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DT 27158

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27158

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ***

First of all, many thanks for the birthday wishes that were posted yesterday. Secondly this seemed to be a very straight forward crossword this morning, probably due to the large number of anagrams. So I don’t expect many people will need to use the hints.


1. Strong, pure flow in circulation (8)
{POWERFUL} – An anagram (in circulation) of PURE FLOW.

6. It’s naturally placed among Latin phrases (2,4)
{IN SITU} – A Latin phrase that literally means “in position”.

9. Upper class taken in by government figure (6)
{STATUE} – Place U (upper class) inside a word for a political power or community, to get the sort of figure that may have been created by Rodin.

10. Actor in a play to get personal protection (8)
{RAINCOAT} – An anagram (play) of ACTOR IN A is a waterproof piece of clothing.

11. With new income around, company becomes profitable? (8)
{ECONOMIC} – An anagram (new) of INCOME around CO (company).

12. Put out in West winds (6)
{TWINES} – An anagram (put out) of IN WEST.

13. Lessen stress with treatment for lack of sleep (12)
{RESTLESSNESS} – Another anagram (with treatment), this time of LESSEN STRESS.

16. Do this and there may be the devil to pay (4,4,4)
{SELL ONES SOUL} – What Faust did to Mephistopheles.

19. Didn’t work, or worked as a musician? (6)
{PLAYED} – Did something for amusement, or performed on an instrument.

21. Fruit with coverings — they’re bananas (8)
{NUTCASES} – The shells covering one seeded fruits (acorns, conkers etc) is also a word used to describe people who are eccentric or crazy.

23. Capital affected in bad upset (8)
{BUDAPEST} – An anagram (affected) of BAD UPSET is also the capital of Hungary.

24. Where T comes for pudding (6)
{AFTERS} – Where T is placed in the alphabet (no not before U), is also a word used to describe dessert.

25. Eggs on toast (6)
{CHEERS} – Shouts of approval, or something you might say when having a drink with friends.

26. Way speed can be controlled (8)
{MODERATE} – A four letter word for a manner or method of doing something is followed by another word for the relative speed of progress of something. Result a word that means to be within reasonable limits.


2. Working, getting correct mark, attaining credit (2,4)
{ON TICK} – ON (working) plus the sort of mark you might get if you got your homework correct, is also a phrase that is used when you buy something on account.

3. College announced what courses should be (5)
{EATEN} – What you should do to food sounds like (announced) ETON.

4. Forename’s out of place for secret order member (9)
{FREEMASON} – An anagram (out of place) of FORENAMES.

5. Enthusiasts may wax it (7)
{LYRICAL} – A word that is associated with “wax” produces a phrase that means to talk about something with a lot of interest and excitement.

6. What I’m called as I do it wrong (5)
{IDIOT} – A word for a foolish or stupid person is an anagram (wrong) of I DO IT.

7. Coastline that’s rocky in parts (9)
{SECTIONAL} – An anagram (that’s rocky) of COASTLINE.

8. Go over review of art and poetry (8)
{TRAVERSE} – The definition is “go over”, reverse ART, and then add a piece of poetry.

13. The last runners try to be first in it (5,4)
{RELAY RACE} – Because in this sort of competition you have teams of contestants who relieve each other and it’s the final competitor in the team who has to crosses the line first.

14. Secretarial skill is little help (9)
{SHORTHAND} – A system of rapid writing could also indicate that you don’t have enough workers (Or possibly a single helper of diminutive stature).

15. Is it operated by the ring finger? (4,4)
{BELL PUSH} – A button that is pressed to operate a ringing device.

17. Where man cuts adrift? (7)
{SANCTUM} – An anagram (adrift) of MAN CUTS is also where you might retreat to, to get total privacy.

