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DT 26493

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26493

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

We have had a bright and sunny weekend here in the Touraine, so lots of gardening chores have been done. The weather is still bright and sunny today, although cold. As for the crossword – it presented no major problems today, all in all – simply a pleasant solve.

The answers can be found by highlighting the space between the curly brackets.


1. Lose one’s grip and take no further action (4,3,4)
{DROP THE CASE} – A grip could also be a valise or item of luggage…

9. Planning finally approved — delighted! (9)
{GRATIFIED} – The last letter (finally) of planning, and then a word for formally approved produces a word that means pleased or satisfied.

10. Difficulty in hearing (5)
{TRIAL} – A double definition, something that is annoying, or a judicial examination.

11. Vagrants making racket in back street (6)
{TRAMPS} – A slang term for a swindle is placed within a reversed (back) ST (street) to get a word for hobos or drifters.

12. Darts and quivers of the regular kind (8)
{STANDARD} – An anagram (quivers) of DARTS AND is something of the usual or accepted kind.

13. Hemp is used in making this jacket (6)
{REEFER} – Hemp is another word for cannabis, and term for a marijuana cigarette is also a short, heavy, close-fitting, double-breasted jacket.

15. Trust to chance, as a busy artist will do (4,4)
{DRAW LOTS} – A term for determining an event, or making a decision by choosing straws for example, could also be what someone who sketches many pictures does.

18. Strange virus one may pick up on holiday (8)
{SOUVENIR} – An anagram (strange) of VIRUS ONE is a memento.

19. He remains in the running for a long time (6)
{STAYER} – A person who has the powers of endurance or perseverance.

21. Value a quiet expression of approval (8)
{APPRAISE} – A P (quiet – piano) followed by a word that describes the act of expressing commendation or admiration results in a word that means to assess the worth or quality of something.

23. Gunners return to lines with weapons (6)
{ARROWS} – Reverse (return) R.A. (Royal Artillery) and then add a word for an arrangement of things in lines and you should have the sort of weapons you would use with a bow.

26. Plans to move aside (5)
{IDEAS} – An anagram (to move) of ASIDE.

27. Introduced new dietitian (9)
{INITIATED} – Another anagram (new) of DIETITIAN for a word that can mean to set something going, or to get something started

28. What missionaries aim to do? It’s not true (4-7)
{MAKE-BELIEVE} – A word that means pretence, could also be what a religious person might try to do to someone who isn’t.


1. Sirius makes shadows on pitch (7)
{DOGSTAR} – a celestial body, part of the constellation of Canis Major is constructed from a word that means to track or trail something persistently, followed by another word for bitumen.

2. Ring a poor actor up somewhere in America (5)
{OMAHA} – O (ring) and then a word for A performer who overacts or exaggerates is then reversed (up) to produce the largest city in the state of Nebraska.

3. ‘Dog gets bit’ — final news item (9)
{TAILPIECE} – Another word for dog, as in to follow and keep under surveillance, plus a word for a portion, or amount when joined together is something that comes at the end.

4. Live up to a wicked description (4)
{EVIL} – Reverse (up) LIVE.

5. They hear and sum up all the accounts (8)
{AUDITORS} – Double definition.

6. Public school, we hear, is absorbed in the system (5)
{EATEN} – A word that sounds (we hear) like ETON is also to have taken in food

7. Infers total used is incorrect (7)
{ALLUDES} – ALL (total) followed by an anagram (is incorrect) of USED for a word that means to make indirect references.

8. After cover-up, a politician is shilly-shallying (8)
{DILATORY} – The sort of cover you might find on a saucepan, is reversed (up) and then followed by A Conservative politician for a word that means “tending or inclined to delay or waste time”.

14. Sally in deep trouble when turned out (8)
{EQUIPPED} – The sort of sally that is a sudden quick witticism is placed inside an anagram (trouble) of DEEP for a word that describes something that is provided or fitted out with what is necessary.

16. Riverside plant? (5,4)
{WATER MILL} – The sort of plant that uses the power of a stream or river to drive a mechanical process e.g. making flour.

