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DT 27187

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27187

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! I thought that this was a pretty good puzzle for a Saturday with a couple of old chestnuts to get me started.

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1a           Party near American university site (6)
CAMPUS – A political party of faction, CAMP, before (close to or near) US for American.

5a           Circus performers in glasses (8)
TUMBLERS – A chestnut of a clue. Forward rollers (acrobats) and whisky tumblers.

9a           Old retirement place to take care of sheltering our pop finally (4-6)
FOUR-POSTER – An old style bed. Place OUR (from the clue) and the last letter in poP inside FOSTER (take care of)

10a         Curses celebrity making comeback (4)
RATS – A reversal of STAR (a celebrity making comeback). Rats as an exhortation in a Dastardly and Muttley Style.

11a         Biscuits with bananas (8)
CRACKERS – Two definitions , both a bit nutty but not necessarily with nuts.

12a         Greek character aboard vessel, one at home in the sea (6)
URCHIN – CHI (A Greek letter of the alphabet) inside (aboard) the vessel or container that is the URN.

13a         Sounds like a quaint case (4)
ETUI – Bad homophone alert!. Does anyone pronounce A TWEE (a quaint) as ETUI?

15a         See on vid horrific headlong plunge (8)
NOSEDIVE – An anagram (indicated by horrific) of SEE ON VID.

18a         Prolific robber making insolent comment brought back alcoholic drink (8)
PILLAGER – A reversal (brought back) of LIP (insolent comment) followed by the LAGER that BD hates (apart from with a curry).

19a         Hit over the head because shortly hostility’s beginning (4)
COSH – A bump on the noggin is a short version of because – COS – with H for the beginning letter in Hostility.

21a         Oddball in Rio wed in disguise (6)
WEIRDO – A disguised anagram of RIO WED proving yet another exception to the C rule.

23a         Don’t happen to authenticate (8)
NOTARISE – A cryptic definition and definition. If it did not happen then it did NOT ARISE.

25a         Wedding vow left one adored (4)
IDOL –A charade of I DO (a wedding vow) and L for Left.

26a         Sort of welcome giving heart to record (6-4)
TICKER-TAPE –  Your heart is a TICKER colloquially in the UK. Place it in front of TAPE (record)  to get an American Hero’s welcome parade.

27a         Ancient Britons keeping radical forecasts (8)
PREDICTS – RED (a radical leftie in politics) inside of PICTS (Ancient Britons)

28a         Cross about theologian’s bewilderment (6)
MUDDLE – The big confusion of the day. Very easy if you solve crosswords regularly as a MULE is a cross animal (donkey stallion and a horse). Place DD (he abbreviation for Divinitas Doctor /Doctor of Divinity/theologian) inside.


2d           A keen endless love (5)
AMOUR – A from the clue and all but the last letter (endless) of MOURn for keen or wail. Good synonym territory on that last one.

3d           Get bottle to hug a fabulous bird of limited scope (9)
PAROCHIAL – Place a PHIAL outside (a bottle hugging) A ROC (the usual mythical/fabulous bird).

4d           Exhibitor scorned group (6)
SHOWER – A definition plus cryptic definition – that being e.g. Terry Thomas’s “Absolute Ruddy SHOWER!” – a scorned bunch of reprobates.

5d           The Bard’s work makes unsound artistic play (5,10)
TITUS ANDRONICUS – Being one of the Bard Shakespeare’s plays. An anagram (indicated by play of the words) UNSOUND ARTISTIC. Well disguised.

6d           Nobleman brands serf’s head (8)
MARQUESS – The MARQUES (brands of e.g. a classic car) Plus the head letter in S(erf).

7d           Some really rich poetry (5)
LYRIC – A semi all-in-one. A part of (some)of) realLY RICh is a type of poetry.

8d           Breaking tie, server gets back (9)
RETRIEVES – An anagram (breaking) of TIE SERVER.

14d         Minor batsman kind to harbour trouble (4-5)
TAIL-ENDER – AIL (trouble) inside TENDER (kind). 8 wickets down on the 5th day. Sorry ladies!

16d         Given honour, TV presenter made speech (9)
DECORATED – DEC – Declan Donelly from the ubiquitous Saturday night TV shows – followed by ORATED (made a speech).

17d         Person who’s not sure coasting out of control (8)
AGNOSTIC – An anagram, indicated by ‘out f control, of COASTING.

20d         Group of pupils with energy holding run (6)
STREAM – STEAM (energy, oomph) with R for Run (the cricketing abbreviation) included.

22d         Had government regretted including Liberal? (5)
RULED – RUED (regretted) with L for Liberal included within.

24d         Unfortunate lapse, a bit of a bloomer (5)
SEPAL – A part of the flower (bloomer for crosswords) to a botanist. Also an anagram (unfortunate) of LAPSE.


I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks!