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DT 27125

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27125

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

No slightly-mad hat needed today for this puzzle.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


7a    Hearing and seeing red piano going (7)
{SITTING} – drop the P(iano) from a verb meaning seeing red or losing one’s temper

8a    Restaurant’s big cheese hotel disposed of (6,1)
{MAÎTRE D’} – the unabbreviated name for this top man in a restaurant ends in hotel (6,1’5)

10a    Our panic developed about company’s wealth (10)
{CORNUCOPIA} – an anagram (developed) of OUR PANIC around CO(mpany)

11a    Swear experiencing initial temperature change is hassle (4)
{FUSS} – start with a verb meaning to swear and change the initial letter from one temperature scale to another

12a    A redneck’s vacuous articles about South American (8)
{ARKANSAN} – the A from the clue followed by RednecK without its inner letters (vacuous) and a pair of two-letter indefinite articles around S(outh)

14a    No case for Lib Dems crushing Independent in the same place (6)
{IBIDEM} – drop the outer letters (no case for …) from (L)IB DEM(S} and insert (crushing) I(ndependent)

15a    Hackneyed standards for hi-fi buffs? (11)
{STEREOTYPES} – split as (6,5) this could be some hi-fi buffs

19a    Cross between love and longing welcoming good atmosphere (6)
{OXYGEN} – the letter shaped like a cross between O (love) and a longing with G(ood) inserted (welcoming)

20a    Pretty as bananas hanging on a wall? (8)
{TAPESTRY} – an anagram (bananas) of PRETTY AS

22a    Something old-fashioned in review of ‘Brighton Rock’ (4)
{CORN} – hidden (in) and reversed (review) inside the clue

23a    One who can tell a new code has been broken – it’s about time (10)
{ANECDOTIST} – The A ftcd followed by N(ew), an anagram (has been broken) of CODE, an anagram (about) of IT’S and T(ime)

25a    Mark ‘Waterloo Sunset’ group losing head taking drug (7)
{INKSPOT} – drop (losing) the initial letter (head) from the group who recorded ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and add (taking) a drug

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26a    Claim to express contentment about Post Office sorting centre (7)
{PURPORT} – a verb meaning to express contentment, like a cat, around the abbreviation of Post Office and followed by the middle letter (centre) of sorTing


1d    Attempt to enter into part with lines getting excessive zeal (7)
{BIGOTRY} – put a two-letter word for an attempt inside a part and add the abbreviation for railway lines

2d    Stagger round the bend on the way back (4)
{STUN} – reverse (on the way back) a word meaning round the bend

3d    Performs tricky ascent (6)
{ENACTS} – an anagram (tricky) of ASCENT

4d    State goodwill may bring disaster (8)
{CALAMITY} – the three-letter abbreviation for a US state followed by some goodwill

5d    Overindulge one’s head in pedantry (10)
{STUFFINESS} – a verb meaning to overindulge followed by I (one) and a headland

6d    Spots infection (7)
{MEASLES} – two rather similar definitions

9d    Amazed how the dentist likes me! (4-7)
{OPEN-MOUTHED} – a not-very-cryptic definition

13d    On stage in a cast giving needle (10)
{ANTAGONISE} – an anagram (cast) of ON STAGE IN A

16d    Nonsensical banter about second staged protest (4-1-3)
{RENT-A-MOB} – an anagram (nonsensical) of BANTER around a second or short period of time

17d    Lay out old money (7)
{EXPOUND} – a charade of a two-letter word for old followed by some money

18d    ‘Time’ certain to show deletion (7)
{ERASURE} – a long period of time followed by a word meaning certain

21d    Antipathy under pressure is something Lance Armstrong became familiar with (6)
{PODIUM{ – a word meaning antipathy preceded by (under in an across clue) P(ressure) – not a very good choice of “definition by example” considering subsequent events

24d    Literally a mistake (4)
{TYPO} – a mistaek in a piece of literature

I’ll be back later with the Toughie as Bufo is away.