18. Animal hunt (6)
{FERRET} – Double definition, a weasel like animal, to uncover or bring to light.

20. Don to come into line (5)
{DRESS} – Another double definition, to put clothes on, or arrange troops in ranks.

22. Adapt or change later (5)
{ALTER} – An anagram (change) of LATER.

The Quick crossword pun: (crew} + {Sibyl} = {crucible}


47 comments on “DT 27158

  1. Last couple in were 15d, and 25a. Apart from those, all went in very smoothly.
    Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

  2. I agree with Libellule’s rating */*** for a straightforward but enjoyable start to the week.

    Initially I wrongly put “your” as the middle word for 16a and, even though it’s not cryptic, “safari” for 18d. However the checking letters for both soon showed me the error of my ways. My favourite clue was 25a, which gave me a big smile, and made me decide to have poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

    Many thanks both to the setter and to Libellule for the review, although I didn’t need it at all today.

    1. The convention seems to be that, unless clearly indicated otherwise, “one’s” is used in preference to “your” in phrases like the one in 16 across.

  3. Very enjoyable but for me a ** for difficulty as I found some parts distinctly tricky.
    But just loved 24a, made Mrs B and I laugh out loud. Struggled with nut for fruit but I suppose you need to think fruit on a wider basis.
    Thx to the Setter and of course to Libellule for the excellent if not needed today hints (I do wish you would blog Wednesday or Thursday).

      1. Hrothgar…….I always look for Brian’s blogs first……he makes me laugh…..& just says what he thinks.

        1. I would miss his comments if he decided to give up. On the other hand, I don’t think he is nearly the grump he would like us to believe.

  4. Crosswords done. Jobs done. Delivery taken in. Post dealt with. Nothing to do now but write 1500 words on “Blind Difference Liberalism” and check to see if the chicks which are due today have hatched.

  5. An enjoyable enough puzzle to solve. Did think that 11 anagrams was a bit too much of a good thing though. At least they had a varied and interesting range of indicators.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule.

  6. I was a bit unnecessarily slow with a few of these so more of a 2* difficulty and 3* enjoyment from me today. Still worrying about collie so brain not in top gear is my excuse.
    While I was doing it I didn’t notice the very high anagram count – probably missing several of the anagram indicators had something to do with that.
    I didn’t know that dress can mean to come into line.
    I liked 12, 13, 24 and 25a and 3, (even though it took me ages) 4, (because my Dad was one) 5 and 18d.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    1. Dress is a military term used for making sure that everyone is in a nice straight line – can be seen quite well when watching the trooping of the colour, etc.

    2. I hope your collie is improving . Our beagle/jack russell hybrid is about 5 so we are not at the elderly stage yet.

      1. Thanks una – I have to say that ‘colliewobbles’ has taken on a new spelling and meaning since last Thursday! Oh dear! She is nearly 14 and seems to be improving but I am absolutely in bits – she has always seemed so invincible and now I realise that she isn’t. A beagle/jack russell cross does sound like something to be reckoned with!!

        1. first of all she is a very pretty dog. I know I shouldn’t call her a dog, but I don’t like to use the proper term.She has a beautiful face and a beautiful temperment. She would never bite, even if you stood on her . Her jack russell faults are she jumps four feet off the ground when excited(every meal) and her beagle faults are total disobedience unless chicken is offered.
          I haven’t enough experience of old dogs to know what to say, except perhaps everything is for the best.

  7. Quite enjoyable with no real demons. 13A held me up for a couple of seconds as I couldn’t believe that an anagram could have so many S’s.

  8. Hi Libelulle thanks once again for the blog, I have to say this was at least a two star difficulty for me today, enjoyed most of it with 24, 25a and 6,13,14d being my favourites, have to admit I didn’t know ‘dress’ for ‘come into line’ , a nice Rufus crossword, now off to do my beach walk day 7, not a nice day but I am determined to do it everyday in all weathers, it’s my New Year resolution I am only 31/2 months late starting!! One of my grandsons is really impressed, yesterday he said,” it’s got to be better than sitting around all day doing nothing, Nan!” – As if! :-)

    1. Mary,

      isn’t it funny how we see crosswords differently. I’m usually lagging behind you but today I found the puzzle 1/2* although I had to 2 or 3 of Libelulles’ hints at the end for which many thanks

  9. Thoroughly enjoyable start to the week. Needed a bit of help because I had DOORBELL for 15d and TRADES for 12a (West Winds/ West Indies/Trade Winds) it took 7d to show the error of my thinking. Had a chuckle at 24a school boy Christmas cracker question at its best.

