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DT 26628

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26628

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

For me this was one of Ray T’s easier puzzles. As usual you need to think out-of-the-box for some of the answers

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1a    With beagles, a ride turned out nasty (12)
{DISAGREEABLE} – an anagram (turned out) of BEAGLES with A RIDE gives an adjective meaning nasty

9a    Bowled over or knocked for six? (9)
{IMPRESSED} – both parts of this double definition are essentially the same – they are somewhat different results as far as a batsman is concerned!

10a    Supposed, say, one’s invited (5)
{GUEST} – a word that sounds like (say) supposed or suspected is actually someone that is invited

I couldn’t resist this vintage footage of the Fat Man

ARVE Error: need id and provider

11a    Raid on settlement provoking raid (6)
{INROAD} – an anagram (settlement) of raid on gives a raid or assault

12a    Romance about end-of-war conflict (8)
{FRICTION} – put a romance or fantasy around the last letter (end) of waR to get a conflict or disharmony

13a    Wooden tree top having hard exterior (6)
{STOLID} – a word meaning wooden or impassive is created by inserting the first letter (top) of Tree inside (exterior) a word meaning hard or firm

15a    Ecstasy is seized in line-up (8)
{PARADISE} – a synonym for ecstasy is created by putting IS inside (seized in) a line-up or procession

Listen to this recording by Tony Orlando and you will realise how good Billy Fury was [BTW this is the original version]

ARVE Error: need id and provider

Different song, this time one you may not have heard by Buddy Holly

ARVE Error: need id and provider

18a         Start to spout tiresome profanity (8)
{SWEARING} – the initial letter (start) of Spout is followed by an adjective meaning  tiresome to give profanity or bad language

19a         Dashed unfashionable embracing right (6)
{DARTED} – a word meaning dashed or sprinted is created by putting a word meaning unfashionable around (embracing) R(ight)

21a         Almost sick in change, getting butcher (8)
{MUTILATE} – put the first two of a three-letter word meaning sick inside a word meaning to change or transform to get one meaning to butcher or maim

23a         Split from European Community accepted by wet (6)
{DECAMP} – a verb meaning to split or run away is created by putting the European Community inside (accepted by) a synonym for (slightly) wet

26a         Marked refusal to miss a turning (5)
{LINED} – to get a word meaning marked or furrowed take a word meaning a refusal drop (miss) the A and then reverse it (turning)

27a         Ensure good endless variety producing desire (9)
{EROGENOUS} – an anagram (variety) of ENSURE GOO(D) without the final D (endless) gives an adjective meaning  producing erotic desire or gratification

28a         Brilliant Ant and Dec since broadcast around noon (12)
{INCANDESCENT} – A word meaning brilliant is derived by putting an anagram (broadcast) of ANT, DEC and SINCE around N(oon)


1d           Worships bride if I escape clutches (7)
{DEIFIES} – a word meaning worships is hidden inside (clutches) the middle four words of the clue

2d           Neat drink followed by half of beer (5)
{SUPER} – to get a word meaning neat, ace or brill a drink is followed by half of (BE)ER

3d           Soldier in red gear, changing (9)
{GRENADIER} – this soldier is an anagram (changing) of IN RED GEAR

4d           The man’s said by some to give comfort (4)
{EASE} – how a cockney might say “he is” actually means comfort

5d           Tree feller, one working for council (8)
{ALDERMAN} – combine a tree and a feller or chap to get a co-opted member of an English county or borough council, next in status to the Mayor

If you are English, be grateful he’s retired from bowling!

6d           Line of good intellectual coherence initially (5)
{LOGIC} – the initial letters of the first five words gives the science and art of reasoning correctly (defined by the whole clue)

7d           Iron short skirts on time? Not her! (8)
{FEMINIST} – a charade of the chemical symbol for iron, some short skirts and T(ime) gives someone who would be unlikely to iron (or wear) the short skirts

How could I resist the opportunity?

8d           Opinion from good man leading a new church (6)
{STANCE} – this opinion or viewpoint is a charade of Crosswordland’s usual good man, A, N(ew) and the Church of England

14d         Open with a single innuendo (8)
{OVERTONE} – a charade of a word meaning open (5) with a single (not many of those at Edgbaston today – mainly fours!) gives an innuendo

16d         Recognition of a battle on European cape (9)
{AWARENESS} – a word meaning recognition or perception is a charade of A, a battle, E(uropean) and a cape or headland

17d         ‘Indiana’, the man revealing aversion (8)
{ANATHEMA} – hidden inside (revealing) the first three words of the clue is an aversion

18d         Just beginning to seem intimate (6)
{SIMPLY} – an adverb meaning just or quite is created from the initial letter (beginning) of Seem followed by a word meaning to intimate or suggest

20d         Security is held up in warehouse (7)
{DEPOSIT} – to get a security or down payment reverse (held up) IS inside a warehouse

22d         Left port carrying cargo (5)
{LADEN} – L(eft) and a port in the Yemen together give a word meaning carrying cargo

24d         Home for a man, perhaps English (5)
{ABODE} – a home or dwelling is a charade of A, a colloquial word for a man and E(nglish)

25d         Prompt with advance publicity (4)
{GOAD} – a word meaning to prompt or prod is a charade of a word meaning to advance or move with a piece of publicity

Workmen are like buses at times! We have two men fitting a new wood-burning stove in the lounge, two electricians rewiring the bedroom and the decorator, who was supposed to be doing the bedroom reallocated to the kitchen.