The Quick crossword pun: (moss} + {key} + {tow} + {net} = {mosquito net}


88 comments on “DT 27125

  1. Blimey – you are either staying up late or getting up early! I am just about at lights out, so I am avoiding looking at the hints until I get stuck aroiund lunchtime my time tomorrow (on Thursday that is, it is still Wednesday where I am at time of writing) – so thanks in advance. But, based on progress so far, I would make it a bit more than **

  2. We struggled a bit with this one. It actually gave us a little more trouble than the Dada Toughie. Your comment above, with reference to a slightly-mad hat, seems to point to Petitjean as the setter. Our guess was for Shamus. Maybe all will be revealed in due course. It gave us a lot of fun on a hot tropical afternoon in Rarotonga.
    Thanks Mr Ron and BD.

  3. It was a treat to find this review ready so early today, as I’ve a horrid day ahead of me & so just wanted to sit quietly with a cuppa & the puzzle & marshal my forces! So especial thanks (yet again) to BD for this fantastic site as I needed loads of help…
    16a made me smile, but I couldn’t get 1a at all – never thought of felines! Mr P is in Abergavenney today poetising, so while the cat’s away…
    Hope everyone has a good day today. Some snowflakes around, & birds stuffing their faces at my feeders – oh for wings :-)

    1. Well you two, Mary & Kath, are absolute honeys …. and I don’t know how it works, but my day was not nearly as horrid as I’d feared! So thank you, thank you both. :-) hope your days were OK too.

      1. Thanks CS, I am still struggling without referring to BDs’ hints, which I prefer to do as long as possible but I will have to succumb very shortly

        1. I gave in early on collywobs, I think I would have been sitting here all day otherwise and the weather is too nice for that!

          1. Mary, you are in Blighty and you are telling me that the weather is nice. I just want to double check that you know what you are saying

            1. We have had some lovely weather over the last few weeks collywobs, in fact one day in Feb I was reading in the garden in a t shirt :-) have made several visits to sunny beaches, not exactly summer weather but nevertheless very nice for this time of year, of course it won’t last!

  4. Mired by half a dozen today, 7A, 26A and 23A in particular, so many thanks BD for the hints. I really needed them! 25A is my favorite. I had to dig deep into my misspent youth to remember the name of the group, and was very amused that the answer was a member of another even older group. Thanks to the setter for the smile that brought.

    1. I agree on 25a – my favourite so far. I wonder if the connection to the older group crossed the setter’s mind.

      1. Completely passed me by, in spite of the fact that I love their music … so thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Wow Dave, this was at least a three star for me today, verging on four! Without your hints I would not have finished this, needed quite a few today, so thanks for that, a real toughie for me, I thought there were some really clever clues and a good bit of misdirection, or maybe that was just me! I didn’t know the word at 14a, fav clues 11a, 9d and 20a

  6. Personally found this the most difficult back-pager for some time .Did not help by putting expense in 17d on first pass ! Very enjoyable struggle .Faves 4d and 25a .
    Thanks very much .

  7. I’ve got brain fade this morning,this was by far the hardest this week and needed tips fron BD I would rate this at least a ***/*** many thanks for the review and my favorite today 10A.

  8. Quite enjoyable, but by no means easy today. I found a couple of clues a bit contrived, but looking back I guess they’re OK. I’d just like it put on record that I do not remember either groups from 25A (actually, I do, but I’d like it put on record that I don’t).
    Thought 18A was an excellent clue.
    Sunny here but still quite chilly, glad I had my car in the garage this morning, far too much frost on the cars parked outside.

  9. I seem to have found this easier than most – agree with BD’s rating. Thanks to the setter whoever he/she may be.

    Measles Today! German Measles on Monday – It must be catching.

    Ps. The Quickie pun can be extended to the first 4 across clues though only the first 3 are italicised in the paper.

