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DT 27181

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27181

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All!.  I thought this was a reasonable test for a Saturday puzzle and quite enjoyed it.

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1a           Dope confused by rhythm heard in walker’s recorder (9)
PEDOMETER – A record of one’s paces. Make an anagram (confused) of DOPE and add METER, a homophone (indicated by heard),  of metre a rhythm in music.

6a           Frenchman in RADA performing this? (5)
DRAMA – A semi-all-in-one (‘this’ denotes the definition is the rest of the clue). Place M for M(onsieur), a Frenchman, inside an anagram (performing) of RADA.

9a           Applause for speech when ranting initially gives way to verse (7)
OVATION – Simply ORATION (speech) with the R (initial letter of Ranting) being replaced by V for Verse (the abbreviation from biblical nomenclature).

10a         Very much a bargain? (5,4)
GREAT DEAL – Two definitions really – A large amount or a financially prudent purchase.

11a         Opening 24 hours when payment’s due (4-3)
RENT-DAY – Easy enough as a starter clue: A rent is a tear or opening (in the fabric of Space-Time for example) and simply add DAY for 24 Hrs.

12a         Train worker for bar staff (7)
RAILMAN – This was a bit tricky for me. On the day Dave said “A bar followed by a verb meaning to staff or crew”. That is RAIL followed by MAN

13a         Trucker may do this drive — told he goes wrong (7,3,5)

18a         Stout German’s good results in big corporation (4,3)
BEER GUT – A charade of BEER for stout and GUT for the German word for ‘good’.

20a         Dance arranged in silence (7)
MUSETTE – An unfamiliar dance to me but the wordplay is clear: SET (arranged e.g. a date or table) inside MUTE (silence/shut up).

22a         Understand number’s wrong (6,3)
FIGURE OUT – Understand when a FIGURE (number) is OUT (wrong/wayward).

23a         Whistle-blower with no right to encourage Eastern asylum seeker (7)
REFUGEE – REF (the man that blows the whistle in a football game), then U(r)GE) encourage losing the R for Right) and finally E for Eastern.

24a         City grounds holding 500 (5)
LEEDS – D for 500 (in Roman Numerals) inserted into LEES (coffee grounds).

25a         Torn material gets valued (9)
LACERATED – LACE (material) and (gets) RATED (valued)



1d           Got expert back to health (8)
PROCURED – A PRO (expert) and CURED (back to health/well again).

2d           One may cross and another may make one cross (8)
DIAGONAL – a nice cryptic definition. A diagonal crosses the chess board (for example) and two of them together will make a Saltire cross as in the flag of St Andrew.

3d           Medal I damaged is put in the post (6)
MAILED – An anagram (damaged) of MEDAL I.

4d           Mosquito’s keeling over, lady heartlessly snarled (6)
TANGLY – A reversal of GNAT (A mozzie that has reversed/keeled over) and L(ad)Y – lady having the inner letters (heart) removed.

5d           Examination to go through again? (8)
RESEARCH – The cryptic definition is to return to a place to check for a lost item.

6d           Singing as couple expected, couple of times in middle of night (8)
DUETTING –DUE (expected as in a train) with TT (a couple of the abbreviations of Time) then IN from the clue and finally the middle letter of niGht.

7d           Beaming as a good meal’s dished up (6)
AGLEAM – A from the clue and G (good) with an anagram (dished up) of MEAL.

8d           Strange island where some volcano lava’s turned up (6)
AVALON – A reversal and hidden word (some of xxxxx turned up) of volcano lava’s.

14d         Strong port, ours had been stirred! (8)
VIGOROUS – pot of VIGO followed by an anagram (stirred) of OURS.

15d         Reasonable allowance has a learner’s support (8)
RATIONAL – RATION (allowance/helping) with A and L for Learner (driver) underneath (supporting in a down clue.

16d         Dismissed one side entirely (8)
OUTRIGHT – A charade of OUT (dismissed in cricket) and RIGHT (one side, not the left)

17d         Tender visitor at Christmas (8)
SHEPHERD – A cryptic definition of one who tends sheep and was a visitor at the nativity according to the Bible.

18d         Happened to be going over hill (6)
BEFELL – BE from the clue on top of FELL – an upland or hill.

19d         Recruit for combat? (6)
ENGAGE – Two definitions – to engage someone in a contract and to engage in war.

20d         The compiler’s illusion, falling short of the European system (6)
METRIC – The complier is ME (as he/she is the one writing). Follow that with most of the word TRIC(k) for illusion.

21d         Plan sure to capture very loud bear (6)
SUFFER – Finally an anagram of SURE (planned) to include/capture FF – the musical notation fortissimo or very loud.


Thanks to the setter for the test – I’ll see you all next Friday.

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  1. Fabulous crossword and review, thanks to the setter (Cephas?) and to Gnomethang.

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