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DT 27813

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27813

Hints and tips by pommers

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Hola from the Vega Baja where it’s warm and sunny and looking like it’s going to be another gorgeous day.  I’m pretty sure this is a RayT production as it ticks all the boxes but there are six anagrams which is more than usual for one of his. I’m sure many of you will be well pleased. It was going to be a pretty solid ** until I stalled on a couple in the SW corner and it slipped into *** time.

As usual the ones I liked most are in blue.  The definitions are underlined in the clues and the answers are under the “click here” buttons.
Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a           Tories lure out undecided (10)
IRRESOLUTE:  Anagram (out) of TORIES LURE. Always nice to start with a simple one.

6a           Instrument with hot amp ends covering Queen (4)
HARP: Start with H(ot) and then the two ends of AmP and insert (covering) the single letter for the Queen.

9a           Run away? It’s warranted (5)
LEGIT: Warranted as in having permission rather than guaranteed.

10a         Alarmed if retired, pottering about (9)
TERRIFIED: Anagram (pottering about) of IF RETIRED.  I think the definition is a little understated here. To be in this state is a lot more than just alarmed.

12a         Positive sign of excitement going after gold (7)
AUSPICE: A bit of excitement or heat after the chemical symbol for gold.

13a         Group virtuoso putting out single (5)
GENUS: Take a word for a virtuoso or very clever person and remove (putting out) the I (single).

15a         Work’s rejected — the compiler’s touchy (7)
EMOTIVE:  A large written work is reversed (rejected) and followed by how the compiler might say he has.

17a         Judas, corrupt one with cunning turned back (7)
TRAITOR: Take a word for to corrupt or go off (3) and follow it with I (one) and then a word which can mean cunning and then reverse the lot (turned back).

19a         Promised to fix shelf in vacant pad (7)
PLEDGED: Take a shelf, on a rock face perhaps, and insert it (fix ___ in) into PD (PaD without its middle letter (vacant)).  As I was fixing a shelf in our vacant apartment yesterday this was very apposite!

21a         Bomb almost finished advanced country (7)
GRENADA: A bomb thrown by hand without its last letter (almost finished) followed by A(dvanced).

22a         Separate after carbon copy (5)
CLONE: A word for separate or single placed after the chemical symbol for Carbon.

24a         Insists everybody for example’s taking English (7)
ALLEGES: The usual everybody followed by the abbreviation for for example (don’t forget the ‘S from the clue) with E(nglish) inserted (taking) .

27a         Butterfly from Belgium displayed with colour round borders (9)
BRIMSTONE: The IVR code for Belgium and a word for colour placed around some borders or edges.

28a         Start to spin top, showing expertise (5)
SKILL: S (start to Spin) followed by what “to top” is a slang term for.

29a         First female’s right, always (4)
EVER: The first woman followed by R(ight). And the second, third, fourth etc . . .

30a         Regular felons one dispatched having time inside (10)
CONSISTENT: Some felons or lags followed by I (one) and a word for dispatched, in the post perhaps) with a T(ime) inserted (having ___ inside).


1d           Oddly indulged unemployed (4)
IDLE: Alernate letters (oddly) from InDuLgEd.

2d           Bother doctor initially massaging a part (9)
RIGMAROLE: Start with a word for to doctor or manipulate, then an M (initially Massaging) and then A (from the clue) and a word for a part in a play.

3d           Installs displays for the audience (5)
SITES: Sounds like (for the audience) some displays as in things worth looking at.

4d           Cattle confused about front of iron grid (7)
LATTICE: Anagram (confused) of CATTLE placed around (about) an I (front of Iron).
cattle grid

5d           Nearly ripped, riven by deluge (7)
TORRENT: A word for ripped without its last letter (nearly) followed by another word meaning riven or ripped.

7d           Repugnant article contains fabrication (5)
ALIEN: A fabrication or untruth inserted into (contains) one of the indefinite articles. Difficult to hint without using the article in question.

8d           On foot, end traipse shattered (10)
PEDESTRIAN: Anagram (shattered) of END TRAIPSE.  I’d not noticed belore but the answer is also an anagram of PEDANTRIES.

11d         Thankless person kept by tax-paying ratepayers (7)
INGRATE:  This is the one for Kath. The answer’s hidden (kept by) in the middle of tax-paying ratepayers.

