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MPP – 005 (Review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 5 (October 2012) by Radler

In association with Hamlyn Books,

the publishers of Telegraph Crossword Books

A review by Prolixic

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Welcome to the review of October’s Prize Puzzle set by Radler.  The person whose name was drawn from the electronic hat as this month’s winner was Andy Cole.  Congratulations to him.  Next month’s prize puzzle will be published on Saturday 3 November.

The theme of the crossword required you to work out which letter of the alphabet was not used as the initial letter of the answers and which letter was used twice.  If you got to the end of the crossword, you would have found that the letter W was not used as the initial letter of an answer but, appropriately, there was a double U in the grid with two answers beginning with this letter.

The crossword was full of the usual Radler fun and downright deviousness.  Many thanks to him for the crossword.  I hope that I have explained the clues correctly.  If you have any queries, do let us know.

As always, thanks to our sponsors, Hamlyn Books.  Do take a moment to look at some of their publications below.


8 Cover for top chap’s illegal drug (6)
{BODICE} – A type of clothing (top) comes from a word for a chap followed by (‘s = has) a type of illegal drug.

9 Gratuitous fun, start off getting massaged we’re told (8)
{UNEEDED} – A word meaning gratuitous comes from the word fun with the first letter removed (start off) followed by a word sounding like (we’re told) massaged.

10 Line serving Doncaster perhaps? (10)
{RACECOURSE} –Doncaster is a definition by example (perhaps?) of this type of track.  It comes from a word meaning a line (in terms of a nation or people) and a serving (that you would get at a meal).

11 Covered walk by unknown street (4)
{XYST} – An unusual word for a covered work comes from the mathematical symbol meaning by or times followed by a letter meaning something is unknown in algebra followed by the abbreviation for street.

12 Threatens to drop round on going for a spin (6)
{PERILS} – A word meaning threatens comes from putting a word meaning drop around a word meaning on or about and reversing the whole lot (going for a spin).

13 One from Germany originating special theory then another one (8)
{EINSTEIN} – An &lit clue for the German scientist who developed the theories of general and special relativity.  Take the German for one and follow this with the initial letters (originating) of special and theory.  Finally add the German for one again to get the answer.

15 Kind of crafty admitting love works (7)
{FACTORY} – A type of works comes from an anagram (kind of) CRAFTY with an O (love) inserted.

17 Black looks inferior surrounded by hints of grey and silver (7)
{GLOWERS} – A word meaning black looks comes from taking a word meaning inferior inside (surrounded by) the first letters (hints of) grey and silver.

19 Servant backing my order to obey us (8)
{HOUSEBOY} – Reverse (backing) a word meaning my and follow this with an anagram (order to) of OBEY US to give a word for a servant.

20 Pocket next to funny bone (6)
{SACRUM} – Add together a word for a pocket and follow this (next to) a word meaning funny to give the name of a bone.

22 Hit from Amazon karaoke division (4)
{ZONK} – A word meaning hit is hidden inside (from) the words AMAZON KARAOKE

24 Spun out fantastic legend about that time (10)
{LENGHTENED} – A word meaning spun out comes from an anagram (fantastic) of LEGEND around a word meaning that time.

25 Fiat Coupe lost control, not one’s forte (3,2,3)
{CUP OF TEA} – A word meaning a forte or strength comes from an anagram of FIAT COUPE after removing the I (not one’s).

26 Inches around much of New York(6)
{ORKNEY} – A anagram (around) ofNEW   YORK after removing the W (much of new) gives a word for some Scottish islands (inches).


1 Travels by Peeping Tom while replacing bottom half (6)
{VOYAGE} – A word meaning travel comes from a word for a Peeping Tom with the final half being replace by a word meaning while (as in spend time).

2 Perhaps he sent it in little bits (10)
{NINETIETHS} – A word for little bits comes from an anagram (perhaps) of HE SENT IT IN.

3 Means to prove right limited by addict reliability (15)
{DEMONSTRABILITY} – A word meaning “means to prove” comes from a word meaning an addict or fiend followed by a word meaning reliability inside which you add an R (right limited by).

4 Undisturbed, I left for art group (7)
{QUARTET} – A word for a musical group comes from a word meaning undisturbed with the I replaced by ART.

5 Making personal transport not anti-airlines (15)
{INTERNALISATION} – An anagram (transport) of NOT ANTI-AIRLINES gives a word meaning making personal.

6 Jack’s former partner taking turn in international games (4)
{JEUX} – An international word (French) for games comes from the abbreviation for Jack followed by a word for a former partner around (taking) a type of turn or bend.

7 Old solvers and monarch drinking wine with more bubbles (8)
{YEASTIER} – A word meaning with more bubbles (in the fermentation process perhaps) comes from the old English word for you (solvers) followed by the abbreviation for the Queen inside which (drinking) you add a word for a type of sparkling wine.

14 Withdrawal of soldiers from central works directed by officials (4,6)
{TOWN CLERKS} – Remove the abbreviation for some soldiers (Royal Artillery) from CENTRAL WORKS and make an anagram of the remaining letters (directed) to give the name of some officials.

16 Introduction not right to support a moral story (8)
{APOLOGUE} – A word for a moral story comes from a word for an introduction from which the R has been removed with an A above it (to support).

18 Married male boarded airline departed Republic of Indonesia for Burma (7)
{MYANMAR} – The alternative name for Burma comes from the abbreviation for married followed by the name of a bucket shop airline with an M (male) included in it (boarded) and removing the abbreviation for Republic of Indonesia.

21 Asymmetrical layout of new venue (6)
{UNEVEN} – An anagram (layout) of N VENUE gives a word meaning asymmetrical.

23 Raised hump or lump (4)
{KNOB} – A word for a lump comes from reversing (raised) a word meaning hump (in the sexual meaning of the word).

9 comments on “MPP – 005 (Review)

  1. Congratulations Andy. Well done. It was a great puzzle and even the answer was a clever little twist. As Axe has said above, “roll on next month’s challenge”. Cheers.

  2. Congratulations to Andy, and to anyone else who managed to finish this fiendish puzzle, particularly Prolixic who also untangled it all! I’m full of admiration! I have to confess to giving up after several attempts – it really was completely beyond me. One of the VERY few that I managed was 23d which made me laugh for quite a long time.
    Thanks to Radler and Prolixic.

    1. Thanks Kath, I really can’t see, am now serioulsy setting myself up for a catastrophic fall this week, why you struggled so, have you reversed it, looked at the answers and then the clues? You missed a great trip on Saturday, are you hopping up to Derby?

      1. Have lost the puzzle now but, at the time, I looked at it the right way round, inside out, upside down AND back to front and just got nowhere! Oh dear!! Couldn’t go to London on Saturday – don’t know when Derby is but it’s a fair old way from here so probably not. Well done again. :smile:

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