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DT 27176

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27176

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Its damp and drizzly today which may explain a little crankiness, I thought there were too many “double definitions” in today’s crossword and I am not sure that 15a works. Tant pis!


1. What a man who intrudes in a row will do (3,3,3,2)
{PUT HIS OAR IN} – He is probably one of eight, and he might be taking part in the boat race or is getting involved in something he doesn’t need to.

9. Omission that may be taken as offence (9)
{EXCEPTION} – A word for an act of omission, can also be used to describe how you might act in response to adverse criticism.

10. Notes which a dentist removes (5)
{SCALE} – A group of notes in ascending or descending order is also another name for the removal of tartar from your teeth.

11. Usual place for a wake (6)
{ASTERN} – Is behind a ship.

12. Conversation piece? (8)
{DIALOGUE} – A conversation between two persons, is also a conversation between characters in a book or play, and is also a literary work in the form of a conversation. Take your pick.

13. Amended deed includes it when revised (6)
{EDITED} – An anagram (amended) of DEED with IT inside.

15. Giving speech, don’t start mumbling (8)
{UTTERING} – Remove the first letter of a word that means to speak indistinctly or in low tones to get another word that means articulating words. Does this work?

18. Excellent act that’s worth an encore (4,4)
{GOOD TURN} – An act or gesture that helps another could also refer to an act that is asked to play again..

19. Having little hesitation to decline (6)
{WITHER} – A word for in charge of or keeping is followed by ER (little hesitation) to get a word that means to shrivel or fade.

21. Without it there would be total ignorance (8)
{ADDITION} – The process of compiling numbers to find their sum.

23. Spanking vessels? (6)
{SMACKS} – Double definition, sharp blows or slaps, fishing boats.

26. Captured and shot (5)
{TAKEN} – And another, to have been seized or captured, or made a movie.

27. Allowance for home-grown food provider (9)
{ALLOTMENT} – A word for an allocation or share is also a piece of public land rented by an individual for the purpose of cultivation.

28. Meteorologist’s high cynical tone, perhaps (11)
{ANTICYCLONE} – An anagram (perhaps) of CYNICAL TONE is an extensive system of winds spiralling outward from a high pressure centre.


1. Quietly agrees that could be some omen (7)
{PRESAGE} – P (quietly – piano) and an anagram (that could be) of AGREES.

2. Bird without bill is silent (5)
{TACIT} – Put TIT (bird) around AC (account, bill)

3. Tense seconds are, perhaps (9)
{IMPERFECT} – A tense of a verb that is used to describe actions that are ongoing could also refer to inferior goods that are offered for sale.

4. Ring a man up, or forget (4)
{OMIT} – O (ring) and a man’s name reversed.

5. Meets and collides (4,4)
{RUNS INTO} – Double definition, to encounter or to crash into something.

6. Alan’s wrong to be nosy (5)
{NASAL} – An anagram (wrong) of ALANS.

7. Seaborne territorial detachment from the Arctic (7)
{ICEBERG} – Is also a massive piece of floating ice that has broken free from a glacier.

8. Droop when left with misery (8)
{LANGUISH} – A word that means to become weak or feeble or lose strength can be made from L (left) and word for extreme pain or misery.

14. Ex-US president’s taken round about Wellington (4,4)
{IRON DUKE} – Place President Eisenhower’s nickname around an anagram (about) of ROUND to get another name for a famous British general and statesman.

16. It’s puzzling gin and it came to be ordered (9)
{ENIGMATIC} – An anagram (to be ordered) of GIN and IT CAME

17. Arrange a grant — or too proud? (8)
{ARROGANT} – An anagram (arrange) of A GRANT OR

18. Admitted being gifted (7)
{GRANTED} – Double definition, to acknowledge, or the giving of something.

20. It is worn as a favour (7)
{ROSETTE} – An ornament or badge made of ribbon or silk sometimes worn to indicate loyalty.

22. Island kingdom’s got an alternative (5)
{TONGA} – A Southwest Pacific island is an anagram (alternative) of GOT AN.

24. Belief in sacred office (5)
{CREDO} – This school of thought is hidden between the words sacred and office.

25. Look in British Columbia for powerful alliance (4)
{BLOC} – Put LO (look) inside the abbreviation for British Columbia.

