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DT 27163

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27163

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All!. A reasonable Saturday puzzle from the Mysteron I thought. Thanks to crypticsue for covering while I was in Spain.

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1a           Political group substitutes seat of government (5,5)
FRONT BENCH –FRONT in terms of e.g. the National Front (political group) followed by the substitutes or BENCH on a football team.

6a           Sounds like robust greeting (4)
HAIL – Sounds like HALE (robust/healthy)

10a         A set backing fabulous author (5)
AESOP – A from the clue then a reversal (back) of POSE for set. Remember Aesop’s Fables gives us ‘fabulous’.

11a         Amazing bird seen round top of tree (9)
STARTLING – The STARLING bird found around the outside of the first letter (top) of Tree.

12a         One’s inclined to allow end to be held (8)
GRADIENT – GRANT (allow) containing (holding/to be held) DIE for end.

13a         Playwright‘s digestive problem requiring nurse (5)
IBSEN – IBS is an abbreviation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a digestive problem). Follow that with the abbreviation of an Enrolled Nurse , EN.

15a         Conservative needs to make rapid progress in discipline (7)
CHASTEN – C for Conservative and HASTEN for ‘to make rapid progress’. Discipline here is a verb.

17a         Unconventional priest’s locked up over sharp reply (7)
RIPOSTE – O is the cricketing abbreviation/scoring notation for Over. Lock it up inside an anagram (unconventional) of PRIEST.

19a         One no longer working on Hebridean island (7)
RETIREE – RE for on or about (reference) followed by the Hebridean island of TIREE.

21a         A paper round with right paper wrongly delivered (7)
WRAPPER – A paper around a package or confection comes from W(ith) and R(ight) followed by an anagram (wrongly delivered) of PAPER

22a         In Spain a chorizo is a spicy snack (5)
NACHO – The mexican crisp I hidden inside spaiN A CHOrizo.

24a         Money gets nothing more than fine material (8)
CASHMERE – A charade of CASH (money) and MERE (only/nothing more than).

27a         Half of our race between two peaks is cause of suffering (9)
TORMENTOR – A TOR is a peak. Place two of them around MEN (50% of the population approximately).

28a         Spike Milligan’s final letter revealed by the ‘Thunderer’ (5)
THORN – A nice lift and separate required between Spike and Milligan. Take the last letter of MilligaN and place it after THOR – the God of Thunder or Thunderer.

29a         Retreat lacking approval? (4)
NOOK – The answer is just ‘NO, OK?’. The question mark points us to the deviousness.

30a         Debase worship around Troy’s first queen (10)
ADULTERATE – ADULATE (worship) around ER, Elizabeth Regina.


1d           Jack and Iris become tired (4)
FLAG – Three definitions – the first two are synonyms for ensigns and the third is to wear out/down.

2d           Bishop taken in by old maid perhaps following religion (9)
OBSERVANT – B for Bishop inside O for Old and a SERVANT of which a maid is but one example (indicated by perhaps).

3d           Leading light in Fleet Street drank (5)
TOPED – Split as (3,2) and you get TOP ED(itor).

4d           European behind such as Chinese (7)
EASTERN – A charade of E for European and ASTERN for behind on a ship.

5d           Talk about person said to be mad (7)
CHATTER – C for About (Circa in Latin) and then follow this with HATTER – someone who is proverbially mad.

7d           Clay when getting another name (5)
ALIAS – Cassius Clay was known as Mohammed ALI. Add AS for When to complete the clue. Good Stuff!

8d           Fruit began to be arranged in transporter (10)
LOGANBERRY – An anagram (to be arranged) of BEGAN onside a LORRY (transporter)

9d           In terrible heat I work on island in African country (8)
ETHIOPIA – I and OP (work/opus) on I for Island all inside an anagram (terrible) of HEAT – ETH I OP I A

14d         Half accept phone signal cut off in Stanley’s place (10)
ACCRINGTON – Accrington Stanley the football team!. Place half of ACC(ept) before a shortened (cut off) RINGTON(e) (phone signal).

16d         What business makes pie? (8)
TURNOVER – A financial turnover and an apple turnover.

18d         Prove a sun explodes — as this? (9)
SUPERNOVA – A semi-all-in-one. Make an anagram (explodes) of PROVE A SUN.

20d         Hot former lover called (7)
EXCITED – The usual EX for a former lover/husband/wife and CITED for called/named.

21d         Walter’s profligate good-for-nothing (7)
WASTREL – An anagram (profligate) of WALTERS.

23d         Load carried initially by legendary ship (5)
CARGO – The initial letter of Carried followed by the ARGO, Jason’s ship in the legend.

25d         Small child swallows slice of roast joint (5)
MITRE – A woodworking joint. Place R (a slice of Roast) inside MITE (a small child).

26d         Bet TV presenter takes drug (4)
ANTE – ANT – the TV Presenter who comes with DEC followed by E for Ecstasy (a drug)


I’ll be consulting the almanac as I have lost track of when I am on next. See you all then!