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DT 26936

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26936

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment **

I don’t think it was just the distraction of all that exciting Olympic viewing but I found this crossword trickier than expected for a Saturday and not quite as much fun as usual either.

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1a Flashy performer who’s dressed up with hat (10)
SHOWBOATER – an anagram (dressed up) of WHOS followed by a BOATER (hat) produces a someone who shows off.

6a Old group making comeback is just the same (4)
ABBA –  The palindrome that is the Swedish pop group.

10a Note money given backing television etc. (5)
MEDIA –  A channel such as television or the press through which information is transmitted to the public.   ME (a musical note) and a reversal (backing) of AID (money given).

11a Did needlework before wedding announced in London suburb (5,4)
MAIDA VALE –  Part of London sounds like one might have MADE (or sewn with a needle) A VEIL for a bride.

12a Hair gets Miliband taken aback (7)
SHOCKED – A thick mass of shaggy hair – SHOCK  plus ED (Miliband) go together  to produce part of a verb meaning  caused an unpleasant surprise.

13a  Great brain — mine familiarly enjoyed acquiring bit of erudition (7)
EGGHEAD –  EGG (a slang term for a mine or bomb) followed by HAD (enjoyed) into which is inserted E (a bit of erudition).

14a Doctor here treats the poorly not the poor! (6,6)
HARLEY STREET –  A cryptic definition of the place where rich people go to visit the doctor.

18a Investors told shockers fraudulently (12)
STOCKHOLDERS  –  People who hold stocks in a company – an anagram (fraudulently) of TOLD SHOCKERS.

21a Name Child Support Agency for backing hermit (7)
ASCETIC – A strict hermit is obtained from a reversal of CITE (name) and  CSA (the initials by which the Child Support Agency is known).

23a Put work in to get beating sugar (7)
LACTOSE –   Insert ACT (work) into LOSE (get beating) to produce a type of sugar produced by evaporating milk whey.

24a Liven up former Argentine leader with a bit of Italian pizza topping (9)
PEPPERONI –  The spicy sausage put on top of a pizza –   PEP (liven up) PERON (old leader of Argentina) and I (a bit of Italian).

25a Trendy group’s small figure (5)
INSET –  IN (trendy) plus SET (group) go together to make a small map or figure inserted in the corner of another.

26a Character in Morse makes mild expletive (4)
DASH –   A polite euphemism for damn has the same name as the long element in Morse code.

27a Insect in certain level of development eating vegetable line (4,6)
STAG BEETLE –  A large insect is obtained by inserting BEET (vegetable) and L (line) into a STAGE of development.



1d Southern prophet gets a snack from India (6)
SAMOSA –   An Indian savoury stuffed with spiced vegetables or meat – S (Southern) AMOS (the Biblical prophet) and A (from the clue).

2d More than likely lad goes after rum (4-2)
ODDS-ON   – In betting, a better than even chance of winning – ODD (rum) plus SON (lad) split 4-2.

3d Dodgy dealer to miss trade in alcoholic drink (5-9)
BLACK-MARKETEER – Someone who deals  in buying and selling of products against the law or official regulations.   Insert LACK (miss) and MARKET (trade) into BEER (alcoholic drink), splitting the result 5-9.

4d A jolly fuss about sick creature from South America (9)
ARMADILLO –  A South American mammal – A (from the clue) RM (jolly being a slang way of referring to a Royal Marine) and ADO (fuss), the latter having ILL (sick) inserted.

5d Best selection of Chinese literature (5)
ELITE –  Hidden in a selection of ChinesE LITErature is a noun meaning the pick or best of anything.

7d Handcuff gives couple obstruction (8)
BRACELET  –   BRACE (couple, two) plus LET (obstruction or hindrance) produce an informal term for a handcuff.

8d One acted in reconstruction as description of incident (8)
ANECDOTE  – An anagram (in reconstruction) of ONE ACTED gives us a short narrative of an incident in private life.

9d Worked out great tactic per training session for the Gunners (6,8)
TARGET PRACTICE –  Another anagram  (worked out) of GREAT TACTIC PER –   I suppose TARGET PRACTICE would work for both meanings of Gunners – privates in the Artillery or footballers playing for Arsenal.

15d One lonely goatherd’s first and last quirky singing style (9)
YODELLING –   A lovely &Lit –  the song  about the lonely goatherd whose yodelling was heard by a ‘girl in a pale pink coat ’  made famous by the Sound of Music, although I am sure I remember it before that.   An anagram (quirky) of ONE LONELY and the first and last letters of GoatherD.

16d Cut into hill having got away without resistance (8)
ESCARPED – Cut into a hill to make a steep slope or ditch.   Insert R (resistance) into  ESCAPED (got away)

17d Ideas from music shows with piano not right (8)
CONCEPTS  –  Removing the R (not right) from CONCERTS (music shows) and replacing it with a P (piano) produces a synonym for ideas and inventions.

19d Two TVs a source of much entertainment (3,3)
BOX SET –   Two ways of referring to televisions – BOX and SET go together to make a collection of similar items such as a complete television series on DVD packaged as a single unit.

20d Nuisance left quarter pounder (6)
PESTLE –   An instrument for pounding or grinding – PEST (nuisance) plus L (left) and E (one quarter of the compass)

22d Caught yob a hard blow (5)
CLOUT –   C (caught in cricket scoring) plus LOUT make a hard blow or strike with the open hand.

Thank you to the Saturday Mysteron.   I am off back to Sundays for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Thanks to the setter & to CrypticSue for the review. I enjoyed this one, I did it on the Sunday, so managed to fit it in between Olympic viewing sessions :-)

  2. Only got around to doing this one this evening – I thought it was pretty good! Not at all difficult but a bit of fun this evening when I stopped for a coffee on the way back from dropping pommette off at the airport. Only hold-up was that I put in STAKEHOLDERS for 18a because I didn’t check the anagram fodder carefully enough – held me up for a second coffee until I realised my mistake!
    Thanks to the setter and CS.

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