The Quick crossword pun: (proper} + {gander} = {propaganda}

49 comments on “DT 27176

  1. Many thanks to the setter for a nice easy start to the week and, of course, to Libellule for the hints. Only needed to check the wordplay for 2d (am now very embarrased as I should have seen it myself)

  2. A nice start to the week! **(*)/***

    The right hand side went in smoothly, but I needed to work hard on the left. I started by putting “exclusion” for 9a, but needed to change it when I couldn’t come up with a word which fitted all the checking letters for 3d. I didn’t know that 1d could be used as a noun, and had to check the BRB to confirm this.

    In deference to Kath, no favourite clue today but the three that stood out for me were 11a, 21a and 3d.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Libellule for his review.

    P.S. I think 15a is OK. It reminded me of the amusing (to me at least!) corruption of the old advert for Stork margarine – “can you tell talk from mutter?”

  3. Hi Libelulle, thanks for blog, I needed your help to understand 2d! Like you I wasn’t sure if 15a worked, something about it doesn’t quite ‘sit right’ with me either! A two to three star for me today for difficulty and enjoyment, as you say a few too many double definitions today, beautiful sunshine this morning but the black clouds are not far away :-(

  4. Thank you Rufus if it was you, not quite as hard as I thought it was going to be ! Like RD and Mary thought 21a clever ! Took me a while to see the right answer from the checking letters. Thank you Libellule for your review. Your further opinion on 15a would be interesting.

    1. Hi SW, 15a, I suppose does work really, just something about it doesn’t feel quite right?

    1. No help needed, althouigh this one seemed a little more tricky than usual for a Monday. 15a was the last in, but it appears perfectly reasonable to me. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for a good start to the week.

  5. We actually thought this one a little tougher than a usual Monday puzzle and had a very good dose of sparkle too. Decided on a rating of ***/****. Felt like more from the setter when we had done this one, so did the Grauniad one too, as a second course.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule.

  6. A slightly different composition to the normal Monday offering, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. I thought 21a was very clever though 1a was my favourite as, although it must have been used many times before, it made me chuckle. Perhaps it’s one of the rare compensations to a dimming memory when reused clues appear fresh… maybe. I didn’t have an issue with 15a as IMHO to have made the definition any more specific would have made the clue too easy.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    Have a good day, all.

  7. This was slightly harder for me today with help needed on a couple of clues
    Thanks to setter & libellule for the useful hints.

  8. I know that I often have trouble with Monday crosswords – don’t often have as much trouble as I’ve had today – a terrible attack of wrong wave lengthitis. Probably 3* for both from me.
    Hardly did any of the acrosses on first read through – managed a few more of the downs.
    I missed the significance of ‘total’ in 21a and had ‘audition’ because if you hadn’t heard something you’d be ignorant – oh dear! I’m not even going to admit what I did with 10a – oh dear again! And so it went on really . . .
    I thought 15a was OK but, since brain (?) is clearly not firing on all cylinders today, feel free to ignore me!
    I liked 1, 11 and 28a and 3, 6 and 14a.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    Bright (unlike me) but chilly and very windy here today – feels like a reasonable autumn day.

    1. I agree with you Kath, not the best Monday and certainly more difficult than of late. I too had audition simply because I couldn’t think of anything else then Mrs B took one look, sniffed and said Addition followed by an expletive!

  9. Needed a couple of hints especially as I tried to start 8d with SAG. Got 2d but the hint told me why I was right. Otherwise reasonably straightforward. Thanks to setter & libellule for the useful hints.

  10. Idiotically put Deed in for 18a, as well as thinking exclusion for 9a, and putting Bump into for 5d!! so got stuck in NW corner for ages. Liked 7d & 1a, but my favourite was 21a. Many thanks to setter for some clever twists, and to Libellule for much needed hints.

  11. I also thought this just a shade trickier than many a Monday but thoroughly enjoyed it ,I like double defintions .Have now spent more time worrying why I can’t see anything amiss with 15a but preferred 3d,21a,7d .
    Thanks very much .

  12. A bit trickier than the usual Monday offering. I thought. With three left in the NE corner, I had to put it to one side and come back to it. 15A worked fine for me, but I didn’t. rate 12A very highly. 7D was clever, I thought, and I, too, liked 21A. Although I had the correct answer for 14D, I coundn’t work out the wordplay since I had pegged the ex-President as Ronald Reagan! Thanks to the setter, and to Libellule for the review and explanations.

    1. I thought Ron came into 14d as well but, since that gave me two ex-US presidents AND two spare letters, was obviously barking up the wrong tree.