14d         Wretched paid ‘celebs’ going wild (10)
DESPICABLE:  Anagram (going wild) of PAID CELEBS.

16d         Right to enter artist salon’s opening (7)
INGRESS: A French neoclassical painter (1780-1867) followed by S (Salon’s opening).  The answer was pretty obvious but it took a while to parse as at first I thought that the definition was OPENING.

18d         Changing partners, I come out (9)
TRANSPIRE: Anagram (changing) of PARTNERS I.

20d         Game over then pitch second over (7)
DIABOLO: Start with O(ver), then pitch as in throw and a word for second as in help and then reverse the lot (over).

21d         Ships making passage to penetrate empty Ganges (7)
GALLEYS: Take the middle letters out (empty) of GangeS to leave the G and S and insert (to penetrate) a passage or narrow lane.

23d         Declare nothing before deal (5)
OPINE: Deal as in timber placed after O (nothing).

25d         Crack’s seen around top of short pants (5)
GASPS: Some cracks around an S (top of Short).

26d         Large in stomach from excess (4)
GLUT: Insert L(arge) into a word for stomach.  Pommette says mine is caused by too much beer but that can’t be true, can it?

Quite a lot of blue but I think 4d was my favourite. How about you?

The Quick Crossword pun: shire+waif+rum=shy away from

101 comments on “DT 27813

  1. Cannot possibly be a Ray T! I not only finished it but enjoyed it too. Must be one of his easier ones if it is him.
    Never heard of the painter but as pommers said the answer was there without knowing him. For some reason the one that I really struggled with and was the last in was 26d, can’t think why. Did like 22a and 28a.
    It’s Mrs Bs last day before retiring so might be a bit delicate tomorrow.
    Thx to all.

  2. Message from Mary who should be back commenting soon – see below:

    “Now changing providers Sue end June we should have super fast connection … It’s been a real pain!!!! Miss you all too … … Love to all ️xxx”

      1. BD or Sue – please pass on birthday wishes to Mary and tell her that we look forward to her return.

        1. Mary says ” signal on site here very poor!!! Until I can personally thank everyone would you please thank them for me xx “

  3. I found most of this puzzle very straightforward, but was really hung up on 20d and 27a, which took quite a bit of googling to find the right answers. I was unfamiliar with both of these and struggled to understand the wordplay for 20d. I certainly need the clarification by pommers on this one!

    So, I suppose in total it was a 3*/3* given the time I took on these two!

    Thanks to all as usual.

  4. Fairly straightforward by RayT’s standards on the whole, but there were a couple of real head-scratchers in and amongst this offering to pad it out a bit. Thanks to RayT and pommers **/***

  5. Yep. ***/*** for me too. A couple of sticky ones but the puzzle was well constructed as usual. 12a and 16d were favourites today.

  6. Thank you Ray T an enjoyable challenge. I was getting a bit mixed up with 16d – I discovered that there was an artist called “Inges” and with “right to enter artist” put “r” inside “inges” and then “s” for salon’s opening. Right answer, wrong approach ! Thanks Pommers for your review and hints. Clearly unaffected by Wednesday evening’s refreshments !

  7. Good fun, tricky in places. Thanks Pommers but think you have the answer to 9a wrong.

  8. Have I missed something-9across can’t be LEAVE if 2 down and 3 down are correct?

  9. Thoroughly enjoyable. 14d is my favourite type of anagram Wretched paid ‘celebs’ going wild. We know paid celebs is the fodder but is Wretched the indicator or the definition? Equally is Going wild the indicator or the definition. So that is my favourite clue of the day along with all the rest of them. A top puzzle. Thanks Ray T. Thanks Pommers for your review which I shall read later.

    1. I just love your new gravatar!
      It’s the most decorated toilet seat cover I have ever seen.

  10. Many happy returns Mary. Come back soon
    I’m thinking of taking harp lessons. Does anybody have the phone number of 6a?

  11. It all went together quite smoothly for us. We have no doubt about the setter even the word count on the clues sticks to the no more than 8 words rule. Good fun and much enjoyed.
    Thanks RayT and pommers.
    PS pommers when you correct the answer to 9a it might pay to correct the spelling of ‘separate’ in the hint for 22a as well. Cheers.

