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DT 27183

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27183

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **

Many thanks to Deep Threat, who has offered to step in and review today’s Toughie. He hasn’t missed much here, though. For me this was one of those “read a clue and write in the answer” puzzles. Even being a pangram doesn’t rescue it from mediocrity.

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5a    Port worker we heartlessly criticise (7)
{ANTWERP} – a worker insect followed by WE and a verb meaning to criticise without its middle letter (heartlessly)

7a    Before jaunt, I loaded cases (5)
{UNTIL} – hidden (cases) inside the clue

9a    Spot male lead dropping round instrument (6)
{ZITHER} – a spot or pimple followed by the male lead in a drama without (dropping) the round letter

10a    Condemn / grammatical structure (8)
{SENTENCE} – a double definition

11a    Paid attention to fine advertisement (4,6)
{TOOK NOTICE} – TO followed by a two-letter word meaning fine and an advertisement

13a    Run on city bank (4)
{RELY} – R(un) followed by a cathedral city gives a verb meaning to bank or depend

14a    Going round ahead of girl, one employed in an old cotton mill (8,5)
{SPINNING JENNY} – a verb meaning going round followed by a girl’s name

16a    Rhode Island church is full (4)
{RICH} – combine the abbreviations for Rhode Island and CH(urch)

17a    Nevertheless, clones are (3,3,4)
{ALL THE SAME} – a property of clones

19a    Intellectual argument started by eminent bishop (8)
{HIGHBROW} – an argument preceded (started) by an adjective meaning eminent and B(ishop)

20a    Monk, I suspect, has old dressing-gown (6)
{KIMONO} – an anagram (suspect) of MONK I followed by O(ld)

22a    Perhaps kid one girl’s beginning to dote on (5)
{GLOVE} – kid leather is one material from which this could be made – the initial letter (beginning) of Girl followed by a verb meaning to dote on

23a    One may crow, duck being in list (7)
{ROOSTER} – O (a duck on cricket) inside a list

An excuse for a track from The Stones at their very best

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1d    Long trench lacks depth, in short (4)
{ITCH} – a trench without (lacks) its initial letter D (Depth, in short)

2d    Destroy resort and tower (4,4)
{TEAR DOWN} – an anagram (resort) of AND TOWER

3d    Fruit concealed by harlequin? Certainly (6)
{QUINCE} – hidden (concealed by) inside the clue

4d    Rest broken by revolting soldiers (5,5)
{OTHER RANKS} – a word meaning the rest or surplus around an adjective meaning revolting or disgusting

5d    I proceed to support a married friend (5)
{AMIGO} – the I from the clue followed by a verb meaning to proceed preceded by (to support in a down clue) the a from the clue and M(arried)

6d    Wasp flies on or off climbing plant (7,6)
{PASSION FLOWER} – an anagram (off) of WASP FLIES ON OR

8d    Accountant in the money around these parts (7)
{LOCALLY} – the two-letter abbreviation for a Scottish accountant inside a slang word for money

12d    Honour man — small house party set up (10)
{KNIGHTHOOD} – a chessman followed by the two-letter abbreviation for HO(use) and the reversal (set up in a down clue) of a party

14d    Sport requiring excellent pitch outside (7)
{SAILING} – two characterw meaning excellent with a verb meaning to pitch or throw outside


15d    Religious reformer Shakespearean king criticises in speech (4,4)
{JOHN KNOX} – no, not King Lear this time but different Shakespearean king is followed by what sounds (in speech) like a verb meaning criticises

17d    A deadly sin, granted (6)
{AGREED} – the A from the clue followed by one of the deadly sins

18d    Staff: 4 in large country house (5)
{MANOR} – a verb meaning to staff followed by the abbreviation of the answer to 4 down

21d    Winning move in match (4)
{MATE} – a winning move, a match or counterpart and a winning move in chess match

Better luck tomorrow.

The Quick crossword pun: (quay} + {wheeze} = {Kiwis}


37 comments on “DT 27183

  1. We enjoyed this and it took us about the average time for a back page puzzle so would have given it higher marks than on the review. Spotted and appreciated the pangram too. A pleasant diversion from a setter we did not recognise.
    Thanks Mr Ron and BD.

      1. Nice one crypticsue, I had not spotted that. I do the cryptic and the quickie simultaneously, usually finishing the quickie first. if I finish the cryptic first I don’t bother with the rest of the quickie. After reading your comment I went back to the back page. Thank you. ( I hope the 2kiwis are aware of the quickie pun )

      2. Sorry we missed that. We have never bothered to even look at the Quickie, so were blissfully unaware of our moment of fame.

  2. Morning Dave, a two star for me today, there were a few clues I did like inc 17a and 22a, a couple I didn’t understand my answers to one of which was 18a! I completely missed the pangram though, altogether an enjoyable one for me even though I thought there were a few iffy readings! The sun is making an effort at the moment so I’m off out whilst it does :-)

  3. Thank you setter, I enjoyed doing this. Was worried to start with that I would struggle, but once under way managed to complete without difficulty. Thank you BD for your review. Its a good job it wasn’t too taxing as I am wired up for my annual 24hr BP monitoring !!

