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Come and join us!

If you are in or near the Cheltenham area why not come along and join us.

Tonight at the Kemble Brewery Inn, 27 Fairview Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 2JF from 7.00pm to 10.00pm and afterwards at the Curry Corner – I’ll be there with John “Elgar” Henderson and Eric Westbrook.

Tomorrow at the Midland Hotel, opposite Cheltenham Station (see the sticky post).  If you haven’t booked then don’t worry – you can pay on the door.  Admission is £10.00 which includes an introductory glass of wine and a self-service buffet, entry for the competition and a donation to the RNIB.  If you don’t want to enter the competion, then come along anyway.  Elgar and Warbler are among the setters who have indicated that they will be there.

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  1. Love to be there but unfortunately we’re not in the UK again until November. I’d like to meet Warbler as I really like her puzzles and also Elgar, just to find out what sort of person can be so fiendish!!!!!
    Have a great time and don’t forget to post the photos!

  2. Have fun y’all!. Regarding the “Introductory glass of wine” I think that is a bit patronising since I imagine that the majority of attendees would need no (re)introduction. If not patronising then potentially insidious for the newbies (“Not so fast, Nick ‘O’ Teen” and all that!).


  3. To all those of you who are going to the Midland Hotel, I hope you have a good day and that much enjoyment is had by all.

  4. Heard Elgar waxing lyrical on the radio this morning about this, a good piece. Have fun y’all

        1. Thanks for that Gnomey!
          Funny but Elgar/Enigmatist sounds like a perfectly normal person!

          1. He looks like one too – if you are ever in the UK when there is a Sloggers and Betters you will see for yourself. Mrs Cephas and I discussed how if you looked at a group of setters sitting quietly togther you would never realise how much evil lurked within. We agreed that if they were ever lured to the ‘dark side’ the country would be doomed :)

            1. God forbid that ‘luring’ takes place!
              I really will try to get to one of these meets – maybe next year.
              I’d love to meet a load of people that are just names at the moment.

  5. Well I just purchased a DAB sports radio and was shuffling through the channels etc, you now boys and toys etc, so it was either radio 4 or radio5live, hope this helps

  6. As far as the attendees at the Midland Hotel are concerned, I do hope nobody treads on their hands as they are walking home tonight…

  7. Good pics, Dave. Thanks to you, Eric, John and others for a fun, if challenging(!), day. Maybe it was a good job there was no real ale at the Midland . . .

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