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DT 26786

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26786

A full review by crypticsue

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Before I started to solve this Prize Puzzle, I couldn’t remember if it was the turn of Cephas or the Mysteron – a count of the anagrams soon convinced me that it was definitely a Cephas puzzle, as usual an enjoyable Saturday morning interlude.

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3 Ecofriendly home’s a haven for delicate flowers (10)
GREENHOUSE  –  Somewhere to grow delicate flowers is a charade of GREEN (ecofriendly) and HOUSE (home).

8 Among presidents, Washington was the first, Bush the last (6)
GEORGE –   The first American president in 1789 was GEORGE Washington; the last (ie the one before the current President) was also a GEORGE, the second Mr Bush to hold the office.

9 Deviously tiptoe in to make request (8)
PETITION –  A formal request is obtained from an anagram (deviously) of TIPTOE IN.

10 Speed of dancing reel in Edinburgh maybe (8)
CELERITY –Insert an anagram (dancing) of REEL into the CITY  (Edinburgh being an example of a city) to get a noun meaning quickness or speed.

11 Some whom a generation may show respect (6)
HOMAGE –  Some or part of wHOM A GEneration reveals (may show) a synonym for respect or reverence.

12 Broadcasting of ‘Magpie’ girl’s journey (10)
PILGRIMAGE – Another anagram (broadcasting):  MAGPIE GIRL rearranges to form a journey to a shrine or other holy place.

14 It’s a small world! (6,7)
GLOBAL VILLAGE –   A cryptic definition of the world –  as Chambers says   ‘in apparent reference to its smallness due to improved communications and the way in which changes in one area are likely to affect the rest of the world’.

20 I will repeat: he can’t read! (10)
ILLITERATE –   ILLITERATE (unable to read [or write]) split 3, 7  would then mean ‘ I will repeat ‘ or say again.

22 Held out final edition (6)
LASTED –  Held out to the end –  LAST (final) plus ED (edition).

23 Hope fulfilled? Crosby takes smaller part (8)
BLESSING  –  BING (Crosby) with  LESS  inserted (takes smaller part).    There are Biblical references to a blessing being a hope fulfilled (Titus 2:13 or Proverbs 13:12 –   thanks Prolixic) but I like to think of this clue as a reference to those old ‘Road to’ films – perhaps (Bob) Hope’s  acting aspirations were fulfilled, because Bing (Crosby) had taken a smaller part in the action!!

24 Phonecard overdue you reportedly held that’s fake (8)
SIMULATE –  To fake or have a false appearance of something –  SIM (the little card with all the information on it inside your mobile phone) plus U (a homophone ‘reportedly’ of you) and LATE (overdue).

25 Expected to happen when Kelly and I are involved (6)
LIKELY – Another anagram (are involved) of KELLY I produces an adjective meaning expected to happen, or probable.

26 Vehicle’s standing charge (7,3)
PARKING FEE –   A cryptic definition of the charge made for leaving your car somewhere.


1 In retreat, sappers yielding (8)
RECEDING –  Going back or in retreat –  RE (Sappers are of course privates in the Royal Engineers, formerly known as the Royal Sappers and Miners) and CEDING (yielding).

2 Playing gig in Opera, reproduced chord (8)
ARPEGGIO – Another anagram (playing) of GIG IN OPERA gives us a chord in which the notes are performed in rapid upward succession.

3 Sign of Treasure Island near northern Italy (6)
GEMINI –  One of the signs of the Zodiac –  GEM (treasure) I (Island)  N (northern)  I (Italy).

4 Perceive with sixth sense by end of day (4)
ESPY –  An archaic way of saying perceive or see  – ESP (extrasensory perception, the ability to perceive what lies beyond the five senses, is known as the 6th sense) plus Y (the end of day).

5 Hazel’s coverage amounts to few words (8)
NUTSHELL –  The hard covering on the outside of a hazel nut is also part of an expression  meaning in a few words.

6 Note I’m performing promptly (2,4)
ON TIME –  ON TIME or promptly is an anagram (performing) of NOTE IM.

7 Dull dog writhing in pen (6)
STODGY –  Insert into a STY (pen) an anagram (writhing) of DOG to get an adjective meaning solemnly dull.

13 Forging kit found in Tuscan village (5)
ANVIL –  Something used by a blacksmith in his forge is found in TuscAN VILlage.

15 Following a Spanish hero, I hurried round to find cause of pollution (4,4)
ACID RAIN –  Pollution from the burning of fossil fuels in industrial processes –   A (from the clue) plus CID (the Spanish hero, El Cid) followed by RAN (hurried) with I (from the clue) inserted (round).

16 Rake sips cocktail for Alpine entertainment (5-3)
APRES-SKI –  Cephas does like his anagrams and here’s another –    A cocktail of RAKE SIPS produces  amusements after a day’s skiing in the Alps. (Other ski resorts are available!)

17 Mix up hospital department’s viewpoint (8)
ENTANGLE – I am not sure whether hospitals today refer to the Ear Nose and Throat department but the abbreviation is still of use to crossword setters.   ENT plus ANGLE (viewport) gives us a verb meaning to mix up  or complicate.

18 Airman wandering round yacht station (6)
MARINA –  Wandering  is the 9th anagram indicator in this crossword –   AIRMAN rearranges to MARINA, a berthing area for yachts.

19 Hit second vehicle (6)
STRUCK –  S (second) plus TRUCK (vehicle) gives us the past participle of  strike or hit.

21 Voice three times as much (6)
TREBLE  –  A double definition – a musical term for a high boy’s voice or an adjective meaning three times as much.

23 Joint complaint (4)
BEEF  –  And another  double definition to finish with  –  a joint of meat or an informal term for a complaint or quarrel.

I’ll be back next week with my review of the latest Saturday Mysteron offering.

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  1. 1d was my missing answer from this one – I just couldn’t think of the right synonym for ‘yielding’ – kicking myself now!
    Thanks for the review and to Cephas (?) for a fun puzzle… :)

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