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NTSPP – 050 (Comments)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 050

Old Timers by Radler

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Welcome to the fiftieth in our series of weekly puzzles.

The title of this puzzle by Radler is a cryptic reference to its theme.

The puzzle by Radler will be available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 050

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6 comments on “NTSPP – 050 (Comments)

  1. Having got the thematic answers, I am struggling to finish this. 30 + 27 has always been my favourite. Will cogitate for a while …

  2. Thanks to Radler for a very entertaining puzzle with plenty of penny-drop moments. I didn’t notice that the sign between 24 and 15 in 6/18 was a division sign rather than a plus sign for some time (very subtle!). Favourite clues: 4d, 17d and 22d.

  3. I always have to work that much harder to solve a Radler puzzle and today was no exception to that rule. I got the theme and completed quite a lot on paper, having to go on line to the interactive version to get some helpful letters to enable me to finish off. Thanks Radler for the mind stretching.

  4. Came back and managed to finish. Some d’oh moments mainly when I realised i split 8 + 10 wrongly, when all began to make sense.

    Thanks Radler for the workout.

  5. Very good indeed. I enjoyed 2 and 3 when the penny dropped at the end. The theme (“How?” – very clever!) helped me get 27, having got 4 and 8+10, then I realised what 28 must be and got 30, then sussed what 24 had to be. I found it quite challenging to complete so used reveal letter a few times, and still can’t parse 1d correctly. I needed to look up 22d who I now recall. There were some well-hidden definitions too, such as 8, 14 and 22. The last two words of 13 have only just dawned on me – clever!
    Thanks, Radler

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