Update at 3.00pm: the kitchen is now finished and the wood-burner installed.

There’s still a fair bit of work to be done, but here is the stove and slate fireplace:

The Quick crossword pun: {sack} + {ray} + {blur} = {sacré bleu!}

60 comments on “DT 26628

  1. Lovely puzzle today – passed the time until the start of the Test. Not one of the hardest I’ve tackled, but some nice word play. 17A was interesting – took a while to decide which way round the A and R went, but solved with the checking clues.Particularly enjoyed 21A, 26A 1D and 16D.

  2. I agree that this was at the easier end of the scale for RayT, but enjoyable nevertheless.
    Favourite clue, 7d.
    Thanks to RayT, and to BD.

  3. I actually didn’t think it was a RayT today because it was much easier than his normal Thurs puzzle, having said that, I found 3/4 quite easy but struggled with about a quarter of it, did think some of the readings were a bit ‘iffy’ eg 21a and 1d, liked 4d and 26a

  4. I got in a mess with 12a despite having all the checking letters, as I was trying very hard to make something involving action (as in military action). Easy when you know!

  5. I agree that this was a bit easier than some of Ray T’s puzzles although I didn’t think it was going to be when I first started it. Spent ages avoiding 9a as I was sure it really was to do with cricket – fooled again! The beastly little four letter 25d took a while too – tried to justify “lead” but that wouldn’t fit with 27a etc etc – sorted it out eventually. Really liked 13, 18 and 26a and 1, 2, 5 and 14d. Best of all 7d. Thanks to Ray T and Big Dave.

  6. Very enjoyable today. Last one in 26a, but favourites 5d 7d 14d and 16d. In fact the down clues I thought were better than the across ones!

  7. BD you have my best wishes for a return to domestic stability. There is nothing worse than having builders invading your domestic space, everything goes to pot!

      1. Well done Mrs BD, I am sure by the time she comes home everything will be tidied up and a warm welcome (from the new wood burner) and a nice meal waiting for her :-)

  8. Thanks to RayT for the gentle but enjoyable offering, good luck with the “workies” Dave.

  9. I don’t think l am ever going to get our of the clueless club. My ‘brain’ is not working today (if l have one that is). carrie

      1. It was very nice to meet you too BD and to put a faces to names. Eric had assured me l was going to meet lovely people and l did. I had a great time and thank you for all your help.

    1. Don’t worry carrie, the CC is a nice friendly place and it took me over a year to get out! the criteria for getting out is to solve a puzzle completely unaided by blog, books or any other help, I managed it on a Monday, a Rufus puzzle, however the puzzles finished in this ‘unaided manner’ since then have been few and far between, keep ‘perservating’ :-)

      1. Thank you Mary, a l can some improvement in my crossword solving skills, slowly but surely

  10. From solving time definitely a 3* for difficulty but, 4* for enjoyment. You’re right about thinking outside the box BD. I groaned when I eventually saw 1d within the clue, for a long time ‘magazine’ was the only word I could fit in 15a and 27a is an absolute belter of a clue and is my favourite of the day. I was very pleased to solve this without hints and consider it at about my limit to do so. Thanks to BD for the write up and RayT for an excellent puzzle.

  11. I’d agree with the rating today – most of it went it fairly easily with just a few to really tease the brain cells. Took a while to get the wordplay for 21 & 26a (BD – you seem to have stopped a bit short in the hint for 26a? Distracted by workmen, I’m sure!), and finished with 27a & 25d. I admit to resorting to electronic help for the anagram at 27a – I had been thinking ‘prod’ for 25d, so had the ‘r’ mentally in the wrong place! 25d soon clicked once I got that.

    Thanks to Ray and BD – hope you get your house back to yourself soon. :-)

      1. I had this about a month ago.
        I had- two guys mending the conservatory
        Another painting outside
        And another waterproofing the Sun House.

        I was supposed to be painting, but actually, all I did was boil the kettle. AND they ate all my biscuits!

      2. Wouldn’t mind betting that at the end of the day you’ll be short of several mugs (I mean the kind you drink out of!!) and that after a month you’ll still be finding them in the most unlikely places!

  12. I struggled with this today, particularly the SW corner. It was a relief to finally finish.

    So I’m leaving the Toughie until later, when I can get some peace.

    Will tomorrow bring a Gamebird theme I wonder?

  13. Enjoyable fare from Ray T. I agree that this was not as tricky as some of his crosswords but a delight all the same. Thanks to the setter and to BD for the review. Favourite clue was 7d.

