Excellent crossword, quite saved my week which has been disastrous from a puzzle point of view. Without a doubt for me the finest clue for a very long time was 4d, a real groaner :-). Really enjoyed this one but not sure about the ending to 9a, why does on mean regarding or concerning? Not sure I quite approve of 24d, bit too American for me but that is really nit-picking. Many thanks to Ray T for restoring my crossword confidence and to BD for the hints although not really needed today.

    1. 9a – I just assumed that ON was a shortened version of ON THE SUBJECT OF.
      24d Unfortunately the American version of the word seems to be getting more and more common – people give me funny looks when I tell them that what they really mean is the British four-letter version. I looked at it more as Bottom in A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream who was changed into an ass.

    2. If I were to say “I’m giving a lecture on Black Holes”, you would surely understand me to mean that the lecture is regarding or concerning them, not that I would be standing on one.

      1. With a name like that, I wonder if you often give lectures on Black Holes ? An did you have anything to do with Stephen Hawkins’ advert for Go Compare?

  11. Took all morning on this off and on, but a great sense of satisfaction when complete, that’s for sure!

    1. Agree regarding the satisfaction value of this one despite, or maybe because of,taking longer than normal.
      Thanks to the setter despite the rather cruel ‘easy start’ in the NW corner!

  12. I’m suffering from two minor but irritating ailments and couldn’t apply my full concentration. Well, that’s my excuse anyway for finding this really very difficult. 24a seems very familiar, and It took me a long while to decide that, no, the Daily Telegraph hadn’t published a clue about gay men, (25a).Thanks to Ray T and BD.

  13. I struggled with this as I do with most RayT puzzles but the enjoyment level was high, as usual. Needed some of the hints to complete so many thanks to BD for them

  14. RayT at his best. Best by a mile was 4 which was last in with a large guffaw. Also liked 3 12 15 17 23 24d etc etc etc. So many good clues by the master.

  15. Thank you Ray T – this was too much for me ! I haven’t got all my crossword aids with me, but even if I was at home I doubt if I would have solved all the clues – in particular 4d ! Thanks BD for the review and hints to which I resorted as I didn’t want to ruin a nice dinner this evening worrying about the puzzle.

  16. Life in The Lake District ends tonight and I have this puzzle for the journey home tomorrow. One quick surface read without a pen. Looks good for a wrestle. Bring it on.

  17. Just what I needed after going up to London to fetch daughter again – a perfect antidote.
    Wonderful puzzle as usual and I agree with 2* difficulty, as I didn’t think it was one of his trickier ones, and at least 4* enjoyment.
    I did fall into the 15a trap and it took me a while to clamber out.
    Have just tried to make a little list of all the clues I liked but it turned into a not-so-little list so will just go for 7 and 25a and 1, 3 and 4d.
    With thanks to Ray T and BD.
    Heading for a glass of wine now hence the, for me anyway, fairly brief comment . . . :smile:

    1. Do hope daughter & your Mum (& your collie) are all improving Kath… Enjoy that glass of wine!

      1. Thanks Poppy – we’re all muddling along and I enjoyed that glass of wine and the next . . . . etc! Just heading for bed but need to help daughter up our rather tricky stairs first – the joys of living in an old house!

  18. Thanks once again to BD for the analysis, and for spotting the Macbeth reference! Thanks also to all who left a comment.


  19. For some reason we really struggled with the SW corner and this took us well into 3* territory. The peak misdirection in 20a being the biggest stumbling block. Tossing up between this clue and 4d as best for the day.
    Thanks RayT and BD

  20. An enjoyable puzzle from Ray T.

    Faves : 12a, 17a, 24a, 1d, 6d & 24d.

    Fish and chips for dinner plus a drop of Vouvray! Then pear + chocolate mousse!

    1. I know that pears and chocolate are meant to be a classic combination but really don’t like choc and any fruit together – love both on their own. Fish and chips is totally different!

  21. What a Birthday Treat, a RayT and a lovely Shamus on the other puzzle. RayT thank you so much and to our glorious leader for the review. When both my Mother and a sister have seemed to age me more than a year in their cards, i did do a bit of 7a, it’s bad enough being ** but not **

    1. Happy birthday from me – should have guessed that you were a Cancerian! Do hope that you’ve had a good day. :smile: from me and Annie too.

      1. Congrats Andy as a fellow Cancerian I was sent this PGW quote earlier this week by a supposed friend….After the life he had led he had no right to burst with health, but he did. Where most of his contemporaries had long ago thrown in the towel and retired to cure resorts to nurse their gout, he had gone blithely on, ever rising on stepping stones of dead whiskies and sodas to higher things. He had discovered the prime grand secret of eternal youth – to keep the decanter circulating, to stop smoking only when snapping the lighter for his next cigarette and to never retire to rest before three in the morning.”

        1. Unlike Cath I’ve not mastered the emoticons so i’ll just smile and big grin, thank you Only Fools.

  22. I left home early today and couldn’t get started until this evening. This was an excellent puzzle coupled with a quality review. Many thanks to Ray T and BD. My rating is ***/****

    Like many others I struggled with the NE corner, and, despite being very familiar with Freddy Cannon, I couldn’t get 4d at all without BD’s assistance.

  23. Would never have got 4d in 1M year, felt it could havevdone with a ? in the clue. Peak as VISOR is another typical RayTism that was just too obscure for me. Managed the rest with a lot of gritted teeth in **** time.

  24. Usual brilliance from Ray T.
    4d, my last in after an age, a gem.
    Many thanks to Ray T and to BD for the review.

  25. It has taken me all weekend but oh boy, it was worth it!
    Last in 6D with BD help as I’d misspelled 11A.
    All praise to RayT with everlasting gratitude to Dave’s analysis.

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