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DT 27182

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27182

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Its a Bank Holiday today in France, but its raining, and has been raining for the last two days, and will probably rain for the rest of the week. However I did enjoy doing this crossword from the Maestro, which made the morning brighter than it really is.


1. Transferred between banks (7)
{FERRIED} – By Charon perhaps?

5. Sailor held by a devout Buddhist state (7)
{ALABAMA} – Place the usual two letter abbreviation for a sailor inside A and the name for a Buddhist monk of Tibetan origin to get an American state.

9. Gout’s disrupted zest for life (5)
{GUSTO} – An anagram (disrupted) of GOUTS.

10. Call to mind (2,7)
{BE CAREFUL} – A phrase that might be used to warn someone to be cautious…

11. One all a-flutter for Real Madrid running around (3,7)
{RED ADMIRAL} – An anagram (running around) of REAL MADRID is also a butterfly.

12. Bill born with spots on the face (4)
{ACNE} – AC (bill) and NE (born).

14. Item of clothing that’s never worn out (12)
{UNDERGARMENT} – Because it is typically worn next to the skin beneath other items of clothing.

18. Tender bill for plant? (5,7)
{SWEET WILLIAM} – Another name for Dianthus barbatus, is a synonym for amiable, kind or gracious followed by the full name of someone who is called Bill.

21. I had the French loaf (4)
{IDLE} – The definition is loaf, as in not employed or busy. ID (I had) and then the masculine word for a French the.

22. Delayed action with stand-in starting film scene? (6,4)
{DOUBLE TAKE} – A delayed reaction to an unusual remark or circumstance, often used as a comic device, could be an actor’s understudy doing an uninterrupted scene for the camera.

25. Commercial address demonstrates high esteem (9)
{ADORATION} – AD (commercial) followed by a formal speech usually given on a ceremonial occasion.

26. Sailor died a dissolute man (5)
{DRAKE} – An Elizabethan sailor is D (died) is then followed by another word for a libertine.

27. There’s no end of such things (7)
{ETERNAL} – Because there is no beginning or end, and it goes on perpetually without interruption.

28. The strain from row taking a long time (7)
{LINEAGE} – A word that describes your ancestry can be made up from a word that describes a horizontal row, followed by a word that can be used to describe a period of history.


1. Work out in person (6)
{FIGURE} – Double definition, to calculate or compute, the shape or form of a human body.

2. To live in the future’s ideal (6)
{RESIDE} – A word that means to dwell in a place permanently can be found between the words “future’s” and “ideal”.

3. A rendition becoming excessive (10)
{INORDINATE} – An anagram (becoming) of A RENDITION.

4. Give a name to first-class city of Arabia (5)
{DUBAI} – How you might name a knight, then AI (first class) is also a port and sheikhdom in the Persian Gulf.

5. Michael, the chief financial backer? (9)
{ARCHANGEL} – A high-ranking spiritual attendant of God could also be someone who is the main supporter of a theatrical production for example.

6. A bygone city with a distinctive air (4)
{AURA} – A, a Sumerian city, and A again.

7. Pretended to be deeply moved (8)
{AFFECTED} – Double definition, assumed or simulated to impress others for example, or emotionally stirred or moved.

8. Complaints when sent mail goes astray (8)
{AILMENTS} – An anagram (goes astray) of SENT MAIL

13. Equip old fellow with weapons for the final battle (10)
{ARMAGEDDON} – The scene of the final battle between the forces of good and evil is constructed from the following words, to supply or equip with weaponry, being advanced in years, and a college or university professor.

15. Leader of opinion? (9)
{EDITORIAL} – Can be found in a newspaper.

16. Reckon tea-time’s changed (8)
{ESTIMATE} – An anagram (changed) of TEA-TIMES.

17. Not rare words of praise (4,4)
{WELL DONE} – How you might like your steak cooked, is also something you might say to someone who has done a very good piece of work.