  12. Sorry about 9a. I put the right answer in the on-line puzzle so how it changed to LEAVE in the review I’ve no idea. Must be cracking up :oops:

  13. Loved it. Gentle for a RayT perhaps, but that’s about right for me at the moment.

    Had to look up the butterfly and check that the painter was real.

    Glad to see that people have been reading the review properly – that would of course have been the reason that pommers included a couple of deliberate mistakes http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif.

    Too many contenders to even try and pick a favourite.

    I don’t think I want to do a Toughie that anyone says is easy, as that is guaranteed to knock the confidence, so will go and do something useful instead.

    Thanks to RayT and pommers.

  14. struggled today. Cheated. I could not see how 9a could be leave. I had legit from early on.
    Still good crossword and enjoyable.
    Did this whilst making bread, kitchen smells wonderful!!

  15. No hold ups today, no ‘quibbles, no obscure words, lots of fun so a **/****.Thanks Mr T and Pommers -if only for the harpist.

  16. Just twigged why LEAVE got in. It was the first answer I thought of on first pass. run away = leave (just about) and if something’s warranted you have leave to do it. Of course it don’t fit with rigmarole so got corrected. Must have remembered it when putting the answers in the post, doh!

    1. I often solve in the very early hours and review at 7.30am. I often have no idea why I have put the answer I have.

  17. Great Ray T puzzle. We didn’t find it too tricky but just challenging enough to be extremely satisfying when we finished it. Many thanks to Ray T and to Pommers for an entertaining review as usual. ***/****

  18. Wow! This was something I thought I would never find – a Ray T puzzle which was R&W. Despite the lack of difficulty I still found it great fun and so it gets a 4* rating from me for enjoyment.

    I must have led a sheltered life as I have never come across the game in 20d although the answer was obvious.

    Many thanks to Ray T and to pommers.

    1. P.S. for the Quickie pun the first word shows in grey without clicking. The second and third words are covered by “Click Here”

    2. For my part I had no problem with 20d as I have lovely memories of childhood contests on holiday in France many moons ago where I thought the game had been invented. However my research reveals it was in fact invented in China between 4th and 3rd centuries and Gustave Phillippart (Frenchman) developed the modern version in 1906. It is apparently the oldest game in history – even older than backgammon. Just in case you, Kath or anyone else is interested. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif

  19. Back from a few days in Savoie… Great puzzle, very satisfying as challenging enough to tickle the brain cells. 2*/4* for me. I liked 15a among lots of clever clues… Ingres was one of our greatest painters – his Napoleon on his throne comes to mind. Mr Framboise loved Pommers’ illustration for 6a! Many thanks to Pommers and to RayT for a lovely puzzle.

  20. 3+ difficulty for me today and 4* for enjoyment.
    The plus a bit for difficulty is because I made such a complete mess of three answers – 15a and 16 and 20d.
    I did eventually sort out why 20d was what it was, not that I’ve ever heard of the game, but it took ages.
    Why the other two were right remained a total mystery until I read the hints for them.
    15a – I thought the ’em’ at the beginning was the compiler’s rejected – just couldn’t see it at all – oh dear!
    16d – thought the definition was opening and couldn’t get beyond that – oh dear, again!
    I agree with pommers about 10a – had I been doing the hints today I would have been the answer rather than the definition!
    On the plus side I did spot the dreaded lurker!
    Really not my day – and it had all started off so well too! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_sad.gif
    I liked 9 and 19a and 4 and 25d. My favourite was 28a.
    With thanks to Ray T and thanks and well done to pommers.

  21. This didn’t feel much like a Ray T to me since apart from 9A it didn’t raise the usual smiles, though the quickie is all single word clues so it must be. I needed help for 21D and to check 20D, and learned a new-to-me butterfly. Thanks to Mr. T and to pommers.

    Agree with CS that the toughie is worth a go. And Happy Birthday to Mary!

      1. You’re right, of course, but the innuendo never occurred to me, probably because I don’t like and never use ‘crack’ in that context, so nary a twitch of the lips from me.

  22. This must have been an easier RayT than usual, because even I managed to understand some of the clues, so we had only to check on one or two from the hints. Thank you to the Thursday setter and to Pommers

  23. Must be spring. Butterflies paid us a visit both in the back page and the toughie. Until today I only knew the red admiral, I now have two more in my collection.
    Nice to see Ingres in 16d. I often admired one of his paintings in Autun when visiting my friends there.
    Favourite is 12a.
    Thanks to the setter and to pommers for the review.

