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NTSPP – 091

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 091

A Puzzle by Gazza

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Welcome to the latest in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have another puzzle from Gazza.  By now you should know what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed!

The puzzle is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 091

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13 comments on “NTSPP – 091

  1. I do love a Gazza puzzle and this one is full of his usual cheeky clues and laugh out loud moments. My favourites include 15a, 26a, 8d and 19d but the top one has to be 29a. Thanks once again to Gazza for a lovely fun diversion from what I should have been doing.

      1. Too many anagrams! :grin:

        Thanks to gazza for the entertainment!

        I know we are not supposed to mention solving times – but how long does it take to compile a puzzle?

        1. Hi Franco – don’t know the answer but i had a go in my youth and it took me about a week to fill the grid! Gave up at that!
          These guys that can set enjoyable and amusing puzzles every week have my wholehearted admiration! All I can say is they must have brains the size of planets!

          1. pommers, Fully agree! I take my hat off to them all!

            I always find it very unfair when a setter’s effort is disparaged in these columns.

            (What does “disparaged” mean? Where’s my coat? Hic!)

            1. Agree – no puzzle is bad, just some are better than others – as my dad used to say about beers! People say the puzzle is bad because maybe it’s one they don’t like for some reason or, more usually, one they can’t solve! Doesn’t make it a bad puzzle IMO.

              Hopefully I’ll meet some of the guys, and gals, with giant brains in Derby!

              As to disparage – To dishonor by a comparison with what is inferior; to
              lower in rank or estimation by actions or words; to speak
              slightingly of; to depreciate; to undervalue.
              [1913 Webster]

              I don’t think most people, including me, who post on this blog really have the knowledge to disparage the setter’s efforts! Just say you liked it or not – that’s a matter of personal opinion!

        2. I believe I’ve read somewhere that Rufus (generally considered to be the most prolific setter) produces more than 20 puzzles per week.
          My puny efforts take a lot longer than that (but I haven’t been doing it very long so I won’t be typical). Filling the grid takes about an hour (if it goes well. If I’m not happy with it I scrap it and start again). Then I spend about 30 minutes per day writing clues (I’ve found anything longer is not productive). On a single day I might produce 2 to 4 clues (some days I’m more productive than others) so the clue writing extends over 8-10 days. Then I put it away and revisit it every few days to try honing the clues or to see if I can come up with any better ideas – that phase might last four or five weeks.
          So the elapsed time from start to finish is about 6 weeks but the actual working time probably works out at about 12-15 hours.
          If you’re thinking of having a go I’d really recommend reading Anax’s article – see here. I found it immensely useful.

          1. Thanks for the insight Gazza. I’ve seen the Anax article and it made me think I’ll not try again and I’ll stick as a solver and leave it to you guys to provide the entertainment! Selfish,I know but I just aint that good! There again, Anax is at best tricky, and sometimes unfathomable! (I have so far liked his ‘Elkamere’ Toughies though).

          2. gazza, Thanks very much for the information on setting puzzles!

            We, solvers, should count ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to do the simple(?) task of solving them each day.

            I hope that all those who say a puzzle or a clue is “unpleasant” or “nasty” have read your comments!

            Don’t think I’ll have a go – seems far too difficult to me!

  2. Many thanks to Gazza for a superb crossword. I will be back with a review and my favourites latter today.

  3. Nice thought, unfortunately it’s been written with adobe Flash which of course Apple in its wisdom will not allow so my iPad won’t allow access.

  4. Thanks to Gazza for a good puzzle & to Prolixic for the hints, of which I needed many. Favourites were 12a & 16d, which I got and 22d, which I didn’t .

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