  13. Definitely harder than the a usual Monday, had to take two stabs at it before completion,

    Thanks for the review.

    Thanks to the setter.

  14. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for a simple but fun crossword and excellent review.

  15. I had a few problems working out some of the definitions, but got there in the end.
    Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

    Spent most of this afternoon filling in a Times jumbo puzzle from March, in an old newspaper I picked up this morning.
    No 1,028. Excellent ! – pity they’re not available online.

    1. They are available online every Saturday. I gnaw at them forever but rarely complete them. I really enjoy them.

  16. Helllo everybody. I am back now after my ordeal at The Long Itchington Beer Festival. I have almost recovered. Definately trickier than normal today but still a stroll in the park. Thanks to all concerned.

  17. Found today’s a bit of a tedious slog to be honest. No great fun but no great difficulty either.
    Never mind, it’s got the week off and running.
    Thx to all.

  18. Harder, I thought, than the usual Monday.
    All went sort of reasonably well, then shuddered to a halt at the Top Left, 1,2,3 and 11
    But persavated.
    Got there eventually.
    Annoyed with self for taking so long, though.
    14 brilliant clue, I thought.
    Many thanks to the setter and Libellule for the review.

  19. I am pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one to find this slightly trickier than usual for a Monday ,but nontheless enjoyable for that. Thanks Rufus & Libelulle for the review.

  20. Late today as attending to physical rather than mental fitness……
    I liked 1a and 14d, but I don’t understand why 7d is cryptic? Anyone?

    I didn’t get 10 a which, as a musician with dentist chums, is completely shameful

    1. I suspect re. 7d that you are meant to think of some T.A. unit that perhaps specialises in Arctic Warfare.

      1. Aah!
        I would never have known that, and as I didn’t need to, to get the answer, I didn’t investigate… Thanks anyway.

  21. I was well within ** time, before getting stuck in the NE on 8,12,15. Spent a long time staring at these this morning, but a day at work did the trick and finished them off tis evening fairly easily.Those three pushed it into *** time for me.

  22. Normally find Monday a gentle start to the week but it wasn’t like that today.

  23. Hello from the county of Norfolk. It hailed heavily this afternoon (to the point that it covered my car’s roof and windscreen) – strange weather for May! Less strange I thought was 15a, though I have to agree that I’ve come across better clues for the same answer in past crosswords. Nevertheless, thank you to the setter for an enjoyable start to the week and to Libellule for the hints.

  24. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review and hints. Managed this ok in the end, but had to have three solving sessions. Was left with 8d,19a,1d & 11a, but got them eventually. Really enjoyed the struggle. Thought that there was nothing wrong with 15a. Favourite was 28a, was 3*/4* for me. Weather quite pleasant in Central London. I managed to win the Plate on Saturday in the Squash Tournament, but am now nursing a pulled calf muscle.

  25. Definitely harder than usual ,I got very stuck on 14d. I knew Ike and O had something to do with it,But I thought it had to do with some obscure New Zealand location so I just gave up.That put paid to 21a. Otherwise, I liked 3d and 8d. Thanks to Rufus and LIbellule.
    Freezing cold and changeable.

    1. OBSCURE New Zealand!!!! Go straight to the naughty step Una. And even if it were it would only be payback for some of the obscurities inflicted on us poor antipodeans.

      1. “obscure” isn’t as rude as what Wellington said about being born in Ireland (which he was), he said “being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse “.

        1. Like that one Una.
          Have a nice day (or perhaps that would be night for you.)

  26. It’s perfectly possible that I have misread 2d, and am ready to be shot down in flames, but isn’t it bird With bill is silent and not :Bird without bill is silent

    1. No, because without can be outside, bird written outside Bill. Also all that Terry Pratchet stuff about who knocks without ? Without what !! :-)

    2. Andy

      It’s that construct that I believe is incorrect – without meaning surrounding.

      Without actually means completely outside, but most, if not all, crossword setters are unaware of, or choose to ignore, it.

      * Outside or out of (archaic)
      * Outside the limits of (archaic)

      1. there is a green hill far away without a city wall…..most people you ask think it means the hill didn’t have a wall! ;-)

  27. I just want to say that I love this blog! Lovely interaction today, with a few nice asides. Even the more testy interactions on previous blogs add to the overall blog flavour! Spirited people not being afraid to speak their minds. And it’s an international community. My kind of place.

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