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NTSPP – 170

NTSPP – 170

A Puzzle by Wiglaf

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NTSPP - 170

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows.


1 Black fruit and yellow fruit (7)
{BANANAS} – The abbreviation for black followed by another name for the pineapple.

5 Vehicle goes backward when entering running water, not forward (2,5)
{EN AVANT} – Reverse (goes backward) the name of a type of vehicle used to transport things and put this inside a two letter dialect word for running water.  Add the contracted form of NOT (as in isn’t) at the end.

9 A profit for a second time (5)
{AGAIN} – The A from the clue followed by a word meaning profit.

10 One speaking passionately of our troupe when touring (9)
{OUTPOURER} – An anagram (when touring) of OUR TROUPE.

11 Lovers can be so romantic, mostly when crazy about one (10)
{INAMORATOS} – An anagram (when crazy) of SO ROMANTIC with the C removed (mostly) around an A (one)

12 A dwarf’s back passage (4)
{CODA} – The A from the clue and the name of one of the seven dwarves are reversed (back).











14 It’s very easy for a man from Genoa? (1,5,2,4)
{A PIECE OF CAKE} – The A from the clue followed by a word meaning man (as would be found on a chessboard) and a fanciful (?) way of say from Genoa where Genoa is not the place but a baked product.

18 Need to go and order coffee first, no charge, everybody’s included (4,2,6)
{CALL OF NATURE} – The word coffee has a word for a charge removed from it.  This is followed by a word meaning order.  Inside the resulting set of letter add a word meaning everybody.

21 Junkie continues backsliding (excusing my French) (4)
{USER} – A word means continues has the MES (my in French) removed (excluding).  Reverse the remaining letter (backsliding) for the solution.

22 Leanest slice of sheep’s stomach is mixed regularly with fish (10)
{SCRAWNIEST} – The first letter (slice of) sheep is followed by a word for a stomach.  This is followed by the IS in the clue that is mixed regularly with a three letter word meaning fish.

25 Cut back excavating and testing (9)
{EXAMINING} – Reverse (back) a three letter word for cut and follow this with a word meaning excavating.

26 Chosen one replaced with a cheer (5)
{ELATE} – A word meaning chosen or cream has the I in the middle replaced with an A.

27 A logically reasoned statement – there’s zero in it with a bit of maths (7)
{THEOREM} – Put an O inside a word meaning IT and follow this with the first letter (a bit of) maths.

28 Stilettos seen in fashion TV shows primarily (7)
{STYLETS} – A word for fashion is followed by the initial letters (primarily) of TV Shows.


1 Support given to Betty, brought up in the country (6)
{BRAZIL} – A female item of clothing used as a support is followed by another diminutive form of Elizabeth (Betty) which has been reversed (brought up).

2 Antelopes in New York I regret to say (6)
{NYALAS} – The abbreviation for New   York is followed by a word meaning I regret to say.

3 Fool becomes the centre of attention in supermarket after trapping love member (10)
{NINCOMPOOP} – The middle letter in attention is followed by the IN in the clue and the name of a supermarket chain inside which (trapping) you include an O (love) and MP (Member of Parliament).

4 Foreign car fair displayed in posters going up (5)
{SKODA} – A two letter word meaning fair or all right is included inside a word for posters and the whole is reversed (going up).

5 Former matrons stripped almost to the core on green – not shy (9)
{EXTROVERT} – The abbreviation meaning former is followed by the central letters (stripped almost to the core) of matrons and another word meaning green.

6 A small part accepted by Marisa Tomei (4)
{ATOM} – The answer is hidden inside (accepted by) MARISA TOMEI

7 Song by Joni Mitchell, say, for Amelia? (8)
{AIRWOMAN} – … the word that described Amelia Earhart.  Another word for a song is followed by the gender of Joni Mitchell.

8 Passed through disturbing daughter with her date (8)
{THREADED} – An anagram (disturbing) of D (abbreviation for daughter) and HER DATE.

13 The nerve of Rockefeller Center housing a political group, extremely reactionary (10)
{EFFRONTERY} – The central letters (center) of Rockefeller contain (housing) a word for a political group.  This is followed by the outer (extremely) letters of reactionary.

15 Cooked humus, nice for a high-voiced singer’s condition? (9)
{EUNUCHISM} – … as a result of castration!  An anagram (cooked) of HUMUS NICE.

16 Crackpot butchers composer (8)
{SCHUBERT} – An anagram (crackpot) of BUTCHERS.

17 Latin church in old city state losing it’s way – it’s become corrupt (8)
{ULCERATE} – Put the abbreviation for Latin and the abbreviation for the Church of England inside the name of an old biblical city.  Follow this with the word state from which you have removed the abbreviation from street (losing its way).

19 Ten years of French in place of Arabic in place of amusement (6)
{DECADE} – Take the name of a place of amusement and replace the two letters at the beginning that are an abbreviation for Arabic with the French for of.

20 Anxiety accounts for teacher slashing major artery (6)
{STRESS} – The name of a female teacher has the first two letters (representing the name of a major road or artery) removed.

23 Guardian of Io is a right little Augustus (5)
{ARGUS} – The A from the clue is followed by the abbreviation for right and the diminutive for the name Augustus.

24 Blair first denied being crooked or this? (4)
{LIAR} – An anagram (crooked) of BLAIR after removing the first letter (first denied).

7 comments on “NTSPP – 170

  1. Very nice lunch time diversion thank you Wiglaf. Interesting coincidence that two clues echo two in to today’s inside back pager. Think my favourite clue has to be the penny-dropping 18a.

  2. Thanks to Wiglaf for the entertainment. 14a is quite a coincidence. At the risk of upsetting Kath I have to own up to two favourites: 18a and 3d (LOL).

  3. Driven from the garden by forecast showers (read deluge) this passed the time quite nicely .14a amazing coincidence .Again in deference to Kath favourite has to be 3d .
    Deluge has now abated so thanks very much .

  4. A lovely puzzle which had enough clues that I could do easily (to get me started) and some trickier ones (to keep me occupied and out of everyone’s way).
    I needed the hints to explain my answers for 5, 21 and 22a.
    Lots of pieces of cake and dwarfs today.
    I liked 11 and 18a and 1, 7 and 16d but my favourite was 3d!
    With thanks to Wiglaf and Prolixic.

  5. Having finished the cryptic crossword fairly quickly today, and with rain coming down outside, I decided to have a go at this puzzle, which I found a bit different but neverheless enjoyable. Thanks very much to Wiglaf. My favourite was 12a, which probably says something about my sense of humour.

    I messed up at the outset by putting “aviatrix” in 7d, which held me up for quite a time in the NE corner. Many thanks to Prolixic for the review, which I needed to get the answer for 28a – a new word for me. I also needed the review to understand why I had got 18a, 21a and 22a correct.

    Finally I parsed 5a incorrectly but at least arrived at the right answer! I put “a van” back inside (the river) “ent”. But there was of course no “a” in the clue, and, with my interpretation, the “not” didn’t need to be there. I needed the clue to read “a vehicle goes backward when entering running water forward” :-(

  6. An enjoyable challenge. Started it quite early this morning, went for a brisk walk around the beach and estuary, and returned to finish off the last corner. A gloriously sunny Autumn Sunday here. Mother’s Day too. Top of the pops, (to avoid using favourite) was 18a.
    Thanks Wiglaf and Prolixic.

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