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DT 26853

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26853

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

This seems to be a lot more straight forward than Friday’s, so I don’t expect much use of the hints today.

Highlight the space between the curly brackets to reveal the answer.


1. Rows in forms that will please the eye (11)
{SHAPELINESS} – Put LINES (rows) inside SHAPES (forms).

9. Collect material for concrete (9)
{AGGREGATE} – Double definition. Separate units collected into a whole, or the sand and stone mixed with cement and water to make concrete.

10. Hesitate to declare after Warwickshire’s opening (5)
{WAVER} – The first letter (opening) of Warwickshire followed by another word that means to affirm or positively declare.

11. Run out on the sand (6)
{DESERT} – Another double definition, to abandon or a barren sandy desolate area

12. Sci-fi show celebrity to take long, hard journey (4,4)
{STAR TREK} – A synonym for celebrity and another for a long hard journey is also a long running science fiction television show plus films.

13. Love to wander about a royal house (6)
{ORANGE} – O and a word that means to wander freely or roam is also a Dutch royal house.

15. They form some unit of the Canadian police (8)
{MOUNTIES} – An anagram (form) of SOME UNIT.

18. When away from land everyone is completely disorganised (3,2,3)
{ALL AT SEA} – A phrase that means to be confused or at a loss also describes being away from land.

19. Drink triple gin, initially, with one rum (6)
{EGGNOG} – An anagram (rum) of three G’s (gin initially) and ONE.

21. Note garden feature in China (8)
{CROCKERY} – C (note), then a word for a garden for alpine plants produces another word for china without a capital C.

23. Bring the match alive with shot at goal (6)
{STRIKE} – Double definition.

26. One of five, one may feel (5)
{SENSE} – And they are, hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.

27. Became comfortably established in seat on row (7,2)
{SETTLED IN} – The definition is “become comfortably established, however when split (6,3) this clue becomes a word that is a long wooden bench, followed by another word for a loud noise.

28. Dog goes after dog, but he won’t fight seriously (6-5)
{SHADOW BOXER} – The first dog is another word that means to follow, the second dog is a medium-sized smooth-haired breed of dog with a short nose is someone who spars with an imaginary opponent.


1. Order to troops to prepare for action — reason may follow (5,2)
{STAND TO} – Think of a three word phrase that ends with the word reason, the first two words are also used in the military to tell everybody to assume positions to resist a possible attack.

2. A brief, for example, is for the defence (5)
{AEGIS} – A, the shortened form of exempli gratia, then IS is also a shield.

3. This military order looks fine (4,5)
{EYES RIGHT} – Everybody looks in a particular direction.

4. Inordinately vain man who had a terrible reputation (4)
{IVAN} – An anagram (inordinately) of VAIN.

5. A pilot’s emergency exit (8)
{EJECTION} – A seat fitted with an explosive charge and designed to eject the occupant clear of an aircraft…

6. Someone mending a pipe (5)
{SEWER} – A type of drain also describes someone who mends clothing.

7. Birds give strange shrieks (7)
{SHRIKES} – An easy anagram (strange) of SHRIEKS gives another name for the butcherbirds.

8. A particular form of dislike (8)
{AVERSION} – A and then a word that describes a variant form of something or type.

14. No one is missing full board and lodging (3,5)
{ALL FOUND} – A term that could describe the fact that everybody is safe and sound, could also be used to describe what you might pay for when you get everything at a hotel or boarding house.

16. Dive for weapon to use after dark? (9)
{NIGHTCLUB} – Dive in this clue refers to a disreputable place.

17. American state banks are, after the crunch (8)
{NEBRASKA} – An American state is an anagram (after the crunch) of BANKS ARE.

18. The defendant also made charges (7)
{ACCUSED} – Double definition. A defendant in a criminal proceeding or to make a charge against someone for some fault, offence, or crime.

20. General disorder, one gathers (7)
{GLEANER} – An anagram (disorder) of GENERAL is the subject of a famous painting by Jean-François Millet.

22. They’re up for the celebration (5)
{KNEES} – As would Mother Brown’s.

24. Part of a book gets Enid upset and cross (5)
{INDEX} – An anagram (upset) of ENID followed by an X (cross).

25. This man gets a seat (4)
{OTTO} – If you add “man” this name, you would get a low padded seat.

The Quick crossword pun: {fission} + {chips} = {fish’n’chips}

39 comments on “DT 26853

  1. Definitely more straightforward today. An enjoyable start to the week. Thanks to compiler & to Libellule for the hints, not needed today.

  2. A generally pleasant start to the week. 2d and 19a favourites for me. I do take issue with 5. Shouldn’t it end in “or” rather than as presented? I guessed anyway but not convinced its right. Any aeronautical experts out there?

    1. Based on my aeronautical experience (20+ years serving HM), it depends on which side of the Atlantic you are on. “ion” in the UK, “or” in the US.

  3. Usual Monday fare from Rufus and none the worse for it. Many thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  4. Good morning Libeluule, from a very wild and windy West Wales, clematis all blown over and broken trellises! One of my favourite Rufus crosswords today with so many favourites, so clever and witty, wasn’t keen on 5d, but that’s about it!! Also one of my dogs names ‘Shadow’ mentioned :-) loved too many to mention so will just mention 13a and 8d, thank you Rufus and thanks Libelulle for hints which I am now going to read, nice cheering crossword on an otherwise horrible day with a hospital appt to look forward to later!! Enjoy :-D

    1. Such a pity about your clematis and trellises – it would probably make me cry! :sad: As a gardener I just hate weather …

  5. Very enjoyable start to the week with a typical Rufus. No real problems (not even with 5D) but I did get sidetracked for a while on 19A – just couldn’t get NOGGIN out of my noggin! 21A was very good, but my favourite clue today has to go to aforementioned 19A.