  24. Wall to wall sunshine, Mr. T. on the soft pedal, HM in place (also a delightful photo’ of her on the front page), Brian being jovial and Mary due back soon………what a perfect day! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif
    R&W at this end with at least 4* for enjoyment.
    Plenty of ‘blue pen’ but 9a made me chuckle the most.

    Loved the review, Pommers – glad to note that you’ve worked out who wears the trousers! The pic. at 6a is certainly interesting (albeit it a rarity!) and I particularly like the one for 4d.
    Gratitude and devotion to Mr. T. as ever. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif

      1. Even your music choices cannot spoil this lovely day.
        Hanni made it even better by admitting that she didn’t notice anything ‘different’ about the lady with the harp. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

        1. But it’s a good music choice! (This time…)

          Hanni’s admission was top-drawer though http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif.

          Hope your day continues to be lovely :).

          1. Sorry, Kitty – I thought the poor bloke sounded as though he was having a perfectly miserable ‘perfect day’.

    1. I’m always amazed at the things I miss. I had to ‘properly’ look at the pic for 6a to see what you were talking about. On first pass I just saw a woman playing a harp!

  25. I’ve taken to starting to solve puzzles while driving. It means I like red lights and am completely unbothered by slow moving traffic .
    2d was one of the last ones in.
    In addition to pommers choices, I liked 22a and 13a..
    6a, the harpist with no strings (or anything else ) attached !
    Thanks pommers and RayT.

  26. **/****

    On the gentler side for Mr T but what a lovely puzzle.

    3d was my last one in. No idea why but I struggled with it. Stand out clue of the day is the brilliant 9a, closely followed by 20d. Does that qualify as just having one favourite Kath? I managed to miss the hidden clue in 11d.

    Many thanks to RayT and to Pommers for an excellent blog and pictures. Did you ask Google to specifically look for 6a or did you just get lucky? Either way, great work. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

      1. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

        I put ‘harp player’, into Google and for some reason they were all clothed.

        1. Go on then, I’ll tell. I thought a nice piccy of Claire Jones or someone similar might be nice so I keyed in “girl harpist” and then dropped lucky with image No 5 http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

      2. But you are prepared to reveal your SAUCES as in yesterday’s blog “BTW, I too love Tournados Rossini and I have a brill recipe for the sauce. Takes some time to make but worth the effort. Yummy “

        1. Ah, but I haven’t revealed the sauce – merely the fact of its existence.

            1. Isn’t there a recipe section on the blog? Just a thought. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif

              I’ve got a recipe for Sav Blanc that involves pouring it in a chilled glass.

              First buy decent wine.
              Chill wine and glass.
              Take both out of fridge.

              It’s fantastic.

  27. Thanks to Ray T and to Pommers for the review and hints. The top half went in ok, but struggled after that. Needed 5 hints to finish. Was 4*/2* for me. Sun trying to come out in Central London.

  28. Pleasant puzzle today.
    Favourite was 27a.

    When I was young we used to have to eat 27a and treacle to cure a cold – not the flutterby only S!

      1. Hi Franco

        Nice to hear from you again.
        My son who has been with me several weeks has gone off to the Var for a couple of weeks – he has left lots in the fridge for a day or two.
        Unfortunately my alcoholic days are finally over so it is water or fizzy applesap now! I enjoy a brand called Champoma!

  29. The sun is shining, I have the rare luxury of a day off midweek, and RayT in benign mood. I thought it was going to be a R&W on the first pass but then got held up with some tricky ones, I kept looking for the doctor in 2d, before finally twigging that it was the verb, not the noun, and until I realised that, 15a was impossible. In the end, I just bunged it in as my last one and am grateful to Pommers for telling me why it was right – I would never have seen that if I’d stared at it all night. Off to see the greatest live band in the world tonight, Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express. There will be drink taken beforehand in one of Islington’s less fashionable (I hope) alehouses. Thanks to Pommers and Mr T. 3*/3*

      1. I took my own stitches out today. It still hurts a lot and there are many things I want to do with it that I cant, but I’m hopeful this will improve soon. Many thanks for asking,Hanni

  30. 2*/3*, and 30a for top clue (l bet I wasn’t the only one trying to find an anagram of “felons+t+one”!). Thanks to Ray T, and to Pommers for the review.