19. Something to eat from the hand (6)
{BANANA} – A “hand” is also a cluster or bundle of a type of yellow fruit.

20. Strict clergyman turns up in diocese (6)
{SEVERE} – Reverse (turns up) REV (clergyman) inside a word for a bishops area of authority.

23. Prohibition, most of all, is boring (5)
{BANAL} – A word for an official interdiction is followed by AL (most of all).

24. I hurried round in the wet (4)
{RAIN} – Place a word that means moved swiftly on foot around I to get a word that describes falling water.

The Quick crossword pun: (pane} + {stake} + {king} = {painstaking}

54 comments on “DT 27182

  1. A nice start to the week, lets hope I can find time for crosswords this week unlike the last two weeks. Ta to all.

  2. After a glorious weekend of weather (in NE Hampshire)and good puzzles this one on a gloomy overcast day was tonic indeed.Thanks to both for a lovely puzzle and blog, which today was not needed for solving.Several nice groan moments 13d and 23d, which was also the last in. So what to entertain the troups now, I wonder? ;)

    1. Have a go at the Rufus in the Guardian? 24a in that one won’t cause any of today’s DT back page solvers any trouble at all – deja vu or what!

      1. This could get me into trouble with ‘the management’ so please don’t tell her!

  3. Comfortable start to the week. Thank you setter & Libellule. Liked quite a few especially. Fav. was 5d

  4. Very nice puzzle just difficult enough for damp grey drizzly morning.

    Thanks for the review, not needed for answers but handy to expand on some wordplay.

    Thanks to Rufus for an enjoyable start to the day.

    Shed painting on hold, might as well do the ironing :(

  5. Thank you Rufus and in particular for 18a. Fame at last ! Enjoyed 5d and 13d. Thank you Libellule for your review. A not too demanding start to the week.

  6. A nice, gentle one to start the week. Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule for the comments.
    Hope the weather improves in France by Friday, as we will be in Carnac for 10 days.

    Now for last Friday’s toughie – which I printed off, but never found the time to look at.

    1. Jezza,
      Things are meant to improve weather wise by the end of the week (I hope).

        1. My brother has been inFrance and Spain for almost a month now and its the worst weather they’ve ever had, they have driven through fields of snow in Spain in the last two days!!

          1. Mary, I am sure that the planet (Earth) has undergone a physical change because the weather everywhere is funny peculiar!

            Sometimes it tips over but I don’t think that that has happened but one never knows – however we have been missed by some extraordinary asteroids and we don’t know what they shed off!


            1. Well something odd is happening Derek, apparently they were building snowmen in Valencia two weeks ago!!

  7. After a weeks holiday when I was forced to delay any crossword solving to the evening time (after several beers and feeling sleepy), its god to get back into the swing of things. Nice gentle start to the week with no real demons although I must admit to taking my time to work out 5A (while it wasn’t difficult, I got a bit tied up trying to work out which A went where).

    Do any of you guys living in France know of any cheap(ish) hotels or apartments available during September in the Antibes area? My cousin has decided to tie the knot and is doing it where he lives rather than his home town of Newcastle (can’t understand his reasoning really)

  8. Pleasant puzzle. Well crafted clues that unfolded without many delays.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule

  9. Grey and miserable here too but I enjoyed the crossword and, for a Monday, found it pretty straightforward – maybe a bit less than 2* for difficulty and almost 4* for enjoyment.
    I was a bit slow with 10a – thought of remembering something and baby sitting but not the right kind of mind. Was also dim about 22a which was my last one. I’d never heard of the proper name of sweet william – call myself a gardener?
    I liked 1 and 9a and 17d. My favourite was 13d.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  10. Very nice start to the week even f I did struggle with 6d!
    Greetings to everyone from the Danube where the weather is pleasantly warm and the sausages spicy!
    Thx to all concerned.

    1. Always remember Ur as an ancient city. It comes up very often in cryptic puzzles and should be the first thing that comes to mind whenever you see “bygone city.” The sausages sound delicious.