17. A measure of a pickpocket’s credit (8)
{DIPSTICK} – A slang term for a pickpocket, and then a term for an amount of credit, is also the sort of measure you might use to check the level of oil in your car.

18. Disease possibly spread by water (7)
{SEASIDE} – An anagram (possibly spread) of DISEASE is an area found by the ocean for example.

20. Balance to settle around mid-January (7)
{RESIDUE} – A word that means to live somewhere is then put around the middle letter of January, can also be the remainder of something.

22. A mass rising in Indian state (5)
{ASSAM} – A with a reversed (rising) MASS is an Indian state and type of tea. Corrected as per Rednaxela.

24. Bizarre sort of route (5)
{OUTRE} – Another anagram (sort of) of ROUTE.

25. It’s risky going out on this shoot (4)
{LIMB} – The sort of shoot that is really one of the larger branches of a tree.

The Quick crossword pun: {counsel} + {louse} = {council house} [rather surprisingly this was given in the following day’s newspaper as {councillors}]

69 comments on “DT 26493

  1. Usual Monday plain-sailing but I agree with Libellule it was enjoyable and hopefully sets the greyish matter working for the rest of the week!

  2. Very pleasant start to week after yesterdays travails! Never heard the term in 11a before but didn’t really need it. Best clue for me was 28a but enjoyed most of the puzzle. Thanks Libellule for the excellent review. Looking forward to another Ray T free week :-)

  3. A great start to week . many nice clues . Just finished over aCoffee ,Now washing out on a Fosty, sunny Morning in Notrthumberland
    Thanks L & Mon setter.

  4. 1a was my favourite clue today in what was a very enjoyable but straightforward Monday.
    Thanks to Libellule and to Rufus. We have good sunshine in North Kent today and are just recovering from an overnight air frost.

  5. Started the morning by finishing yesterdays’ ST, finally got it done. That must have got the old grey cells working as I completed todays without to much hassle. Last one in was 12a, didn’t pick up on the anagram at first.
    Thanx to Compiler and Libellule for the review.

  6. After yesterdays this was a pleasant start to the week especially liked 1d 6d 17d 9a 15a thanks to Libellule for the hints and to the setter

  7. As usual an amiable start to the crossword week from Rufus though only just over a one-stopper this week – hopefully Mary will have an influx of members to the JOCC today! Favourite clue was 28a.

    Many thanks to Rufus for the crossword and to Libellule for the review.

    1. If I do Prolixic, they will be smarter than me! I don’t know why but my brain was not functioning today and I found this harder than Rufus normally is :(

  8. Nice start with lots of easy anagrams to help. 17d was only slow one for me and resorted to clue due to busy day ahead. Thanks again to setter and solver.

  9. Very enjoyable start to the week – Foolishly put ‘Lily’ as the second word for 16d, which slowed me down somewhat! Fav clue – 16d.
    Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

        1. Very good… For those not in the know, this refers to a ‘Viz’ character – Finbar Saunders and his double entendres!

  10. As per the comments above – I also didn’t see the anagram indicator in 12a, and ‘ramp’ was a new term to me.(Though it was possible to complete the puzzle anyway). Have a good day all.

  11. I liked 28a best. 17d was also good. 19a was poor.

    I foolishly put in applause for 21a although I suspected it was wrong but all the cross letters fitted so I thought it must be right and came here to see why.

  12. Good morning Libelulle, from once again sunny West Wales, against the rest of the comments, this was not one of my favourite Rufus crosswords, lots to do today and not really into it, as well as one dog being sick and another waiting to have biopsy on paw! However excuses aside, I stupidly put draw pins for 15a!! which didn’t help in 8d, also totally missed the anagram indicator in 12a, clever one, so thanks for putting me right Libelulle and to Rufus once again :)

      1. Thanks Kath, will let you know how she gets on, she has to go in on Thurs under anaesthetic, at least her sister has stopped being sick now (hopefully)

  13. It was similarly sunny in the Languedoc and is very warm today. Now, down to the Xword

  14. The usual gentle start of the working week. I was at the doctor’s surgery this morning and did the xword during the wait. Plenty of chortles! I particularly liked 9a and 18a for beautiful surfaces. I thought 8d missed the chance for a much smoother reading as “After a cover-up, politician is shilly-shallying.” Placing the “a” like this hides the charade more and results in a more convincing surface.