  10. Very enjoyable start. Loved 24a…real chuckle. Not 100% convinced of 21, to be honest. The wording says ‘fruit with coverings’ ie conkers. But the answer is the actual coverings.

  11. Enjoyed this one, although it was fairly easy.

    Particularly liked 24a, 25a, 3d and 5d. Crosswords should make you smile.

  12. Probably the first Rufus crossword that I haven’t enjoyed much at all, far too many anagrams and part anagrams and no clues asking for any degree of thought. Sorry to be so negative as I really enjoy Rufus’s crosswords as a rule, maybe it’s just a damp Monday morning feeling. My thanks anyway to Rufus as I couldn’t compose a crossword for all the tea in China and of course to Libellule for the review.

    1. Try the Grauniad – it’s not Rufus which is unusual for a Monday but enjoyable nonetheless once you get on the setter’s wavelength.

  13. Found this pretty straightforward, but didn’t particularly enjoy the high number of anagrams. So 1/3* for me. With thanks to setter & Libellule

  14. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review and hints. Would agree with 1* difficulty, and 3* for enjoyment. Was very straightforward, but brought a smile to my face. Good start to the week. Favourites were 24&25a and 15d. Sun in and out in Central London.

  15. Yes, happy to agree */*** for this gentle but enjoyable start to the week.

    Perhaps even better if there had been a couple less anagrams? Not complaining though, just a thought.

    Plenty of humour here and 24a and 25a were favourites for me.

    Looked for a snooker clue in the quickie on Saturday but had to wait until today. Very good.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  16. Have only just got to yesterday’s offerings so belated MHRs to BD et al. My father too was raised in 19d! Thanks to Rufus for a very nice puzzle today and to Libellule for the review.

    1. As I said yesterday, this place seems to be a hot spot for crossword solvers, and a scientific investigation should be carried out and perhaps some blue plaques put up on significant places.

  17. Needed hints as 25a was defeating me – due entirely to the fact that I had “pull” as the second word!!! Otherwise fairly straightforward and enjoyable. Thanks Rufus and to Libellule for helping me see the error of my ways.

  18. I always enjoy tackling Rufuses puzzles -they are often a gentle start to the week.

    Faves : 6a, 16a, 21, 24a, 25a, 5d, 7d, 13d, 14d & 17d.

    On initial reading of the grid, I put safari in for 18d but later corrected it.

    I always use pencil for Xword puzzles so that errors may be erased easily

    Another sunny day but now a thin veil of cloud cover – the vapour trails are still visible.

    Looking westwards over the North Sea it seems that rain may be in the offing – we really need some April showers!

  19. It’s utter simplicity is it’s beauty ! I paused for a moment and smiled when I got 21a and 14d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for hint on 21d.

  20. I don’t mind them being on the easy side when they make you smile (24a and 5d) and are really clever (25a). Super. Thanks everyone.

  21. Only just got round to this. A superb end to the day. Not too taxing but lots of fun. Thank you all round.

  22. Thanks Rufus Libellule et al. Oh dear was I the only one with problems with 16a? I do not resort to the hints but like reading them and the comments afterwards. I do however resort to the BRB and internet on occasions. I was getting too complicated looking at derivations and ended up with Seal one’s boat! Solving 7d (NE was trickiest for me) put paid to that and I eventually got it by going through the alphabet to get the last word! I love anagrams but these were cleverly concealed. Indeed I did not put 10a in for ages as I could not understand the word play. Thinking of actors and plays! Much fun!

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