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DT 27127

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27127

A full review by crypticsue

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A typical offering from the Saturday Mysteron – nothing too contentious or for that matter exciting.

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1a           Dessert wine delayed rumbling (10)
AFTERSHOCK –  The rumbling which follows an earthquake.   AFTERS (dessert, pudding) and HOCK (a German white wine).

6a           Check rolls should be turned over (4)
SNUB – A reversal (turned over) of BUNS (rolls).

9a           Lack of progress upset antagonist (10)
STAGNATION –   An upset anagram of ANTAGONIST.

10a         Turkish empire rejects man such as Bismarck (4)
OTTO –   A Christian name shared by many in addition to Bismarck is OTTO –   The OTTO[MAN} Empire without (rejects) MAN!

12a         Spare object that’s incomplete (4)
THIN – Spare, lean or frugal –   an incomplete THIN[G} (object).

13a         What managing directors do in panel for the rest (9)
HEADBOARD –  The panel at the top of your bed (where you rest) if split 4, 5 would describe what managing directors do.

15a         Inclination to write repetitive song (8)
PENCHANT –   PEN (to write) CHANT (repetitive song).

16a         Man stumbled with cry of pain (6)
FELLOW –  FELL (stumbled) and OW (cry of pain).

18a         Drink with one honoured person receiving International Baccalaureate (6)
IMBIBE –   Insert IB (the abbreviation for the International Baccalaureate) between I (one) and MBE ( a person  honoured with an MBE (Member of the British Empire).

20a         The aforementioned singer is a craftsman (8)
THATCHER –    THAT (the aforementioned)  CHER (who could be Crosswordland’s most useful singer).

23a         Bird gets to canoodle with Clinton? (9)
SPOONBILL –   Both canoodle and SPOON are words not used much anymore.   Clinton is, of course, not Hillary, but BILL.

24a         English island linked with a US state (4)
IOWA –   The abbreviation for the Isle of Wight followed by (linked with) A (from the clue).

26a         Look at search engine that’s no go (4)
OGLE –   Remove GO (no go) from [GO]OGLE.

27a         Italian friend hugging daughter in Aga Saga, for instance (10)
PALINDROME –   Aga Saga is an example of a PALINDROME –   Insert D for Daughter into  PAL IN ROME (Italian friend)

28a         African nation like takeaway food (4)
TOGO –  Split 2,2 this African nation might sound like a description of takeaway food – TO GO rather than to eat in the restaurant.

29a         GI is barred for abusing officers (10)
BRIGADIERS –   An anagram (for abusing) of GI IS BARRED.



1d           A capital orchestra in addition (4)
ALSO –   If I had a £1 for every time this clue had appeared in a crossword, I could have retired long ago!   A (from the clue) and the abbreviation by which the London Symphony Orchestra is known.

2d           Informal conference has element to embrace every individual (5-2)
TEACH-IN  – Insert EACH (embrace every individual) into the element TIN.

3d           Go for a riverside jog in financial crisis (3,2,3,4)
RUN ON THE BANK –  A double definition.

4d           Seeking a lift after punch on jaw is good (8)
HITCHING –  HIT CHIN (punch on jaw) followed by (after) G (good).

5d           Start to harmonise in rock-like material for singers (6)
CHORAL –  Insert H (the start of Harmonise) into CORAL (rock-like material).

7d           Game to be announced when girl comes around (7)
NETBALL –   Insert TBA (To Be Announced)  into NELL (girl).

8d           American girl’s promise for a blade (10)
BROADSWORD –  An American term for a girl’s – BROAD[‘]S – followed by WORD (promise).

11d         Sailor took care of sandwiches despatched without attention (6-6)
ABSENT-MINDED –  As I said on Saturday,  ‘sandwiches’ indicates that SENT (despatched) should be put between AB (sailor, Able Seaman) and MINDED (took care of).

14d         Meddler has drink after plunder (10)
SPOILSPORT –   SPOILS (plunder) and PORT (fortified wine).

17d         £2 for new sparkling coin (8)
SHILLING –    Replace the N in SHINING with two LLs (L being used to denote a £).

19d         Merseyside town has drop of gin illegally produced (7)
BOOTLEG – BOOTLE (Merseyside town) and G (a ‘drop’ or small part  of the word Gin).

21d         Why cow gets confused entering house (3,4)
HOW COME –   Insert an anagram (gets confused) of COW into HOME (house).

22d         Welshman in Russian space station in the sky (6)
MIDAIR –   Insert DAI (Welshman) into the Russian space station  MIR.

25d         Untidy     place for such as 29 (4)
MESS –    Double definition:  as a verb it means to  untidy;   as a noun, a place where officers in the armed forces, such as the brigadiers found in 29a, eat their meals.






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  1. Thanks to Mr Ron and CS. I thought that this was a bit better than our usual Saturday fare, but, at the risk of being termed pedantic, I must point out (13a) that a company’s board is headed by the chairman, not the MD.

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