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DT 27079

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27079

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

The Saturday Mysteron provided us with another of his typically straightforward  Prize Puzzles, the main cause for celebration on the day being the fact that, for a change,  the apostrophe was actually included in the enumeration for a clue –  27a .     

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1 Macabre kill unravelled — he threatens to expose offender (11)
BLACKMAILER –   An anagram (unravelled) of MACABRE KILL

9 I am a success in perfect form (5)
IMAGO –    IM (I’m or I am) A (from the clue) and GO (success, in the sense of making a go of something).

10 Working contract for stylish gnashers? (9)
INDENTURE –   IN (stylish, in fashion) and DENTURE (a set of teeth or gnashers).

11 Musical style of Rice perhaps in vogue (7)
RAGTIME –   Insert TIM (Rice) into RAGE (vogue, fashion).

12 Rainforest inhabitant got back round bank, right (4,4)
TREE FROG –   Insert REEF (bank) and R(right) into a reversal (back) of GOT.

14 Regular performer let round team (8)
RESIDENT –  A regular performer at a club –  Insert SIDE (team) into RENT (let out).

15 A politician’s sound equipment (4)
AMPS –   A MPS (a Member of Parliament’s) produces the abbreviation for amplifiers of sound.

17 Indication to look elsewhere in document for leak (7)
SEEPAGE –   Look elsewhere in the document or  SEE PAGE …!

19 Native-American dance leading to onset of inundation (4)
HOPI –   A HOP or dance followed by the initial (onset) letter of Inundation produces a member of a  Pueblo people of NE Arizona.

20 One lacking belief in Italy’s foremost composer (8)
PAGANINI   – PAGAN (one lacking belief) IN (from the clue) and I (Italy’s foremost).

21 Entertainer to fool around TV etc (8)
COMEDIAN –   Insert MEDIA (TV being an example of the media) into CON (fool, take in).

23 Keeps checks restricting irregular soldiers (7)
RETAINS –   Insert the abbreviation for the irregular soldiers of the Territorial Army into REINS (checks).

25 Penny has to be keen about old apartment (9)
PENTHOUSE –  P (penny) plus ENTHUSE (be keen) into which is inserted (about) O (old).

26 High position — Jane holds one (5)
EYRIE – A stronghold perched on high, or an eagle’s nest –   Insert I (one) into the surname of Jane EYRE.

27 Assassinated President — heinous act — needs initially lots of lawyers (7’1,3)
LINCOLN’S INN –   President Abraham LINCOLN was assassinated.   Follow him with SIN (heinous act) and N (needs initially).


2 Succession followed by monarch such as Queen Mary (5)
LINER –   A series or succession of dependents – a LINE – followed by R (Rex or Regina) –  Should I admit that  I actually once saw the Queen Mary at Southampton  – as a very small child you understand!        

3 They’ll make champs toast including women (7)
CHEWERS –  People who champ, bite, much or chew –  CHEERS (toast) with W (women) inserted.

4 Provide with engine needing short time to get up (8)
MOTORISE –  MO (short time) TO (from the clue) and RISE (get up).

5 Totter up gets sly look (4)
LEER – a reversal (up in a down clue) of REEL or totter.

6 Desiring changes, this gives a good view (8)
RINGSIDE –  The best seat from which to view a sporting event such as a boxing match is an easy anagram (changes) of DESIRING.

7 Platform setting out team’s info (9)
MANIFESTO –   An anagram (setting out) of TEAMS INFO produces the declarations of intentions, opinions or motives of a  party or body.

8 Spy on headquarters, providing interference (11)
MOLESTATION –    MOLE (spy) and STATION (headquarters).

12 It shifts cargo from errant ports at sea (11)
TRANSPORTER –  Another anagram – this time errant indicates that PORTS AT SEA should be rearranged.

13 Illustration showing mostly favourable quality about Greek character (7)
GRAPHIC –  Insert the Greek letter PHI into GRAC[E], most of a favourable quality.

16 Heartless clique upset a politician producing intense discomfort (9)
PURGATORY –   Remove the middle letter from a GROUP or clique, reverse (upset)  the remaining letters and follow with A from the clue and TORY (politician).

17 Submitted before the Spanish guard (8)
SENTINEL –   SENT IN and EL (the Spanish word for the definite article)

18 Weapon gathered aluminium alloy (8)
GUNMETAL –  Another charade-  GUN  MET and AL (the chemical symbol for aluminium).

19 Ghastly house I’d renovated (7)
HIDEOUS –   Another anagram, this time HOUSE ID is renovated.

22 Priest beheaded for serious crime (5)
ARSON –   Remove the first letter, or behead, a PARSON or priest.

24 Drive bowling of Swann? (4)
SPIN –   Apparently Graeme Swann is a SPIN bowler – SPIN can also mean a drive out in a car – the verb spin means to go swiftly, especially on wheels.

I had thought I wouldn’t be back for a while as it is changeover week for the weekend blogging rota, but I will actually be back in a couple of hours with a review of today’s Giovanni.