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DT 27444

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27444

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 22nd March 2014

Morning All!. I think that this was a Cephas production. The usual quality of clues that I found quite entertaining.

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1a           He enters garrison with meat likely to be cut (3,3,4)
FOR THE CHOP – Place HE from the clue inside a FORT (garrison)  and CHOP (meat – FORT (HE) CHOP.

6a           What teachers do for money no longer (4)
MARK – The old German pre-Euro currency.

8a           Lords perhaps being led by mild boozer (8)
ALEHOUSE – Place ALE (Mild being one example) in front of (is leading) HOUSE as in the House of Lords/Upper HOUSE.

9a           Take stock of a new formula for Ulster (6)
RUSTLE – an anagram (a new formula for) ULSTER

10a         Number of starting places on the links or on the wagon (8)
TEETOTAL –Cryptically, the number oftees (starting places on a Links Golf course for example) might be the Tee Total.

11a         Physical state, that of fellows often being drunk? (6)
HEALTH – A toast of health with fellows often drinking to it.

12a         Woman from Limerick, say, without husband (4)
IRIS – Remove the H for Husband from IRIS(h) i.e. someone from Limerick for example.

14a         Moan about Richard endlessly wandering (7)
NOMADIC – An anagram (about of MOAN followed by DIC(k) the diminutive of Richard without its ending.

18a         Upper limit’s closing up for vocalist (7)
CEILING – A homophone (for the vocalist) of SEALING (closing up).

20a         Celebrity from Latin America (4)
NAME – Hidden word (indicated by ‘from’) in the last two words.

23a         Architectural feature that could leave you cold, we hear (6)
FRIEZE – Another homophone (we hear) of FREEZE – the icy snap that could make you cold.

24a         Letter that has one’s address? (8)
LANDLORD – A cryptic definition – better pay the rent as he knows where you live!.

25a         Timid person takes care of district (6)
COWARD – A charade of C/O (the abbreviation for Care Of) and a WARD or electoral district

26a         Someone who presses a suit for favour (8)
ADVOCATE – The first definition is the lawyer, the second is a verb meaning to endorse or be in favour of.

27a         Actual money (4)
REAL – Another two definitions – actual the first and the Brazilian currency for the second.

28a         Drug for soothing of French media worker (10)
DEPRESSANT – A charade of DE (of in French) then PRESS (the media) and finally a worker ANT.


1d           French battle division (8)
FRACTION –  A charade of FR (abb. For French) and then ACTION or battle.

2d           Apply to acquire eastern joint (6)
REEFER – REFER (to apply) receives/acquires E for Eastern.

3d           Jinx is hard on daughter in love repeatedly (6)
HOODOO – H for Hard on top of (on in a down clue) D for daughter surrounded by repeats of O for Love.

4d           Volunteers in Corsica to travel in another country (5,4)
COSTA-RICA – The Volunteers are the TA or Territorial Army. Place them inside an anagram (to travel) of CORSICA.

5d           Buy tea bag outside (8)
PURCHASE – CHA (tea) with a PURSE (bag) around the outside.

6d           Rising total with kitty to go on the Spanish wine (8)
MUSCATEL – Reverse (rising) a SUM (total) and then add  (is going on top of) a CAT (kitty) and EL – ‘the’ in Spanish.

7d           Maybe brother Rex is on ecstasy (8)
RELATION – R for Rex (King in Latin) and ELATION or Ecstasy.

13d         Cleaner I’d recollected being a northern islander (9)
ICELANDER – An anagram (recollected) of CLEANER I’D. Bit of a shame that islander was part of the definition as it is rather close to the answer.

15d         Fate of one who didn’t take just what the doctor ordered (8)
OVERDOSE – My favourite clue and last one in. If you don’t follow the doctors order of the correct dosage!.

16d         Without any followers nevertheless (5,3)
AFTER ALL – If you have no followers (and are last) then you are AFTER ALL (the others).

17d         Destined for the match (8)
INTENDED – A semi all-in-one clue in which a verb meaning destined could also be a noun meaning someone destined for the match or marriage

19d         Treading to get change in bank (8)
GRADIENT – An anagram (to get change) of TREADING. Bank here is an incline.

21d         Arousing discredit, being in the red with promises to pay (6)
ODIOUS – A charade of the abbreviation OD for Overdrawn and then IOUS – promises to pay.

22d         One’s played and lad’s given a word of thanks (6)
SONATA – A charade of SON (lad) and then A TA (A word of thanks).

Thanks to the setter for the puzzle. I will see you all next Friday morning.


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  1. Thank you Gnomey for your excellent review.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif I needed your explanations for 18a and 1d.

    (One tiny thing — there’s a space needed in ‘oftees’ in 10a.)

    My thanks to Cephas. I echo Gnomey’s comment that it was an entertaining puzzle.

  2. Amusing crossword from Cephas with little difficulty, thanks to him and to Gnomethang for the excellent review.

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