  6. Another vote for 19a from me as well. Like other I found it a nice easy start to the week. Thanks for Rufus and Libellule, although hints not needed aujourd’hui. 41degC here in Dubai today, I’m packing up in preparation for permanent move back to West Sussex in a few weeks time. Will try and bring drier, warmer weather with me!

  7. Very nice puzzle, all in with no outside help.
    Thanks to Rufus just what I needed on a Monday morning.
    Thanks Libelulle for review, which pointed out some neat and clever cluing which I had missed.

  8. Nice start to the week **/*** from me. Fortunately managed to remember 2d form the dim and distant. 14d new to me but quite easy to work out. Not sure about 5d, but that’s probably me. Liked 1a, 1d and 22d.

    Re 26a there are at least 9 commonly agreed senses not 5. Some scientists argue there are up to 21, (I only know this because of QI). Nitpicking, still a good clue. Many Thanks to all.

  9. Probably me but I found this one a bit trickier than normal for Mondays, particularly the top left corner. I didn’t help anything by dividing 3d into 5, 4 instead of the other way round – it made it impossible to make any sense of – and for some reason I was slow to get 1a. Just having a bad day, I think!! Now that I’ve finished it I do agree that it wasn’t difficult at all. I liked 21 and 28a and 1, 2, 16 and 22d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    Not raining, yet, so going to cut grass which now looks more like a field than anything else.

    1. I was the same, took me twice as long as a normal Rufus for some reason and NW corner was my last to fall too. 25d was my fave, thanks to Rufus and Libellule, I did need the answer to 14d.

        1. No, not on your own, Kath, just couldn’t see 1a ,but it didn’t help that I put keep in for 2d! D’oh. 21a also puzzled me although I was thinking along the lines of China as being that kind of china or a mate ,but couldn’t think of the garden feature although we have one ! Nice puzzle as usual from Rufus with my favourite clue being 19a closely followed by 6d. Thanks to Rufus & Libellule :smile:

  10. The perfect gentle start to a lovely sunny Monday morning here in East Kent. Lots of very nice clues, thank you Rufus and thanks to Libellule too.

  11. Nice start to the week apart from the bottom left which held me up for ages. Never heard the term 14d before. Thx to Libellule for the explanation.

    1. I’m with you Brian, 14d a new one for me. Otherwise straightforward and much enjoyed. Thanks to all

  12. A nice enough start to the week. My favourite, and last in, was 22 which gave me a chuckle. Did not rate 5 but it was pretty obvious. Shame that Harry’s been dumped – could this be Cloughie all over again?? PS Where is the picture for 1a?

    1. I too was looking forward to a ravishing 1a,but life’s full of these little disappointments! agree with most**/***. Re the wording of ‘ pilots emergency exit’ ,i think the answer is fine as it simply describes the act necessary to achieve this means of escape and not the name of the piece of equipment. Anyway a pleasant start to the week- and the small matter of a little local football match to look forward to tonight with a few libations thrown in.

    2. Ah – I forgot mention 22d. That was another of my minor hold-ups – I did originally have “flags” – not helpful at all. Definitely NOT my day!

      1. Me too Kath – am just glad I only “thought” it and hadn’t written it in! I had to get 21a before light dawned.

        1. I couldn’t get 21a because the light was very slow in dawning! It also made 26a a bit on the “interesting” side. Stupid – as I’ve said before, just not my day!! :sad:

  13. Very nice start to the week and didn’t need the hints Libellule, but read them anyway to back up some justifications. NW corner held me up for longest – took me ages to get 1a and couldn’t get “amalgamate” out of my head for 9a but pennies finally dropped, couldn’t get 17d until I realised it was an anagram, – 2d last in. Fav clue was 19a – also liked 28a. Thanks to Rufus.

  14. Great start to the week, but groan groan could not get 25D without your help. V disappointed with myself. Thanks for bailing me out!

  15. Having spent many hours of my life strapped into a Martin-Baker ejector seat, but thankfully never having to pull the handle and carry out an *ejection, I can’t find anything wrong with 5d. A double definition, as suggested by BD – or should that be doubition?.
    *(I got close once or twice, but that’s another story!)
    Thanks to Rufus, Libellule and all the bloggers for their wise comments !

  16. A nice sunny day in Guildford, at last. Played golf (badly) this morning then came home to a half done crossword. Managed to finish it, looked enjoyable so a **/*** from us. Almost a perfect day. Many thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  17. Find myself agreeing with Brian, the SW caused me far too much difficulty than was justified, 19a favourite, amongst many others, thanks to Libellule and Rufus

  18. THis took me ages – I kicked myself about 8 times in the SW and NW combined. I still marvel that Rufus can confuse me in 4 words then cause me to let out a groan of absolute recognition 20 minutes later!. Thanks to him and to Libellule for the review.

  19. Late evening solve today.
    Liked : 12a, 13a (easy for me), 19a, 28a, 3d, 8d, 16d & 20d.

    Today was the first really warm day since last year!

    1. Yesterday here was feezing for the time of year, today dog walking interesting as the river nene is so high all footpaths barely negotiable….

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