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DT 27032

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27032

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

The Saturday Mysteron provided us with a  few tricky elements in this otherwise fairly typical Prize Puzzle.

Definitions are now underlined.



1 Lid for a kipper, hot after cooking (4-3,3)
PORK-PIE HAT –  An informal term for a hat is an anagram (after cooking) of A KIPPER HOT.

6 Returned coats in swindle (4)
SCAM –  A reversal of MACS.

9 Having regular parts in opera, one singer’s a temperamental type (5,5)
PRIMA DONNA –   The regular letters of oPeRa, followed by I (one) and MADONNA (the singer) then split 5,5.

10 Pleased with cut flower (4)
GLAD –  An abbreviated or informal way of referring to a GLADiolus, often used by Dame Edna Everage, can also mean pleased.

12 Put name to the twins perhaps (4)
SIGN –  Another double definition – to put your name on a document, or  a SIGN of the Zodiac, such as Gemini, the Twins.

13 Retreat over rising water is setback for leader (9)
EDITORIAL  –  A reversal (retreat) of LAIR (retreat) O (over in cricket) and TIDE (rising water).

15 Follow matters primarily with a habitual response — being this? (8)
DOGMATIC –  Dog (follow) M (the primary letter of matters) A (from the clue) and TIC (habitual response).

16 Exemplar of drunkenness regarding famous physicist (6)
NEWTON –  The poor old NEWT is often used to describe someone’s state of drunkenness.   Add ON (regarding) and you get the famous physicist.

18 Line to suggest without force (6)
LIMPLY – L (line) plus IMPLY (suggest).

20 One in acting role’s former model (8)
TEMPLATE –  TEMP (someone acting on behalf of someone else away from their job) and LATE (former).

23 Tie up hospital department with attention to detail (9)
STRINGENT  –  STRING (tie up) and ENT (the Ear, Nose and Throat department of a hospital).

24 Cattle without water (4)
NEAT –   An archaic term for an ox, cow or bull or a adjective meaning undiluted.

26 European movie, very long (4)
EPIC –  E (European) plus PIC (an abbreviated way of referring to a movie).

27 Seduction ruined eminent ‘tec (10)
ENTICEMENT –  A ruined anagram of EMINENT TEC.

28 Follow story out loud (4)
TAIL – To follow or keep watch on closely is a homophone (out loud) of TALE or story.

29 A German artist holding opening, one who loves to take risks (10)
ADVENTURER –  A (from the clue) and the German artist DURER with a VENT or opening inserted.


1 Poet‘s page to begin poetically (4)
POPE –    P (the first letter of Page) and OPE (a poetic way of saying open or begin).

2 Making a mockery of barrier (7)
RAILING –   Double definition – (a)  mocking or (b) a barrier or fence.

3 I may get in maps not fit for easy ride (5,7)
PLAIN SAILING –   Insert I (from the clue) into PLANS (maps),  follow with AILING (not fit) and then split 5, 7.

4 Mysterious enigmatic coteries (8)
ESOTERIC – An enigmatic anagram of COTERIES.

5 A free broadcaster (6)
AUNTIE –  The term by which the British Broadcasting Corporation  is affectionately known.   A (from the clue) and UNTIE (free).

7 Piece of Purcell is taxing musician (7)
CELLIST –   Hidden in, or a piece of,  PurCELL IS Taxing.

8 Greek character, police officer, last person to abuse (3-7)
MUD-SLINGER –  MU (Greek letter) DS (Detective Sergeant) and LINGER (last).

11 Pressman’s only one right person in divorce case (2-10)
CO-RESPONDENT –   Simply remove one of the Rs from a CORRESPONDENT or member of the press.

14 Immature adult hands out foreign coin (10)
ADOLESCENT –   A (adult) plus DOLES (hands out) and CENT (foreign coin).

17 Take up imposing position on theme-park’s top attraction (8)
BESTRIDE –   The theme park’s top attractive would be its BEST RIDE.

19 Bird has single cocktail (7)
MARTINI –  MARTIN (bird) plus I (single).

21 Enthusiast takes a friend to ancient city (7)
AMATEUR  – A (from the clue) MATE (friend) and UR (crosswordland’s favourite ancient city.

22 Wrote in confinement (6)
PENNED  – A very obvious double definition.

25 Rouse gentleman — about time (4)
STIR – Insert T for time into SIR (gentleman).

Thanks once again  to the  Mysteron.   I’ll be back in due course on Sunday duty again.

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  1. I do think that there has been a distinct improvement in the Saturday puzzles over the past few months – I thought this one was pretty good. Thanks to Mr Ron and Mrs CS.

  2. Agree with Gazza, we’ve had some good stuff recently, including this one.

    Nice to see the old ox making an appearance – not seen him for a while!

    Thanks to Mr Ron and CS.

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