    Absolute topper today was 28a. I just love very clever cryptic defs.

    For those who know Dutch scryptograms, they almost exclusively use crypdefs and exploit the vagueries of idiomatic language up the hilt.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule!

  15. Easy start to the week as usual. Best was 12 for the misdirection. Also thought 1a 1d 3 15 23 and 28 were good too. Personally, I would like a harder puzzle on Monday as there is no Toughie. Still, it was most enjoyable with no newbie or dweeb moments. Thanks to setter.

  16. A pleasant and amusing puzzle for me to start the week. Can now go out into the Northumberland sunshine, but it’s still canny nippy here. Thanks to the setter and all bloggers. Ido like to follow the banter.

  17. Just back from Fuertaventura and getting back in the swing. A gentle start to the week, just as well as the brain cells are a bit befuddled with all the tapas and sangria. Not a lot of culture there apart from Betancuria but for a week it was pleasant enough.
    Now going to see if I can get the prize puzzles on line filled in.
    Thanks to Libellule and to Rufus.

  18. Oh bother! I had “ball” as the final word in 1a. That explains why I couldn’t find a word (other than “Latin”) to fit 6d. What’s more, my subconscious kept telling me that the “T” and “N” meant it had to be that particular public school, but my conscious mind was too pig-headed to listen! Oh well, you live and learn.

    An enjoyable puzzle nonetheless. Thanks as always for the hints.

  19. It was the same for me, LBW, and I put ‘lily’ as the second word for 16d. Sorted myself out eventually, but needed a good deal of help and didn’t enjoy this much, on the whole. If this is the easiest of the week I am in for a hard time! But there were a number of clues that amused me, once I’d worked them out. Best were 15 and 28a. :-)

    1. Sorry, I meant abw, of course. Brain not functioning today. And thanks to Rufus and Libellule. from sunny Geneva.

  20. Usual good quality stuff from Rufus, although surely 7D should have been “implies” (or “suggests”) rather than “infers”, which is not synonymous with the solution?

    1. I had the same thought, but Chambers disagrees. For infer one of its meanings is “to imply (often condemned as a misuse, but generally accepted for over four centuries)”.

  21. After a short break from Crosswordland, this was a gentle, though pleasant, solve. I read 22d as A followed by MASS rising – a reversal, although it is an anagram also. Thanks to setter and Libellule for the review

      1. I sometimes – no often – get confused about whether these things work in a down clue, but it seemed to work for me on this occasion!

  22. Perhaps my brain isn’t in gear, but I really struggled today for the first time in a long time. Good fun though, and I really enjoyed 15a 17d.

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule!

    As weather reports seem de rigueur on this blog, I’d like to report its lovely and sunny in West Kent and the crocuses and early daffs look lovely in my garden.

  23. Agree with all the above, gentle, enjoyable start to the cryptic week, thanks Rufus. My favourite clue was 1a. Lovely sun and blue sky here today just a shame I am stuck in the office – a long walk and a pub lunch would have been much nicer.

  24. Agree with all the above – the only two that took a while were 4d (please nobody ask me why – just being stupid!) and 15a for no obvious reason.
    I think I would have spelt ‘dietitian’ with a ‘C’ (apart from the fact that it would not have been an anagram meaning ‘introduced’) – will go and look it up in a minute – am almost certainly wrong!
    Best clues, for me, today include 1, 12, 18 and 28a and 18d – best of all 17d.
    Lovely sunny day – dog walk then gardening I think.
    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  25. Usual Monday. Easiest of the week for most, regularly the hardest of the week for me. Bit sleepy today, but generally just not on the same wavelength as rufus. Got there in the end though, but not setting any records!

    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  26. Many thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for a most enjoyable and gentle start to the week.

  27. Did not find this very easy and further complicated matters by convincing myself that the plant in16D was a mole! It rather threw the bottom right out for a while.
    Thanks to setter and Libellule for the hints.

