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DT 28872

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28872

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***


Hello, everyone.  I’m back again because it’s my turn to stand in for our 2Kiwis while they’re off touring India.  In the hints below most indicators are italicized and definitions are underlined.  Clicking on the Answer buttons will reveal the answers.  In some hints hyperlinks provide additional explanation or background.  Clicking on a picture will enlarge it or display a bonus illustration.  Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.



1a    Only virtues required for potential monks (7)
NOVICES:  Splitting these potential monks (2,5) gives a phrase equivalent to ‘only virtues’

5a    Left of centre and mad with desire (7)
CRAVING:  Put together the first letter of (left of) CENTRE and mad or deranged

9a    Trap -- and any animal caught therein? (5)
PANDA:  This animal is found hiding in (… caught therein) the first three words of the clue.  It’s unusual to find the definition located inside the clue rather than at one end of it

10a   New grain storage facility can be decorated (9)
GARNISHED:  Follow an anagram (new) of GRAIN with a storage facility that might be found in the back garden

11a   Determination left in suitor one upset (10)
RESOLUTION:  An abbreviation for left is inserted in an anagram (upset) of SUITOR ONE

12a   Searches may expose cunning (4)
ARCH:  The first word of the clue is hiding (may expose) the answer

14a   Piece of music that sees mates turn in drunk, last of all (12)
INSTRUMENTAL:  An anagram (drunk) of MATES TURN IN followed by the last letter of ALL

18a   Change may include a time for exchange of words (12)
CONVERSATION:  A noun synonym of change contains (may include) A from the clue and the physics symbol for time

21a   Draw attention to line crossed by one that's smoked (4)
FLAG:  The abbreviation for line inserted in an informal word for a cigarette

22a   Outlandish -- like Humpty Dumpty? (3-3-4)
OFF-THE-WALL:  Taken literally, the answer describes where Humpty Dumpty ended up

25a   Expose satirical sketches about Republican fringes (9)
OUTSKIRTS:  Cement together expose or make public and some satirical sketches containing (about) an abbreviation for Republican

26a   Cross, using international tariff (5)
IRATE:  A charade of the single-letter abbreviation for international and a synonym of tariff

27a   Urge to be hugged by accomplished leading lady (7)
DOYENNE:  A (3) urge or desire is contained in (hugged by) accomplished or completed

28a   Separate good people within group (7)
SEGMENT:  The abbreviation for good and some male people are both contained by (within) a group



1d    Yearn to cook over soft table linen (6)
NAPERY:  An anagram (… to cook) of YEARN containing (over) the (1) musical abbreviation for soft

2d    Defeat without question and disappear (6)
VANISH:  An (8) word for defeat has an abbreviation for question deleted (without question)

3d    Doctor held glance, being called into question (10)
CHALLENGED:  An anagram (doctor… ) of HELD GLANCE

4d    Sense of location for broadcast (5)
SIGHT:  One of the five senses is a homophone (for broadcast) of a word meaning location

5d    Limo work with student in snub for religion? (5,4)
CARGO CULT:  Concatenate the type of vehicle that a limo is, work or operate, and a word meaning snub or ignore containing the usual single letter indicating a student driver (student in snub).  Click here for an explanation of the answer

6d    A daughter, about six, is enthusiastic (4)
AVID:  A from the clue and the genealogical abbreviation for daughter sandwiching (about) the Roman numerals for six

7d    Is left in with theirs, sadly (8)
INHERITS:  An anagram (sadly) of IN THEIRS

8d    Follow up issue, having minor responsibility? (8)
GODCHILD:  The reversal (up, in a down clue) of follow or tail, followed by issue or descendant

13d   Showing great respect around company and getting better (10)
RECOVERING:  A word meaning ‘showing great respect’ is wrapped around a usual abbreviation for company

15d   Regiment ask for certainty protecting group assigned a particular job (4,5)
TASK FORCE:  The first four words of the clue are hiding (protecting) the answer

16d   Raised platform high up in burn (8)
SCAFFOLD:  The reversal (up, in a down clue) of high or rotting is inserted in burn with hot liquid or steam

17d   Foot soldiers shot after home supporter (8)
INFANTRY:  A shot or attempt comes after both the usual word for home and a supporter or follower

19d   Price of nuts up -- period (6)
DAMAGE:  The reversal (up, in a down clue) of nuts or crazy is followed by a period or length of time

20d   Job finally accepted by perceptive chap (6)
ALBERT:  The last letter (… finally) of JOB is inserted in (accepted by) perceptive or aware to give a male name

23d   Put up across street for experiments (5)
TESTS:  The reversal (up, in a down clue) of put or place containing (across) the abbreviation for street

24d   Wrong to pinch king and hide (4)
SKIN:  A wrong or lapse containing (to pinch) the chess abbreviation for king


Thanks to today’s setter for a pleasant solve.  If there’s a reason for using the same reversal indicator four times in the down clues I’m not seeing it, and that repetition reduced my enjoyment of this puzzle.  But I did think 7d was clever, I admired the lurker in 15d, and the Quickie pun suggested something to do after work.  Which clues did you like best?