  10. Well beyond ** for me today – her Ladyship in full cold mode and not in a state to concentrate. Struggled through but eventually had to give up on 22a. The word, used as an adjective, was common in my childhood to describe a weak joke rather than old-fashioned; the the setter is, of course, right according to the dictionary. Thanks, BD. There cannot be too many clues with as many bits to them as 23a; perhaps they are abundant in the toughies – an area I am happy to leave well alone.

  11. Blimey, Dave, if this is 2** I’m the Pope. 3+*** if you read people’s comments above. Great fun and wickedly complex but it out-toughies the Toughie.

  12. Going by previous comments I think I was lucky enough to be on the right wave length this morning as I agree with the 2* rating for difficulty, and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I would probably give it 3* or even a bit nearer 4* for enjoyment.
    I tried to make 8a more tricky than it actually was, and did the same with 11a by trying to find a four letter word for swear beginning with a ‘T’ so that I could change it! Oh dear!! Needless to say 22a took me ages.
    I liked 7 and 25a and 3 (quite a simple clue but I thought it was clever) and 24d. My favourite, and last, was 26a.
    With thanks to the setter and, as always, to BD.
    Might try Toughie later.
    We’re going to London this evening – younger daughter’s birthday so we’re getting the train and meeting up with her, and elder daughter and her partner, going out for dinner and spending the night there.
    Lovely and sunny here now but big blobby snowdrops earlier on, and lots yesterday.

    1. Oh dear!! Think that I meant snowflakes – snowdrops are the bulbs with little white flowers that the muntjac eat!! :roll:

    2. I def take my hat off to you Kath. As far as far as I was concerned it was a waste of good ink!

  13. I enjoyed this one. It didn’t take long, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. 2*/4* for me.
    Thanks to Petitjean (if he), and to BD.

  14. BD’s striping terror in his review for 24d raised the corners this morning. Beautiful, if cold, day in Middle England.

    Sons bought Mrs S a purple magnolia tree for Mother’s Day but can’t plant in case of more frost. I have no greenhouse so suggestions would be appreciated. At the moment it’s sat in the dining room in the bay window.

    I know this isn’t Gardener’s Question Time but I thought I’d make make the most of all the green fingered bloggers & solvers out there.

    1. Not an expert on trees spindrift but it’s probably fine where it is for a while as long as it doesn’t dry out

    2. Magnolias are pretty tough – should be OK outside, and probably needs the light, but is probably more vulnerable while still in its pot as it may not like frozen roots – who would?! I’m no expert either but I would probably put it outside in a sheltered position with some newspaper, or bubble wrap or something around the pot. Don’t let it dry out but don’t water log it either. They are beautiful.

      1. Thank you Kath. I’ll leave it where it is until the weekend then see what The Control Tower has to say after her sojourn at the home of the Wicked Witch of the North (aka M-I-L)

  15. Very enjoyable crossword today, my thanks to the setter and to BD for the review. I loved 25a and 26a. The toughie is less of a struggle than this was.

  16. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the review. I didn’t enjoy this at all. I’m sure it was a wrong envelope job, and should’ve been a Toughie. I can tell that from Dave’s hints, because of the way the clues are constructed. Only managed to solve 3 clues on the first pass, then resorted to the hints and needed 14 of them, and had to look up 8 of those. I even knew the group for 25a, but still couldn’t get it, not my day! Had never heard of 14a. Was 5*/1* for me.

  17. For once i disagree with the difficulty as it was at least a *** for me, oh, and *** enjoyment. Thought there were quite a few difficult clues ,eg 13a and23a, and a hard anagram 10a with a bit of french and latin thrown in.Liked 25a, which person is part of an american group from the 1950’s to boot-(just add a ‘S’ at the end for the solution for group’s name).If you like Magnolias KATH,go to Bodnant Gardens soon-they are as big as oak trees with flowers the size of dinner plates!

  18. Definitely more than a ** difficulty for me. Tried always to fit drug in to 21 d. Many thanks to all (busy day at work for me today- having to sneak the odd clue in here and there – Don’t tell anyone!)

