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ST 2878

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2878

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 11th December

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****


Morning All! This was fairly straightforward with some great clues as ever.

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1a           Arrived at front of theatre, appearing in small role (4,2)
CAME TO –  T(heatre) appearing in a CAMEO or small acting role.

4a           Fellow mostly using few words in sections of text (8)
CHAPTERS – CHAP for a fellow and almost all of TERS(e) or ‘using few words’.

10a         Possession arranged with person losing little time (9)
OWNERSHIP – Make an anagram (arranged) of WI(T)H PERSON having first lost the abb. T for little Time.

11a         Award that comes after November, as heard on radio (5)
OSCAR – O follows N in the alphabet and the NATO phonetic is represented by OSCAR.

12a         Boy harbouring desire to become skilled operator (7)
SURGEON – SON for boy including/harbouring an URGE or desire.

13a         Keep watch, say (7)
OBSERVE – 3 definitions – to keep a vigil, to look at and to say/make an observation.

14a         A carriage reversed away from others (5)
APART – A from the clue and a reversal of TRAP or carriage.

15a         Antagonism about some soldiers produces outrage (8)
ENORMITY – ENMITY or antagonism placed about OR – Other Ranks or some soldiers.

18a         State in which banks are corrupted (8)
NEBRASKA – An anagram (corrupted) of BANKS ARE.

20a         Fired back, hemming in American Indian (5)
TAMIL – A reversal (back) of LIT or fired including AM – one abb. of American.

23a         Checker at entrance challenging delivery (7)
BOUNCER – Two definitions – a doorman/membership consultant/ejection specialist and also a fast, short ball in cricket (delivery).

25a         Level in educational establishment for male (7)
UNIFORM – A charade of UNI(versity – an educational establishment), FOR from the clue and M for Male.

26a         Centrepiece of candlelit events for exclusive group (5)
ELITE – A hidden word slap bang in the centre of candlELIT Events.

27a         Make drunk mix it in a beer (9)
INEBRIATE – Make an anagram (mix) of IT IN A BEER and very apposite.

28a         Those people having put old record in priest’s study (8)
THEOLOGY – Start with THEY (those people) and place inside O (old) and a LOG or record.

29a         Guard started crossing line (6)
SHIELD – SHIED or started/jumped going across L for Line.


1d           As part of goal, negotiate hazard at sea (8)
CROSS BAR – The first is the definition and the subsidiary indication tells us to CROSS (traverse) a sand BAR or hazard at sea.

2d           Variety of vermin linked to a Roman deity (7)
MINERVA  – An anagram (variety) of VERMIN linked with A from the clue.

3d           One who afflicts people residing between hills (9)
TORMENTOR – MEN or people inside (residing in) two TORs or hills.

5d           Fashionable river vessel makes diversion for semiaquatic creatures (14)
HIPPOPOTAMUSES – A charade of HIP (fashionable), the Italian (so I am told!) river PO, a POT (vessel) and finally AMUSES (makes diversion).

6d           Devout leaders from parish insist on usual service (5)
PIOUS – The leading letters in Parish Insist On Usual Service.

7d           Ring-leader in bar is a piece of work (7)
EXCERPT – The leading letter of R(ing) inside EXCEPT/bar/save for.

8d           Display or conceal test for illness (6)
SCREEN – Another three definitions – To display (a film) to hide or mask and also a clinical test for an illness.

9d           Searching TV for sporting action between us and France? (7-7)
CHANNEL-SURFING – The cryptic definition suggests a SURFING competition in the English CHANNEL, the area of water between us and France.

16d         Powerful female‘s case not finished within month (9)
MATRIARCH – All but the last letter (not finished) of a TRIA(l) inside the month of MARCH.

17d         Provide meal that includes meat cooked in dramatic fashion (8)
FLAMBEED – To FEED (provide meal) with LAMB meat inserted/included.

19d         Learned English — unrefined without it (7)
ERUDITE – E for English and then RUDE/unrefined outside (or without) IT from the clue.

21d         Berth in sound by Jersey or Guernsey before storm (7)
MOORAGE – Place a MOO (sound or low of a Jersey or Guernsey cow) before a RAGE or storm.

22d         Sailor dispatched somewhere else (6)
ABSENT – Nice and Easy – an AB (Able Bodied seaman) and SENT/dispatched.

24d         Caught river fish put in here (5)
CREEL – C for Caught (a cricketing abb.), R for River and an EEL/fish and a great all-in-one clue.          

Thanks to Mr Greer and a Merry Christmas all. I will be humbugging it in Lanzarote for the week!


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