The Quick Crossword pun:  MOW + HEAT + TOWS = MOJITOS

35 comments on “DT 28872

  1. Thanks Mr.K.
    Typically well and fairly clued by Jay, last one in was the chap at 20d. I needed the internet to check the cult and the table fabric.
    After three fairly benign puzzles, I feel I am about to experience a Ray-T horror tomorrow.
    27a was my favourite, nice word.
    Not sure why, but the online FT page seems to have gone on strike.
    Thanks both.

  2. 3* / 3*. Quite challenging and generally enjoyable but not UP to Jay’s normal standard of excellence. I tend not to notice repetitive devices but today’s multiple repeats of UP stuck out like a sore thumb.

    I needed to Google my answer to 5d as I had never previously heard of that term.

    Many thanks to Jay and to Mr K for putting in overtime.

  3. Despite 1a and 1d being quite easy, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I kept trying to put “s” with an an anagram of “yearn” for 1d, and came up with nothing that could match table linen. It took me to the end of solving to remember that I had to use “p”. 22a was first in followed by the lurker in 15d. I managed to work out 5d but had to check it as I hadn’t heard of it. I’m not sure if my favourite is 22a or 27a. Thank you Jay, and thanks too Mr Kitty for the review. We are privileged to have you two days in a row.

    1. Sorry about two sets of comments. The first set disappeared. I wrote the second set, then the first set reappeared. I requested the second set to be deleted, but that didn’t happen, so not sure what’s going on.

      1. Hi, Florence. I can only see one set of comments from you on this page. There was a second set in moderation, which is where deleted comments go at first. I’ve now deleted that one just to make sure that it’s gone. Do you still see two sets after reloading the page in your browser?

        Thanks for the last sentence in your first comment – I appreciated that.

  4. On a roll today and fairly breezed through this one with just a pause to verify the answer to 5d – interesting religion!
    No particular favourite but 22a made me smile and I thought Mr K would appreciate the Quickie pun.

    Thanks to Jay and to the afore-mentioned Mr K for making the time to fit in a second blog this week – loved the 4d birdwatchers.

    1. Hello Mr Kitty, thank you for replying. I can still see my first two comments on my iPhone which just about repeat each other. On my iPad…..I don’t see my comments at all. I only see the first two commenters of HIYD and Rabbit Dave. I can’t remember now which bit of technology I first signed in on! Weird!

  5. Most enjoyable. Nothing really to frighten the horses, except the aforementioned 5d. I built up the answer from the word play, but had never heard the term before. Finished in *** time.

    Did anyone else waste time trying to fit ALTER/C/ATION into 18a?

    Many thanks to Jay and Mr K.

  6. Another enjoyable mid-week challenge completed at a fast gallop – **/***.

    5d – ditto.

    No obvious favourite, thanks to Jay and Mr K.

  7. I enjoyed today’s puzzle but like others had to look up 1d to check it and had never heard of 5d. Thank you very much for the interesting explanation included in the hints. You learn something new every day.

  8. Another enjoyable if undemanding task with North slotting in ahead of the South. Liked 27a once I had abandoned attempt to use Beyoncé! Reassuring to see I am not alone in living and learning re 5d. Failed to parse 2d and 16d. Hard to pick a Fav but did like19d. Yes MalcolmR I too tried hard to use altercation. Thank you Jay and welcome back MrK. Quickie pun probably doesn’t work for Americans as I don’t think they pronounce the ‘t’.

    1. Ha ha! I too tried to parse Beyoncé for 27a even though I knew it was highly unlikely to be the answer!
      Enjoyed 1a and 19d and learned about a new religious cult. A pleasant Wednesday.
      Thanks to Mr K and the setter.

  9. In the 1D and 5D camp although darling wife knew 1D , of course .

    Loved 5A best .