  19. This is much too difficult for me. I only have ten answers so far and have to leave for PT. I hope I can find time later to gnaw at it a bit more. Maybe the brain is failing, but don’t want to look at hints until I’ve had a second chance at it. Will definitely need hints I’m sure. Never heard of Waterloo Sunset, I’ll look them up later

  20. On first scan, I got just 4 answers and then sat perplexed, took CS’s advice and went into ponderation mode and went on shopping expedition, on return sorted the anagrams out and it all fell into place, so a bit more difficult than usual, 3*?

    All enjoyable, 25a definitely points to Petitjean.

    Thanks for the review.
    Thanks to setter.

  21. Thought this was a hard crossword, & can’t find a word to fit 14 across even though I’m sure I have the correct letters. Thank you to setter & hinter

    1. 14 across is the Latin for “in the same place”. It is often abbreviated to the first two or four letters, and is used in books in order to avoid the repetition of an earlier reference.

      1. Thank you BD, I’m afraid my latin lessons finished in the 3rd year a long time age so if it isn’t in my little machine, that’s it.

        1. My Latin lessons never started, however, I’m pleased to say that with what I’ve picked up over the years, this was actually by first one in (although I must admit to doing it very faintly at first)

  22. I found this very tough today and needed a number of hints to finish, so if it’s Petitjean I’m definitely not on his wavelength. Thanks anyway for the challenge and to BD for the necessary hints.

  23. I too found this the hardest ‘Cryptic for a long time. Definitely 4*. Just couldn’t get on the wavelength. First reading yielded six answers, but with a large measure of perservation, not to mention my little electronic friends, managed to crack it.

      1. C’mon lads! Give it a break. Enough’s enough – we’re solving crosswords here not the crisis in the Middle East.

        1. But that’s the whole point, we’re NOT solving a crossword because we are in the situation of having two Toughies in one day AGAIN,
          It really is getting very tiresome.
          [ off-topic comment deleted ]

  24. Needed to cheat on 3 today and 2 of them (14 and 25) had no definition on the iPad so I had to cut and paste but at least I am now better educated – with a new word (14) and the name of those responsible for Waterloo Sunset.

    The other one that got me was 21 down – kept trying to think of synonyms for lying and cheating or drug names but was way off track!

    Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable puzzle and to BD for the hints.

  25. Glad I was not the only one to struggle with this. 12a and 23a were my bête noires but liked 14a and 25a. Needed a few answers today and cannot get them on the ipad so had to leave the warmth of the fire and locate the computer. sad!

    1. Hi rosie,
      Your comment needed moderation because your email address was slightly different from yesterday’s. I’ve edited it to be the same as before – if the change was intentional let me know and I’ll reverse the edit.

      1. Hi Gazza I am now using the gmail account having had to change broadband provider. many thanks.
        Am really enjoying being part of the blog never done it before!

  26. Late starting today after a lovely evening across the “border” at the famous gastropub in Hetton. Maybe too much refreshment – or an hour following Mrs SW round Boundary Mill – seems to have dulled the brain. What a relief to see that so many other contributors found it difficult. Reminiscent of the last Petitjean a couple of weeks ago. Solved about three quarters of it, but have just given in and taken some hints to finish. There are other things that need doing ! Thank you Petitjean – if it was you and BD for your review and hints. Hoping for something simpler tomorrow !

  27. I still don’t understand 7A, what’s the word that means ‘seeing red’? The rest were OK but my Latin is nonexistent so I had to look up 14A! Love the hints BD thank you!

  28. Do so enjoy a real struggle.
    Extremely satisfying, cracked it in more than my usual time.
    All clues, some brilliant, thoroughly doable.
    Many thanks Petitjean (or RayT) and BD for the review.

  29. Good grief!

    For me this was not hard, it was impossible. I managed two on my first pass. None on the second and the same on the third.

    Some days I finish the puzzle. Other days I have a good go.