  14. Thanks to Ray for a very nice crossword and to BD for the hints.

    If you think having workmen interrupts the cryptic flow, try having a brother and a brother-in-law who think they might like to help you sort out the crossword. I don’t really want to go back to work next week but at least I will be solving without interruptions :)

    1. There’s nothing more irritating than someone trying to help you with the crossword, unless it is someone who starts your crossword before you’ve even looked at it! :smile:

  15. You will perhaps excuse my sharing the following with you as I happen to have Test Match Special on the radio:

    A listener has drawn Malcolm’s attention to the fact that the two Indian bowlers I. Sharma and A. Mishra are anagrams of each other. I don’t suppose that it is of any earthly use to you other than to bring a smile to your face as you ponder one of life’s curiosities…

      1. Yes, well done, Gazza. I have recently learned, in a similar vein, that ‘cricket shot’ is an anagram of Trescothick…

        1. My Dear Old Thing, lots of anagrams on Test Match Special today, including:-

          Geoffrey Boycott – Grotty Coffee Boy.

          Sachin Tendulkar – And I lack the runs.

          1. Topper! Excellent Stuff!. I have just uploaded the review for Sunday’s puzzle due tomorrow Midday – not many people need it as opposed to last Saturday’s but I thought I would show willing!. I have also submitted 2 paltry efforts on Anax’s DIY COW so I might spend the rest of the evening in Southampton with the Times Crossy and a list of cricketers to anagram. Living high on the hog here but it is better than Slough!

            1. DIY COW – I used to read this site but, now when I enter via the link on the right-hand panel of this blog, I always get a very strict warning from McAfee not to go there?

              1. You may well be using Internet Explorer or older Firefox as a browser. There was a problem with some of the images on the hosting site graphics for some reason but I think iti is now resolved.. The site is fine (and has changed servers recently) and I/we have had no warnings for about some months. Have a go and see what happens!

            2. I really like a couple of your entries this week Gnomie :-) , I tend to rush in with mine and then think about them later!!

          2. A very old cricket joke – an English Batsman on tour in Pakistan kept failing innings after innings – the commentator said about him … “if you can’t get the runs in Pakistan, you’ll never get them anywhere”.

            1. Another one . . .
              Phone rings –
              “Hello, Melbourne Cricket Club”
              “I’d like to speak to Mike Brearley please”
              “Ah, sorry, he’s just gone out to bat”
              “That’s OK, I’ll hold”

  16. Really enjoyed this, it cheered me up after having our house valued at less than we hoped.
    struggled a bit with 2 in the Sw corner, so needed welcome hints, thanks.
    liked 7d (pity no picture !) and esp 28a.

  17. I knew this was a Ray T, depressing and frustrating. For some reason he seems to have a detestation of phrases which for me are the best type of clues. Here’s hoping for a nice Giovanni tomorrow to make up for today.

  18. New First for me today…….. Finally managed a RayT without needing your hints Dave :-)
    Admittedly used an anagram solver for one or two but a great improvement on my previous attempts with Ray.
    Feeling well chuffed.

    1. Well done Nigel!
      Not sure an anagram solver is really cheating. Cracking an anagram is just a matter of time. OK, perhaps a lot of time if it’s a long anagram but always gettable. Once you’ve worked out the definition, indicator and fodder you’ve cracked the clue and so done the hard work. The rest is just crunching!

  19. Re 7d piccy;
    I remember the Terry Pratchett quotation – “If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you haven’t got it, flaunt it even more.”

  20. This was a RayT for ‘RayT virgins’ to finally get there!
    Excellent puzzle and wasn’t 26a sublime?
    Really enjoyed this one and pommette got 95% without help (26a and the 1a anagram I helped with)!
    Thanks to RayT and BD for the review – nice piccies!

    BTW, netbook not dead but needs new keyboard – that’ll teach it to drink red wine when it’s underage! Using 10 year old Tosh at the moment but it works (sort of)!

  21. 25d finally clicked into place before I visited this site. Hoorah, I got it right! A Friend and I have noticed that recent daily cryptics have been a little harder than usual (last week’s I mean). I welcome a slightly harder brain tax, but wonder what everyone else feels? Somewhere between not-so-easy and toughie is good for me, but some might favour a gentler build-up to the week’s finale. What does everyone else think?

  22. Nice puzzle… but very very easy. I know we don’t put times in here, but I was well under half my usual solving time. Even my wife noticed that I’d pottered through it quickly. I’ll be back to usual tomorrow I’m sure.

    Favourite was probably 26a – very nice set-up.

    Thanks to RayT and BD.



  23. I got rather stuck in the south east corner today……..held up a little on 12 convincing myself it |i had to add R to faction till the penny dropped.

  24. Dave – don’t know if you are aware, or whether it’s only me and pommers, but we have some big blank spaces in the blog today. I think where You-Tube videos ought to be. Very odd!

    1. No problems with “blank spaces in the blog” here in Blighty. Just re-played all today’s YouTube clips – just to further my musical education.

      Just watched “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. What next for an insomniac?

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