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DT 27163 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27163 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

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1a           Political group substitutes seat of government (5,5)
A political group, usually prefixed by words like National or Popular, followed by a collective name for the substitutes in a football team

12a         One’s inclined to allow end to be held (8)
This incline or slope is derived by putting a verb meaning to allow or permit around (to be held) one meaning to end or perish

13a         Playwright‘s digestive problem requiring nurse (5)
A three-letter abbreviation for a digestive problem followed by an Enrolled Nurse

17a         Unconventional priest’s locked up over sharp reply (7)
An anagram (unconventional) of PRIEST around (locked up) O(ver)

19a         One no longer working on Hebridean island (7)
A two-letter word meaning on or concerning followed by a Hebridean island

21a         A paper round with right paper wrongly delivered (7)
A paper around a package or confection comes from W(ith) and R(ight) followed by an anagram (wrongly delivered) of PAPER

27a         Half of our race between two peaks is cause of suffering (9)
The male half of our race between two identical peaks

29a         Retreat lacking approval? (4)
Split as (2,2) this could indicate a lack of approval

30a         Debase worship around Troy’s first queen (10)
A verb meaning to worship around the initial letter (first) of Troy and the Queen’s regnal cypher


1d           Jack and Iris become tired (4)
Three definitions – Jack as in Union Jack, another name for the flower iris and a verb meaning to become tired

2d           Bishop taken in by old maid perhaps following religion (9)
B(ishop) inside (taken in by) O(ld) and the position in a household of which a maid is an example (perhaps)

3d           Leading light in Fleet Street drank (5)
Split as (3,2) this could be a leading light in Fleet Street

7d           Clay when getting another name (5)
The other name adopted by Cassius Clay followed by a two-letter word meaning when

9d           In terrible heat I work on island in African country (8)
Inside an anagram (terrible) of HEAT insert I, a musical work and I(sland)

14d         Half accept phone signal cut off in Stanley’s place (10)
The first half of ACCept followed by a phone signal without its final letter (cut off) gives the first part of the name of a famous football club

16d         What business makes pie? (8)
Two definitions

21d         Walter’s profligate good-for-nothing (7)
An anagram (profligate) of () of WALTER’S

26d         Bet TV presenter takes drug (4)
Dec’s partner followed by the usual single-letter drug

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I’ll be back lunchtime – I’m off to this month’s Village Café and Market.


The Quick crossword pun: (clique} + {attic} + (click} = {clickety-click}

52 comments on “DT 27163 (Hints)

  1. Really enjoyed this today, 2/3rds went in relatively quickly and then got held up top left, as 1ac foxed me despite having the checking letters, blind spot, got there eventually.

    Thanks to BD for the hints, not needed but it was close!

    Thanks to the setter.

    1. I had a similar experience to you, Colmce, but, having spent far too long staring at the NW corner, I did resort to looking at the hints and the problem was soon solved so I’m indebted to you for your assistance, Dave.

  2. Enjoyable and a very straightforward solve, athough I did need the hint to understand why the obvious answer to 13A was what it was. 12A was the last one in, and I liked 2D, 7D 16D and 25D particularly. Many thanks to the setter and to BD for the always entertaining review.

  3. A lovely crossword to start the weekend. **/**** rating from me today. Lots of excellent clues with great surface reading.

    No hints needed, nevertheless many thanks to BD and also to the setter.

  4. As is usual for me on a Saturday – a slow start followed by a fast final furlong. 14d was the last one in as I was thinking of a different club but in the same vicinity. Thanks to Cephas(?) and to BD for the hints.

  5. Without doubt, the hardest Saturday puzzle for months. Maybe it’s just me…..I am normally done and dusted before the hints come out. Today, I needed them badly. Now they’re out,I still haven’t finished……..! Phew

  6. Finished!!!

    Made the obvious “not thought right through” mistake with 19a – then discovered a new island on Google, and Bob’s your uncle – everything else fell into place. I always hate it when I use hints, but very grateful for them today……Am I alone in thinking this was a stinker?

    1. No – it’s not just you. Not sure that I would say it was a REAL stinker but I’ve struggled today – glad that it’s not just me.

      1. Maybe because we are yanks, but we found today’s puzzle easy. Sunny and warm here in Boston, wisteria just blooming. Thx to BigDave and the crypognomes for the Saturday morning tax (with our tea and toast). Mr & Mrs T

        Watching another Endeavour tonight, seems even better than Morse -which I thought I would never say! Especially the shots from Hambleden (we were married there).

        1. We haven’t watched any of the episodes of Endeavour yet but I find it almost impossible to believe that anything is better than Morse!

          1. Quite right, Kath, anything else, including Lewis, is a pale imitation.
            Don’t have breakfast in The Randolph, it’s £20.00, apropos Morse.

            1. Wouldn’t dream of going to the Randolph for anything, let along breakfast. Not much need to anyway as we only live a couple of miles from it!