      1. I thought of Ur but was too stupid to see the whole word!
        Not only the sausages but the German beer is excellent

  11. The usual pleasant start to the week from Rufus.

    Faves : 9a, 11a, 12a, 22a, 26a, 4d, 5d, 13d, 17d & 19d.

    Weather in NL is rather damp – glad I don’t have to go out as everything is shut today it being tweede pinksterdag (Whit Monday or Pentecost Monday).

    Many thanks BD for archiving the puzzles – they print out very well.

  12. Yes ** and **** I agree, great start to the week. Getting my boots out of retirement for a knockabout on Ewood Park tonight.. Hope my knees hold up! Thanks to all.

  13. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for a very pleasant and gentle start to the crossword week.

  14. For once we seem to be getting the best of the weather here in Perthshire. Even sat in the garden to do the puzzle. It won’t last, of course!
    Nice start to the week even with a groan at 19d. Favs. 21a, 26a, 11a, 5d but very pleasant all round. Thanks to Rufus and libellule.

  15. Found this a nice gentle start for the coming week ahead, no assistance required but thanks anyway for the review.Back to painting the fences now.

  16. Thought this was one of the more entertaining Monday puzzles with the usual concise clues . If you do take CS ‘s advice I woud set a little more time aside .!
    And yes DavidR 25a did give problems .
    thanks very much ?

    1. 25a was an expression used by my dad so no problems with that one for me.

    2. Have you tried the FT prize crossword? It’s not for the fainthearted & will probably take me all week to finish (always assuming that I will of course!)

  17. A puzzle to brighten my grey day. Thought I was doing well until I put NIRVANA for 5a which screwed up the whole corner. Favorites today mostly across 11, 14,18 and then 13d. Thanks Libellule for getting me out of my top corner mess.

    1. I wrote Nirvana above the puzzle as a possible answer, but luckily I didn’t put it in.

    2. Enjoyable start to the week. Took me a bit longer than it should after an energetic game of golf on a hilly course. Favourite was 10a – I didn’t see why my answer was right until some time after I wrote it in.

  18. Thank you for a very nice puzzle. Did anyone else want to put nirvana in for 5 across.? …couldn’t find a sailor in there though, so had to think again. Thank you to setter & hinter.

  19. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for the review and hints. Just needed the one for 6d, just couldn’t get it. Rest of it was most enjoyable, brightening up a dull Monday in Central London. had a penny-drop moment with 10a.Favourite was 26a. Was 3*/3* for me. Hope to start jogging again next week. can walk ok now without pain.

  20. Hi Libelulle and a late start for me today, Rufus at his best today I thought, great puzzle with too many favourites to mention :-) after a lovely sunny weekend away the weather is back to normal today :-(

  21. A light and pleasant start to the week. Favorite 6a. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  22. Thanks Rufus for a lovely crossword & Libellule for the review although I didn’t need the hints.

  23. Rufus is being very gentle with us which, of course, befits a Monday morning.
    And only two maritime clues!
    Nonetheless, thoroughly enjoyable.
    Thanks, and to Libellule for the review.

  24. Please excuse the digression but a few months ago there was an outpouring of surprise when the word “gravid” (meaning pregnant) appeared as an answer – few of us had heard it before. Someone (a lady I think) told us that “primigravida” means a women in her first pregnancy. That very word appears in Cristina Odone’s column on p20 of today’s DT!!!

    Lovely puzzle today, thanks to setter and reviewer.

    1. I’m not sure why this is a surprise to you. I can remember being absolutely horrified when I was pregnant with my first wonderful daughter 35 years ago as being referred to as an ‘elderly primigravida’ – I was 28 years old! I can remember thinking “Well screw the lot of you then”!!

  25. Libellule, where do you live in France? Here in Menton today it has been lovely, although I think that this has been the worst weather we have had this year since I moved here thirty years ago. Great for the “potager” however, normally I am watering every evening by now. Liked today’s very much, not quite finished it yet but I am hopeful I will get it done.

    1. Roger,
      South of the Loire, not far from Tours. That means there is a lot of distance between Menton and where I am :-)

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