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Toughie No 110

Toughie No 110 by Jed

A very easy Toughie – have a go at this one!

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I look forward four days a week to battling with the Toughie.  This one was a pale impersonation of a Toughie, and was easier than the standard daily cryptic.


1a Friend in European city embracing daughter Hannah, perhaps (10)
{PALINDROME} – PAL (friend) IN then an Italian city around (embracing) D(aughter) giving a  type of word of which Hannah is an example (perhaps)

6a Drop openers for one match in tournament (4)
{OMIT} – the first letters of One Match In Tournament spell out a synonym for drop

10a Frighten Duke with older relative (5)
{DAUNT} – D(uke) and your mother’s sister give a synonym for frighten that was also in last Sunday’s puzzle

11a Like extended forecast for the Rockies, say (4-5)
{LONG-RANGE} – a double definition – an extended weather forecast; how you might describe a chain of mountains (the Rockies, say)

12a Most of food in navy at sea is fish (7)
{ANCHOVY} – CHO(w) (most of food) inside an anagram (at sea) of NAVY gives a small fish

13a Concealment of deliveries in vessel (5-2)
{COVER-UP} – OVER (a set of deliveries in cricket) inside a vessel that is often awarded as a prize gives a synonym for concealment, particularly when perpetrated by someone in a position of authority

14a Never meeting obstacles in gymnastic event (8,4)
{PARALLEL BARS} – one of two lines which never meet then some obstacles gives a gymnastic event

18a Initially discover drug in strange phials in US city (12)
{PHILADELPHIA} – D(iscover – initially) E(cstasy – drug) inside two different anagrams of PHIAL (two phials); you have probably worked out the US city long before resolving the wordplay!

21a Establishes a secret organization (7)
{CREATES} – a not very difficult anagram (organization) of A SECRET gives a synonym for establishes

23a It’s inconvenient having a lot of power in one part of hospital (7)
{AWKWARD} – KW (kilowatt / a lot of power) inside A WARD (one part of hospital) gives a word meaning inconvenient

24a Expressed amazement, finding limited edition by poet (9)
{MARVELLED} – ED (limited EDition) follows a British poet to give a word meaning expressed amazement

25a In English basic education, nothing that’s wrong (5)
{ERROR} – E(nglish) RRR (the three Rs / Reading wRiting and aRithmetic / basic education) with O (nothing) inside give something that’s wrong

26a Secluded retreat in Sloane Street (4)
{NEST} – a retreat is hidden (secluded) in the rest of the clue

27a Agree to write (10)
{CORRESPOND} – a reasonably easy double definition completes the across clues


1d Itinerant trader, one using bike, say (6)
{PEDLAR} – this itinerant trader sounds like (say) pedaller (one using bike)

2d Take meal outside a boat (6)
{LAUNCH} – a midday snack (meal) around (outside) A gives a power-driven boat

3d Patriotic song that inspires uprising (8,6)
{NATIONAL ANTHEM} – God Save the Queen or, for Dr b, The Star Spangled Banner

4d Three good passes help to win this sporting event (5-4)
{RELAY-RACE} – three passes, four competitors, just don’t drop the baton

5d Servant in charge? That’s crazy (5)
{MANIC) – MAN (servant – as in My Man Jeeves)  IC (in charge) giving a synonym for crazy

7d Young person on vessel from Mediterranean island (8)
{MINORCAN} – a legal term for a young person then a CAN (vessel) give a name for someone from this Balearic Island

8d Very French amorous move creates offence (8)
{TRESPASS} – TRES (very, French) and an amorous move that, allegedly, men never make to a girl who wears glasses gives the offence of entering unlawfully upon another’s land

9d Complaint one never gets at home (6,8)
{TRAVEL SICKNESS} – but you can get it while going on holiday

15d Scandinavian, part of race north of German areas (9)
{LAPLANDER} – one circuit of the track then LANDER (areas, German) for someone from the land of the reindeer

16d Epics composed by soldiers, for example (8)
{SPECIMEN} – an anagram (composed) of EPICS then MEN (one of many synonyms for soldiers that get used in crosswords) give an example

17d Guns of no use at the front? (8)
{SIDEARMS} – nor at the back, only on the right and left

19d Brazilian city with pub, initially, in Spanish quarter (6)
{BARRIO} – the hardest answer, but the wordplay leads you all the way – RIO (Brazilian city) preceded by (with … initially) BAR (pub) gives a Spanish-speaking community

20d Was devoted to a party on the far left (6)
{ADORED} – A DO (a party) then the colour of the Communist flag (the far left) gives a word meaning was devoted to

22d Part of colossal volley? (5)
{SALVO} – a mini-&lit to finish – the answer is hidden (part of) in the rest of the clue

Have you completed the puzzle?  Was it as easy as I said?  It wasn’t a bad puzzle, just disappointing.   Have your say via the comments.

6 comments on “Toughie No 110

  1. I will leave a comment… I agree with you completely.
    The normal cryptic today was “tougher” than the “not so” Toughie. As could be seen by the times that were being clocked on CluedUp when I printed my copy off. The fastest time for the Toughie was half of that clocked for the normal crossword. e.g. 10 minutes for the Toughie, and 20 minutes for the normal.
    I can only assume that somebody inadvertently picked up an old Monday crossword and labelled it a Toughie.

  2. I don’t care if this was the easiest Toughie in the history of crosswords cos I managed it in 15 minutes and that’s a first for me. Am going to celebrate this evening with a little sip or six of plonk!

  3. I can’t help thinking that I have seen this puzzle before. I cannot be certain of course, but a lot of the solutions are familar for some reason.

  4. Okay – it was easy and perhaps shouldn’t have been under the ‘toughie’ title, but I so enjoyed some of the clues – particularly the travel sickness one and the national anthem. I liked the humour of word associations and for me it was entertaining, rather than a bit of a slog!!

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