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DT 27241

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27241

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another typical Cephas Saturday puzzle –  there are eight anagrams but all with his usual excellently original indicators.

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1a           Furry creature, one engaged in permanent frisking (4,6)
PINE MARTEN –   Insert I (one) into an anagram (frisking) of PERMANENT.

6a           Toboggan you need to pull with energy (4)
LUGE –   LUG (pull) plus E (energy).

8a           Closet is turned out for date in June, perhaps (8)
SOLSTICE –   An anagram (turned out) of CLOSET IS.

9a           Woman in touring car gets the bird (6)
GANNET –  Insert ANNE (woman) into GT (Gran Tourismo, a motor car designed for touring in luxury and at high speed).

10a         Ruined rugby side’s first point (8)
BANKRUPT –   The clue tells you to put BANK (side, edge) first before RU (Rugby Union) and PT (the abbreviation for point).

11a         One can’t play it at school (6)
TRUANT –   A nice cryptic definition.

12a         Free, after some string-pulling (4)
UNDO –   Loosen from a knotted string , for example.

14a         Rapper‘s   critic (7)
KNOCKER –   A double definition –the first something used to rap on a door; the second someone who criticizes.

18a         Hold spellbound during tenth rally (7)
ENTHRAL is hidden in tENTH RALly.

20a         Spread trade, getting millions for diamonds? (4)
MEAL –  Another word for a spread or feast is obtained by swapping the D (diamonds) at the start of a DEAL or trade with M (millions).

23a         Like to travel over water and attack (6)
ASSAIL –   AS (like) and SAIL (travel over water).

24a         Spin doctor’s new plan for cities — extremely dear (8)
PRICIEST –   PR (what a spin doctor does) and an anagram of (new plan for) CITIES

25a         Holiday that’s a signal for disaster (6)
MAYDAY –  The first May Bank Holiday or the international radiotelephonic  distress signal for ships and aircraft.

26a         One in favour of trees being replanted? (8)
FORESTER –   FOR (in favour of) followed by an anagram (being replanted) of TREES.

27a         Make the drink go round (4)
STIR –  The circular movement of a spoon , for example, to mix the constituents of a drink.

28a         Not like Iris, dismal when drunk (10)
DISSIMILAR –   An anagram (when drunk) of IRIS DISMAL.


1d           Trading record made by secretary’s second reserve (8)
PASSBOOK –  A book which passes between trader and customer –   PAS (personal assistant’s) S (second) and BOOK (reserve).

2d           Clothing Lynn so crazily (6)
NYLONS –  An anagram (crazily) of LYNN SO.

3d           Old horse detaining you in France (6)
MATURE –   Insert TU (the French familiar form of the second personal pronoun) into a MARE (horse).

4d           City area in ecstasy, showing recovery (9)
RECAPTURE –   Insert EC (the area of London home to the ‘city’) into RAPTURE (ecstasy).

5d           People, say, to be kept in denial (8)
NEGATION –   Insert EG (say) into NATION (people).

6d           Number suffering become depressed (8)
LANGUISH –   L (the Roman numeral for 50) and ANGUISH (suffering).

7d           Frenchman opts out of agreement formulated for drink (5,3)
GREEN TEA –  Remove M (Monsieur the Frenchman opts out) from AGREEMENT and make an anagram (reformulated) of the remaining letters.

13d         Light-headed composer consuming South American port (9)
DELIRIOUS –   Insert RIO (the South American port) into the English composer, DELIUS.

15d         Four points pitched in television bulletin (8)
NEWSCAST –   The four compass points – NEWS – and CAST (pitched in).

16d         It will strain commander to alight with Queen (8)
COLANDER –   CO (commanding officer)   LAND (alight) ER (the cipher of the Queen).

17d         Used       to be in a job (8)
EMPLOYED – Used as a means or agent;   having employment.

19d         One talks of overthrow of ruler, etc (8)
LECTURER –   An anagram (overthrow) of RULER ETC.

21d         Sun’s best part? That’s a laugh (6)
SCREAM –   Laugh shrilly and uncontrollably –  S (sun) and CREAM (best part).

22d         In experiment, A levels may be worked out in the mind (6)
MENTAL –   Hidden in experiMENT A Levels.