    The shredder was used. Grrrrrrrrrr

    Having said that, I am sure that there are many people out there who thought this was easy. I aspire to join your ranks one day.

    Roll on tomorrow

    1. I have days like that with some of the other cryptics – I have a rule ‘three separate attempts and if I still haven’t done half the crossword, then it goes into the recycling’ . I did that with one of the 6 today but I am not saying which one.

    2. Took me longer than usual so 3* for me by Thursdays standards, but on reflection t’was me not setter having off day. Thanks setter and BD as ever

  30. Enjoyed solving this puzzle – I thought that the word play was first class!

    The SW corner gave me most trouble – I have been away from GB too long to remember local areas and I am beginning to lose memory drastically now that I am in my 90th. year!

    Had my daughter for lunch and she took a big pile of DTs to read – they were away to ski in Zermatt recently.

    Weather today was mixed with snow showers giving way to sunshine and cloudless blue sky. Temperature will plummet again!

    One week now to the evenaar (equinox) so let us hope that the Spring will bring better weather – the trees are looking very bare!

  31. Well, I’m back and had another stab at this. No go, much, much too hard for me. I am joining the “can’t dos” today. There are a couple I’ve never heard of, e.g. 16d, which is probably Brit speak, so I’ll try to file away for future reference. I had to cheat and looked at SEVERAL answers, and I never did find out 14a as the thingy didn’t work and only asked me to copy. A really hard one is good from time to time, takes one down a peg or two when I start getting too cocky at being able to finish the puzzles! Thanks to all

  32. Greetings from snowy Guernsey ! As a newcomer to” crosswordland” and blog I really appreciate the guidance provided by web site. Particularly helpful is underlining definitions in clues. Found this one harder than a 2 star but then , what does the new “kid on the block” know!

    1. Hi Mike – welcome to the blog. Now that you’ve introduced yourself I hope that we’ll hear regularly from you.

  33. Got more than half so slightly better than some of you but below my usual standard.I thought 19a was a little gem.Thanks to setter and BD.

    1. A magnificent victory 1-4 :-)

      It may be wrong of me, but when Spurs go through with an aggregate score of 4-4, and Arsenal go out 3-3, I do feel for one fleeting moment a tiny amount of sympathy.

      I hate penalty shoot-outs too.

      OK, moment over, COYS :-)

  34. No fun at all today! I gave up after solving a mere 5 clues but was relieved to know I’m not the only dummkopf. Better luck tomorrow perhaps?

  35. Too tired after a long day to go through why I think this was so bad. Why does the Telegraph give this dreadful setter house room?

  36. Myself and the lady wife thought that this was too clever by ‘alf. Still, had a bit of a larf doing most of it. Had to turn to BD dont you know. Funny thing was I quite enjoyed it.

  37. Didn’t start this till this evening and took ages to get any answers at all, but once I got going I really enjoyed it and just managed to finish it without your hints (although I hadn’t quite got the hang of the temperature change in 11a). Final eureka moment was understanding the wordplay of 1d – I’d got the answer but kept rubbing it out (I only ever use pencil), as I couldn’t think what the reasoning was. Thanks to the setter and BD.

  38. Another stroll in the park. I started it late in the day when I opened my pub and completed it whilst serving. i had four left to do when Norman came in and asked if I had finished. I picked it up and put those four in without trouble. That is Monday to Thursday taken care of in short time. Thank the lord for the toughie. If the cryptics continue to get easier by the day I will be off to toughieland pronto..

  39. Can’t believe this could be considered more difficult than yesterday’s impossible specimen but obviously content of our individual grey matter varies! Anyway I much enjoyed this one – thanks everyone.

  40. I don’t do the DT crossword regularly so when I started this one I thought that I was getting rusty because I only got three answers on the first pass.

    After persevering it gradually fell into place. 1d was last in. I agree with many others on this site that it should be rated more than 2** for difficulty. Not that that is a problem because I like the challenge of a brain teaser.

    I think this website is super – keep it up.

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