  28. Apart from an attempt to make armory fit into 22a this Rufus puzzle didn’t hold any extereme challenges. The usual degree of difficulty, but not as amusing as of late – perhaps a visit from the VAT-man this morning is to blame!?

      1. Very – I thought we were due a refund, but it looks like we owe HMRC money! There goes the holiday !! And the bonus !!!

        1. As they say:” there are 2 things in life you can’t avoid – death & taxes” The b#ggers will get you every time unless you’re a high street bank with offices in the Cayman islands, Bermuda, Jersey etc etc…

  29. No real problems with this one, just a slight delay on seeing 3d & 17d despite having all the checking letters and some deeper thought required in the NE corner. Favourites included 12, 15 & 18a and 1, 8 & 16d.
    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  30. Did quite a few then got notably stuck on 1a and 1d, for which I needed hints – then managed to complete, but not without also putting lily in 16d, which didn’t help with 28a, until I saw the error of my hasty ways! Last in was 7d – liked 8d and 15a but agree with others above that 28a was the clue of the day. Weather report from West Berks – hard frost overnight but beautiful sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky – at last!!!! (But will it last??)

  31. Late on parade tonight because of bridge and stopping for a drinkie on the way home!
    Enjoyed today’s, done over said drinkie, and Pommette got most of it! She won’t be needing me soon – apart from the tiling of the back wall of the house which I keep finding excuses for not doing!
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule – a sterling job by both!

    Maybe back later to see if the after Eighters are there – dinner is calling.

    1. Ah pommers, nice to know someone is still interested! As one of the ‘after eighters’ I rarely comment during the week as I reckon it’s all been said by the time I get here. Anyway this was, as most agree, an enjoyable and not too tricky start to the week. Like Michael (11) I put applause for 21a & was struggling to make value fit in – so many thanks Libellule, and thanks to Rufus too for a great accompaniment to dinner :-) Favourites today were 1a and 28a.

      1. Hi Claire

        Pommette also wanted applause but I always say to her that if you can’t justify it then it’s probably wrong. At that point I hadn’t spotted the answer but knew it wasn’t applause because it didn’t work with the wordplay.Got it after a while and of course the right answer works perfectly – see what I mean?

        Not many after eighters around tonight.

  32. Very late today as I’ve been dealing with stuff for care home, preparing for Mother going in, and fielding anxious calls from her etc,etc. Now I can relax & get at the crossword!

    1. Tricky time Sarah, hope your mum settles – and that the crossword provided a good diversion

  33. An exceptionally quickly-solved puzzle from The Jolly Roger this Monday although somewhat heavy in anagrams!
    I liked : 1a, 13a, 15a, 23a, 1d, 3d, 16d & 17d.

    Re 13a – it isn’t mentioned under jacket in Chambers Crossword Dictionary but is of course in Big Chambers (A -Z).

    Weather here in NL is sunny but very cold.

      1. Regarding the after 8 club how does one join. Is there a form to fill in? How much does it cost? Is there a time limit? Does anyone know?

        1. Entry is FREE !!!!! You just have to be able to stay awake. Ainsley started this but has been conspicuous by his absence tonight

  34. I am only a week into being a crossworder and can’t get the level. No problems with Obs or ST but struggled with this!!
    Is this normal?

  35. I thought this was a lovely crossword. My favourite was 28 a which gave me one of those lovely “aaaahhhhh” moment.s Last to go in was 14d.

  36. Totally off topic, & I’m not so sure how many will read this, but does anyone know of the spread of time zones on the blog?
    We know the BIPOLARBEAR is somewhere in the USA, MARY in Wales, DEREK in the Netherlands, & we’re in Spain.
    Claims for the most SOUTHLY and EASTLY awaited.

  37. Slightly surprised to see that the Quick Crossword pun is shown in Tuesday’s Telegraph as ‘councillors’. My PinC and I agreed with Libellule that it was ‘council house’. Still, only a bit of fun. The cryptic was a very amusing Rufus (as was his Guardian offering on the same day) and my PinC called it a light relief after a heavy weekend.

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