    1. I had that on one occasion, it woke me up every hour when the cuff inflated, except for 4 & 5 in the morning !

  4. I got through this pretty quickly, apart from a couple in the top left that almost pulled it into 2* time for me.
    Thanks to setter, and to BD.

    The other puzzle is about as gentle as a toughie can get.

    1. I cantered through this except for 1d and 9a, which held me up for a long time. Of course, if I had spotted the pangram, maybe I would have not made such a slog over it. Grrrrr

  5. Managed to finish without too much bother, agree with your rating & liked14A.Many thanks BD for the review.

  6. Finished before lights out last night. Not much of a challenge and not very entertaining, so I concur BD’s comments. So, it’s the “gentle” toughie (according to jezza above) for entertainment at the office today.

  7. No big problems today. Nice to see 6D as I have a rather large specimen in my back garden – very good for producing some lovely fruit juice (even if it does take a rather lot of work)

  8. Enjoyable and not too taxing today although taking ‘advice’ at 11a slowed the flow a little. 5a, 8d, 12d & 23a were favourites.

  9. Last one in 9a which confirmed the Pangram .I found it an enjoyable puzzle although
    DT may have got the best of the bargain today .Liked 22a. And 8d .
    Thanks very much .

  10. Will I ever spot a pangram? Not in a read and write throughout puzzle. Only 4d gave me any trouble but not much at all.

    1. I always find the best way to spot a pangram is to look out for the letters J, Q, X and Z – if you have two (or more) of these, start thinking pangram. TBH I do’t really look out for them unless I get a bit stuck and then knowing that certain letters could be missing helps a bit

  11. Nice puzzle for us today…..we didn’t need too much help..but before we get complacent, I’ve just remembered its Scchua’s hints tomorrow. Thank you setter & hinter.

  12. Hmm, a week that starts with two very simple cryptics. What does this presage?

  13. I found this one more than 1* difficulty and nearer 3* enjoyment.
    I got stuck on a few for longer than I should have done – VERY noisy here today as new garage roof being done with lots of crashing and banging and hammering making concentration a bit tricky.
    My last answer was 15d – I haven’t heard of him – I thought the ‘John’ was the Shakespearean and the ‘K’ was the king and then couldn’t find a three letter word that sounded like criticises. :roll: Got there eventually and looked him up. I was also slow with 4d and 9a – if I’d thought of the possibility of a pangram I’d have got 9a a lot more quickly.
    I liked 10 and 19a and 4, 6 and 17d.
    Thanks to Mr Ron and BD.
    STILL grey and chilly here. :sad: Going to Chelsea tomorrow. :smile:

  14. A somewhat mundane puzzle today!

    Faves : 14a, 22a, 6d & 15d.

    Still damp here in NL.

    Shall watch Chelsea on the box – no sign of Charlie Dimmock this year!

    1. You had me confused there Derek, I thought you were talking Football. I was racking my brains for Charlie Dimmock, then the penny dropped :-)

  15. More a **/*** today,usually start in the nw corner, but today it was the final quadrant,using the wrong letters for 2d did’nt help, was’nt 9a in the third man score?Anyway quite a varied solve and worthy of***, thanks for the pics DT, will play 23a when i get home-no sound at work. don’t know if any bloggers tried it, but i thought yesterdays codeword took a bit of starting.

    1. Yes. When that happens I look for the “q” and if I can find it, everything will fall into place.

  16. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the review & hints. While i thought it was easy, I didn’t think it was a read & write puzzle, as the top half went in more slowly than the bottom half. I thought 18d was an awful clue, could have been Male with horse gets mixed up in large country house. Started with 5d, finished with 22a. Favourites were 9 & 17a. Was 1*/2* for me. Cold and grey in Central London, will someone please shift that jetstream. Going to try the Toughie now.

    1. That’s why I’m not a compiler. I reckon my alternative clue is a forbidden indirect anagram 8O

  17. Found this far harder than yesterday so 2/3 for me.
    Must be theGerman beer fogging my brain.
    Thx to all esp DT for the hints to the last three in.(4d, 13a and 12d).

  18. Fairly straightforward today I agree not quite read/write although 11a, 17a and 3d were I thought. Still kept me off the street whilst the car was being MOT’d (it passed – phew). Thanks as always to setter & hinter.

  19. Straight forward mostly ,if you can say that about cryptics,and nothing too obscure.Co favorites were 1d and 22a. Thanks to setter and Big Dave.I needed the explanations to understand the solutions to 18d and 2d.

    1. Thanks for the good work, we had the answer for 18d, just needed your hint as to why.

      Can i be picky and mention that you misspelled the answer to 3d? It’s missing an i.

      1. Caroline , I think your remarks are for Big Dave and not me ! You seem to have the same experience as I had, getting the solution but not knowing why for18d.

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