    1. Not guilty of that with 30a but I did try to make it something to do with odd or even letters because of the regular bit.

          1. That explains why you didn’t look for the anagram. Felines+t+one is too many letters. I wasted a couple of minutes on that crap before moving on. It turned out to be my last one in.

  31. Hurrah! Peace and serenity has returned to the SL household, a back pager that I managed to complete in one sitting and not overly long at that. Nice to see Her Maj back but still light on the innuendo I feel. A few of the anagrams were ‘gimme’s’ which helped in getting off to a flying start. I’ll pick 17a as my favourite today.

    Thanks to Ray T for the puzzle and pommers for his usual hilarious review.

    Off down to London tomorrow for the weekend to see the rugby and no doubt a few slurpshttp://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif. If the final is as good as last night’s return to the Premiership battle between Worcester and Bristol I will be a very happy Hector.

    Have a good weekend allhttp://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  32. Much easier than yesterday thankfully, and the right-hand side went in fairly easily, but the left hand side produced a little head-scratching (not helped by incorrectly entering “shows” for 3d!).

    Favourite has to be 25d as it made me smile the most.

    Thanks to the setter and to Pommers.

  33. Started off well…thanks to copious anagrams….(realised 18d couldn’t possibly be ‘Terrapins’) …..then inexplicably ground to a halt, particularly in the NW corner. I had ‘leave’ pencilled in for 9a which didn’t help much. Then once I eventually got 12a all fell into place. ‘Rigmarole’….what a lovely word…one of those that always makes me laugh, like paraphernalia and fisticuffs. Word….words….words…..as Hamlet once said. Anyway I didn’t find this as horrid as yesterday’s and managed to finish without having to use the hints, so I can give it ** for difficulty and *** for enjoyment. Thanks to setter and to Pommers.

  34. South went in OK but North presented a bit more of a problem. Fav definitely 9a. Otherwise not really a lot to write home about. ***/*** in my book. Thanks Ray T and Pommers. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_neutral.gif

  35. Putting ‘leave’ and ‘shows’ in, certainly screwed the north west corner up big time! Thanks for putting me right Pommers. I too didn’t look at that picture close enough either.
    Oh well. 2*/3* over all for me and I think 25d was my favourite.
    Thanks to MrT and to ….. hang on I’ve already done that, thanked Pommers that is.

  36. Nice straight forward puzzle, but still had to use the hints 2d & 15a didn’t feel like a Thursday at all ;) Thanks to compiler and Pommers **/**** Off on holiday for a couple of weeks at sea, searching for some sunshine :)

    1. Have a good time, Jay legs. As for the sunshine – it’s over Anglesey at the moment, but the forecast isn’t looking good for tomorrow!

  37. Muchas gracias to pommers for the review and thanks to everybody else for your comments.


    1. And a muchas gracias from me too, a most enjoyable puzzle Ray.

      BTW pommers, in a week or so, we will be in Valencia. Removal lorry arriving with us on monday, and we follow a few days after. Trepidation would be an understatement…. :)

      1. Enjoy! Not sure that now is a good time of year as you’ll be moving in when you have the prospect of about 16 weeks of temps around 30C and a lot higher. Not ideal for moving furniture and all the other stuff involved in a move. I know to my cost as we took possession of our house in July – bad move (42C in the shade).

        Still, get settled in and a Costa Blanca S&B is on the cards – Benidorm perhaps? I know a few good bars.

        1. With my wife being from Marrakech, I am used to summer temperatures of 48C – actually I love it (mad dogs and Englishmen etc…) I always remember a quote from a Richard Gere film, Breathless, which is so applicable to me “..the hotter the better… Gotta love those Santa Anas, honey, just stokin’ up the fires!”

          Looking forward to the Costa Blanca S&B :)

          1. There used to be a poster on here called Nora who lived in Valencia. Don’t know what happened to her but she seems to have disappeared. I bet there are a few lurkers in this neck of the woods so it could be interesting.

    2. As usual, it’s great to see you making an appearance Ray T – keep up the good work.

  38. Crept out of cupboard to say I am still alive but struggling. Exhibition opens 4 weeks tomorrow and the in-word is Panic. Crosswords supplying a little light relief so many thanks to all setters and bloggers. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif

  39. As it’s now midnight BST and 0100 here I’m off to bed, well actually to watch the last half of Ghost on Film4 – I just love Demi Moore.

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