    2. Agree with you. Hardest prize crossword in ages, and I have only completed it at a third sitting! Great cryptic clues today, and appropriate for an ‘end of month’ tester. Last one 12a … I was on the wrong track completely.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this though I had to resort to the BRB and Thesaurus on the old iPhone on a couple of (all right… several) occasions to help me finish. Still a few where I’ll need some explanations but they can wait. Enjoyed the humour here. 1a and 16d favourites. Isn’t being a 19a wonderful? Thanks to Dave and the setter. Sun trying to come out here in Birmingham… May stroll across to the pub for a pint… Have a good weekend all

  8. I’ve made really heavy weather of this one – not quite sure why – I think it’s me!
    I couldn’t do 1a for ages – eventually got it but needed the hint to explain the second word. Still not very sure about 10a – have looked up ‘set’ in BRB but can’t find my last four letters reversed under that – it is a very long section though and I really couldn’t say that I’ve read it all – just skimmed through. I think it’s got to be right. I was slow with 15a as I kept trying to make something beginning with the three letter abbreviation of Conservative. 28 and 30a both took ages. Couldn’t do 2d for a while – all I could think of was the game ‘Old Maid’! Even having finally got 21d I missed the fact that it was an anagram – good clue though!
    I liked 13 and 19a and 1, 7, 16, and 21d.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

    1. Hi Kath – I took it as to “set a question” and it’s in my iPhone Chambers Thesaurus. May be wrong though…

  9. Sped through a toughie earlier in the week and expected the competition to be fairly easy with perhaps three needing a second coffee! How wrong I was. Found this one really hard going and needed help here. Oh the shame the shame.

  10. I really enjoyed this one – the one that stumped me was 29a – I couldn’t think of ‘**’ as a two letter word – what a dope!

  11. Tough today with lots of tricksy complex clues. Done all now except for 25d which I cannot see despite having all the checking letters! Any chance of a clue?

    1. If I didn’t know better, I would say today’s has all the hallmarks of a Ray T, does he do the prize puzzles?

      1. Just because you can’t solve a particular crossword, doesn’t mean that Ray T must have set it. It is the turn of the Saturday mysteron today.

        1. It was the lack of phrases and the reference to the Queen to which I was alluding. And anyway I did complete it, so there :-)

    2. Seen it now, thought it was a perfectly dreadful clue but probably because I was too stupid to see it :-)

        1. Insert the first letter of roast (a slice of…) into a four letter word meaning a small child or diminuative person.

  12. Hi have completed the crossword other than 25d and 28a. don’t understand or know anything about The thunderer please help. Thanks

  13. sorry just read your earlier help.. so have got 25d and have guessed at 28a because of the letters but please can someone explain. thanks

    1. Hi Eileen,
      28a – don’t get bogged down in Spike Milligan! The definition is spike – the capitalisation is a red herring. You need a four letter god (have to confess I didn’t know the Thunderer bit) followed by ‘N’ (Milligan’s final letter).

  14. Agree with all the above – too difficult for me and Mrs SW. Finished in bits and pieces during the day and finally with hints. Thank you setter and BD for your much needed hints and CS for additional help.

  15. This all went in without any real difficulty, finishing up in the top left corner.
    Thanks to setter, and to BD

  16. Quite a tussle for a Sat., got held up in the top left hand corner until the penny eventually dropped with 1d.
    A real Duh moment1
    many thanks to the setter and BD hor the review.

  17. Totally stuck in the top left on various clues. Need to brush up on Scottish islands for sure, they turn up too often… Didn’t complete and ended up looking up about 7 answers. Definitely harder than a typical Saturday, I did as well on yesterday’s Toughie,

  18. I needed a hint for 1a, and like opening a box of chocs, it’s hard to stop at one, when they are there ! So thanks for all the assistance,BD and to setter.I saw about 50 swallows earlier today, soaring and diving, so perhaps summer is finally here.

  19. All done but I must confess to finding both 3d and 29a as rather weak clues/answers. 22a another regular. 24a too. 4d too. Otherwise a reasonable challenge. Beautiful morning in east Hertfordshire.

  20. Just finished due to hosting family party yesterday.Champagne definitely slowed the thought processes and I needed help from all sources so thanks to everyone….especially setter and BD.

  21. Thanks setter BD and bloggers. Sorry none of you could help me – I am beyond help! Can you believe I put in the wrong spelling for 6a so hardly surprising could not get 8d. Looking up all sorts of complicated ideas. Eventually resorted to the spell checker and Hey Presto. Explained why no hint for 8 d and why no-one had asked for help. Will I never learn?

  22. Morning All. Back from a splendid golf break on the Costa Del Sol. Solved this this morning having solved Friday’s by mistake. The left hand side held me up a bit and I thought this was a beter standard of difficulty for a proze puzzle. THanks to the setter and BD for the hints.

  23. Enjoyed this one. Was stuck on 28A and 25D but managed to complete it with hints provided. I always find the site helpful but first time I’ve sent a comment!

    1. Welcome to the blog Ronnie. Now that you’ve introduced yourself I hope that you’ll be a regular contributor.

  24. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. A good puzzle, took me a while and I was eventually beaten by 16d, I always struggle with double definitions. Was 3*/3* for me. Late blogging due to a trip to Rugby yesterday.

  25. Really struggling with this one. Even with the hints I still have about a 3rd of the puzzle left. Might give it a quick go first thing Monday but otherwise no prizes at all for me. Maybe it was the fumes from PVAing some MDF shelves! C

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