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DT 27073

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27073

A full review by Prolixic

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Whilst Crypticsue recuperates following her recent eye surgery, it falls to me to bring you the review of our Saturday Mysteron’s prize crossword that was published in the Daily Telegraph on 12 January.  I am pleased to report that Crypticsue is well on the mend and will be back in harness to review tomorrow’s prize crossword in a week’s time.

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1 Unruly youth‘s beer left on display (5,4)
LAGER LOUT – A type of fizzy beer followed by the abbreviation for Left and a word meaning on display.

9 Randy broadcast boastful talk (3,3)
HOT AIR – A word meaning randy or sexually excited followed by a word meaning broadcast.

10 Found to be without connection (9)
UNEARTHED – A double definition.  Found as in discovered and to be without a connection meaning lacking a connection to earth as an electrical appliance may be.

11 Turn to be suspended and be forgotten (2,4)
GO HANG – Another word for a turn followed by a word meaning to be suspended.  I usually associate this phrase with “get lost” but Chambers gives the primary meaning as be forgotten.

12 Journalist going round states it’s a bag (9)
HAVERSACK – A four letter derogatory term for a journalist goes around a five letter word meaning states or says.

13 It’s a dreadful thing to have (6)
PHOBIA – A mildly cryptic definition of something that fills you with dread, like a fear of spiders.

17 Liable to have a short drink (3)
APT – … as in have tendency to.  The A from the clue is followed by the abbreviation for pint (a short drink).

19 Event a lecturer notes heard in the background (10,5)
INCIDENTAL MUSIC – An eight letter word for an event followed by the A from the clue, the abbreviation for Lecturer and another word for notes.

20 Container that’s small not having been finished (3)
TIN – A word meaning small with the final Y removed (not having been finished).

21 Convict brought back raw material in abundance (6)
GALORE – A three letter word for a convict is reversed (brought back) and followed by another word for raw material.

25 Available for use during religious ceremony (2,7)
IN SERVICE – A double definition for something available for use (not broken down) and occurring during a religious service.

26 Rex leaving gloss to fade away (6)
VANISH – Remove the R (Rex leaving) from a word meaning gloss as in a protective shiny coating applied to wood.

27 It’s ridiculous vandalising a dirty bus (9)
ABSURDITY – An anagram (vandalising) of A DIRTY BUS.

28 Pole felt unwell pinned down (6)
NAILED – The abbreviation for North (pole) followed by a word meaning felt unwell.

29 Support a railway subsidiary (9)
SECONDARY – A word meaning support or back followed by the A from the clue and an abbreviation for railway.


2 Article’s brought in to invalidate book (6)
ANNUAL – … published every year.  An A (article) goes inside (brought into to) a word meaning to invalidate.#

3 The skin of one’s teeth? (6)
ENAMEL – A mild cryptic definition of the hard covering of your teeth.

4 Be released from seat belt, adjustable and most modern (6)
LATEST – Remove the BE (released from) SEAT BELT and make an anagram (adjustable) of the remaining letters.

5 Inoffensive, lacking power to contain odd one out (15)
UNEXCEPTIONABLE – A six letter word meaning lacking power goes around (to contain) a nine letter word meaning odd one out.

6 Hooter Mom ordered for van (9)
MOTORHOME – … that you can live in.  An anagram (ordered) of HOOTER MOM.

7 Main HQ? (5,4)
NAVAL BASE – A mildly cryptic definition relying on main meaning the sea rather than principal.

8 Pleasant smell of cloth in the country (9)
FRAGRANCE – A three letter word for a piece of cloth goes inside the name of a country just over the Channel.

14 Maiden is conveying feeling of suspicion (9)
MISGIVING – The abbreviation for Maiden followed by the IS in the clue and another word meaning conveying.

15 Irritated initially about candle I ordered from a certain country (9)
ICELANDIC – The first letter (initially) of Irritated followed by an abbreviation for about (Latin = Circa) and an anagram (ordered) of CANDLE I.

16 One with letters to his name (9)
ADDRESSEE – a mildly cryptic definition of the person to whom letters are addressed.

17 Wanting wingless insect (3)
ANT – Remove the letters of WING (wing-less) from wanting.

18 Brown toast and nutty starters (3)
TAN – The first letters (starters) of Toast And Nutty

22 Sustained tune to broadcast (6)
TENUTO – … a musical term for sustained.  An anagram (broadcast) of TUNE TO.

23 Virginia, having been trapped by Edward twice, sidestepped (6)
EVADED – The abbreviation for Virgina goes inside (trapped by) the abbreviation for Edward written down two times.

24 Duck‘s fancy crest hiding egg (6)
SCOTER – An anagram (fancy) of CREST with an O (egg) inside (hiding).

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  1. Thanks to Prolixic for keeping the Saturday review hotseat warm while I was not supposed to be solving crosswords.

    Following a successful solve of the big GK puzzle with Mr CS reading out the clues, we tried the same method with the backpager – I can confirm that you do actually need to see a cryptic clue to be able to work out the wordplay, and (don’t tell my consultant) that is what I did with my good eye during one of my breaks from ‘posturing’.

    Average Saturday puzzle but much more entertaining than staring at the floor!

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