    Thanks to everyone

  10. Like Jane I think I had a good day today as I put down **/*** on completion, remembered 1d which helped and guessed 5d from the checking letters-certainly new for me too.
    15 d was a well concealed anagram , 22a amused-thought Michael may have made an appearance in the blog pics- I know the cats were really better and thanks to Mr K for parsing 16d as I missed the’ off ‘

  11. Very enjoyable. Finished within my personal target time. I worked out 5d but couldn’t believe it was correct until I google’d. I liked 22a, 25a, 8d and 16d with top marks to 19d.

  12. Enjoyable although I kept thinking of the wrong word (eg altercation) and was not really on wavelength.
    I knew what 5d was, but was misled by a tiny splodge of printer’s ink turning limo into limp!
    Thank you Messrs K and J.

  13. Thanks Jay and Mr K; enjoyable crossword.

    I thought at the beginning of ‘kin’ in 1d but then realised it didn’t parse. I also bunged in altar at the start at 26 as a hidden without thinking too much, doh!

    9 also appears in the Grauniad today: ‘Letters from secretary, a Chinese native.’

    I particularly enjoyed 1a, 2 and 16.

  14. Thanks to Jay and to Mr Kitty for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle from Jay, all quite straightforward except for 5d, which I’d never heard of, couldn’t get the second word. Favourite was 19d. Was 2*/3* for me.

  15. Started well with 1across – most amusing. All the rest fell nicely into place Many.thanks to all involved.

  16. ***/***. A bit trickier than usual and the right wavelength was essential. Had to look up1&5d. 1a was my favourite. Thanks to Jay and Mr K. Off to the top of Grouse mountain as we are enjoying clear blue skies.

  17. Today’s puzzle seems to have polarised views towards slightly tricky and enjoyable but not to as high a standard as this setter normally reaches. I wouldn’t disagree. I thought 1a was the pick of the bunch, and, like others, 5d was new to me.

    Thanks to Jay for the challenge and to Mr K.

  18. I solved 1a on first read and thought this was going to be a cake walk, how wrong, it was very tricky for me.
    I had problems in the SW, don’t know why, I needed the hint for 25a and then I was off and running.
    I missed the lurker in 15d, it was a bung-in for me, silly really. Pommers says if you can’t see it, look for a lurker.
    I had to use electronic help for 5d and then google, never heard of it.
    There was a lot to like, fave maybe 1a/1d? Or perhaps Humpty? Toss a coin.
    Thanks to Jay and to Mr. K for his hints, and for the lovely kitty pics, I always look forward to those.

  19. Jay is always such a pleasant, accurate and entertaining journey. 1D and 5D new to me but solvable and while out of personal preference GK/obscurities often spoil the overall reflection of the challenge, today this was not the case. This was in fact despite the Abbot Oasis having employed a new afternoon barmaid who would not allow me to do my DT Crossie because of her overriding need to regale in monologue (for me as the only customer/ear at that time) her less than interesting life without drawing breath. I am convinced her jaw was still going as I disappeared grumpily up the road to set about Jay at home in peace. As always respectful thanks to setter and tipper.

    1. Commiserations, there are some people out there who think if you are doing a crossword, you must be both lonely and bored.

  20. Yes, apart from 5d a relatively straightforward solve with 5a being my fave.
    Thanks to Jay, and to Mr K again for the review and pics.

  21. Quite liked this usual Wednesday Fare from Jay **/*** (apart from 5d 😕)
    Favourites 22 & 28a 😃 Thanks to Mr K and to Jay 👍 Oh no! It’s Thursday tomorrow 😳

  22. Very enjoyable today, thank you Jay, and to Mr K for the entertaining cat pictures, and the hints for 1d and 5d, which like many others, had me stumped. A very pleasant solve, but suspect we are going to get tested tomorrow…

  23. A little on the challenging side today, and good as ever. Last in 5d, of which I was only vaguely aware.

  24. Another nice straightforward, well clued puzzle from Jay. Like others, I learned a new religion with 5 down and that’s also a new one to my other half, who was an RE teacher for most of her professional career. I have a slight quibble with 16 down purely because during my years of St John Ambulance membership I was rigidly taught that burns are caused by dry heat and scalds by moist heat. A minor consideration in crosswordland of course 😉 20 down was my favourite clue as it took the longest for the penny to drop for me. Thanks of course to both Jay and Mr K.

  25. Enjoyable puzzle without too many problems. Like some of you, we had to Google 5d to see if it was right but the rest was
    occasionally a cross between easy and quite taxing. More than average time to finish which makes it interesting.

    3*/4*….Thanks to Jay and Mr K

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