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DT 26984

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26984

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

A slightly trickier Saturday puzzle than some weeks but still on the straightforward side.  A quarter of the clues were anagrams, which didn’t please some people but certainly helped others.  Definitions  Favourites

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 1 Yearning after net returns may be seductive (10)
BEWITCHING –  A reversal of WEB (net returns) followed by ITCHING (yearning).

6 Man hugging wife was dizzy (4)
SWAM – Insert W for wife into SAM (man).

9 Fish behind second rock (5)
SHAKE –  S (second) followed by HAKE (fish)

10 No rises unfortunately around European Community — in this? (9)
RECESSION – An anagram (unfortunately) of NO RISES plus EC, the initials by which the European Community is known.

12 Crazy sect is looting member of church (13)
SCIENTOLOGIST –  A member of the church established in the 1950s which claims that an individual’s full spiritual potential may be realized through study and psychotherapy.   An  anagram (crazy) of SECT IS LOOTING.

14 ’Elpful suggestion stopped fiancé (8)
INTENDED –  INT (hint without the H, just like ‘elpful) and ENDED (stopped)

15 An old hand, one putting on a show (6)
STAGER – Double definition –someone who has had much experience or someone staging a show.

17 See bistro house red primarily and a container for it (6)
CARAFE –  A container for wine – Insert R (red primarily) and A from the clue into a CAFÉ or bistro.

19 Is copper being entertained by Scottish football club making a bloomer? (8)
HIBISCUS –  Flower of the week?   It was in Elgar’s Toughie the day before.     HIBS (the Scottish football club Hibernians) with IS (from the clue) and CU (the chemical symbol for copper) inserted.

21 The antibodies destroyed illicit lover (1,3,2,3,4)
A BIT ON THE SIDE –  And another anagram (destroyed) this time of THE ANTIBODIES.

24 Devious Roman made notes (9)
MEMORANDA –  An anagram (devious) of ROMAN MADE.

25 I spot one to be taken in — him? (5)
IDIOT –  I (from the clue) DOT (spot) with I inserted (one taken in).

26 Maybe use O2 arena (4)
RING  –  Double definition – make a telephone call using the O2 network or an area for events such as boxing.

27 Western character to cringe in fear receiving blow (10)
COWPUNCHER –  An informal term for a cowboy or herder of cows.   Insert a PUNCH (blow) into COWER (to cringe in fear).   

1 Money’s not right for singer (4)
BASS – Remove the R (not right) from an informal term for money  B[R]ASS to get a singer of the lowest part.

2 Something or other employing old serving women in religious festival (7)
WHATSIT –  Insert the ATS (the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women’s branch of the Army in  the Second World War) into WHIT (the religious festival of Whitsuntide).

3 In circuit, that man has to finish broadcasting detective story (3,4,2,4)
THE SIGN OF FOUR –   Insert into TOUR (circuit)  HE (that man) and SIGN OFF (finish broadcasting) gives us the second story  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to feature Sherlock Holmes.

4 Dashing to look at unfinished area of North London (8)
HARINGEY – HARING (dashing) and EY (almost all of EYE, to look at unfinished).

5 May gets upset by endless hot Mexican food (5)
NACHO –   NAC (a reversal of CAN or may – not exactly correct grammar – ‘you can but may you?’ as our mothers would say) and HO (endless HOT).

7 Overlooking one engaged in curling (7)
WAIVING – Insert I (one) into WAVING (curling)

8 Economic theorist ruined minor state (10)
MONETARIST –  An anagram (ruined) of MINOR STATE.  The theorist advocates an economic policy based chiefly on the control of a country’s money supply.

11 Insufficient vote for simple mathematical procedure (5,8)
SHORT DIVISION –   Never heard of this but apparently it is division without writing down the working out.   SHORT (insufficient) and DIVISION (a vote for or against).

13 Medic rails about refusal to take responsibility (10)
DISCLAIMER –  An anagram (about) of MEDIC RAILS.

16 Mining hazard got rid of a politician (8)
FIREDAMP – Combustible gas given off b y coal –  FIRED (got rid of ) A (from the clue) and MP (politician).

18 Transport worker runs over wild animal (7)
RAILMAN – R (runs in a cricket score) followed by (over) an anagram (wild) of ANIMAL.

20 Teacher is hoping to embrace nurse (7)
CHERISH – There is a hidden word in  teaCHER IS Hoping.

22 Relish old dance (5)
TANGO –  TANG (pungency, relish) plus  O (old)

23 Create agitation in prison (4)
STIR –  A fairly obvious double definition to finish with.

I believe this to be the work of a Saturday Mysteron which means that Gnomey will be back next week with a review of, most probably, a Cephas puzzle, while I hang about waiting for the closing date of the Sunday puzzle to come along.