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DT 26811

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26811

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

An entertaining crossword (as usual) from Rufus this morning. Perhaps a little trickier than normal with some of the clues 7d,8d,13d requiring a bit more lateral thinking.

If you need to see the answer just highlight the space between the curly brackets.


1. Not against roughing up an opponent (10)
{ANTAGONIST} – An anagram (roughing up) of NOT AGAINST is also an adversary.

9. Ring Henry, love (4)
{HALO} – The definition is ring. Take a shortened form of the name Henry, and then add O (love).

10. Mixes drink for fund-raiser (6,4)
{JUMBLE SALE} – A sale of donated articles could when read as (7,3) be a collection of muddled beers.

11. Made up for having date wrong on the inside (6)
{ATONED} – An anagram (wrong) of DATE with ON inside is a word that means to make amends.

12. Have a cigarette and look happier (5,2)
{LIGHT UP} – A sort of double definition, to start smoking or to cause to become cheerful.

15. Sort of map to study on journey (7)
{CONTOUR} – A map that shows elevations and surface configurations by using lines that denote height is constructed from the standard crossword three letter word for study, followed by a synonym for a trip.

16. Scot returns to service somewhere in Scotland (5)
{NAIRN} – Reverse a Scottish name and then add the initials for the Senior Service to get a market town found east of Inverness.

17. Unspeakable acting! (4)
{MIME} – Exactly. To act using only gestures and body movement.

18. It’s bad form not to (4)
{FROM} – The opposite of to is an anagram (bad) of FORM.

19. Being the boss I may interrupt cook (5)
{CHIEF} – Place I inside a word for a professional cook.

21. Snow shoe accepted by some backward Arctic people (7)
{ESKIMOS} – Put a runner used for gliding over snow into a reversed SOME.

22. Tool for portions of lobster? (7)
{PINCERS} – A type of grasping tool is also what you would call the claws of a lobster.

24. Islander comes out of trance (6)
{CRETAN} – A Mediterranean islander is also an anagram (comes out of) TRANCE.

27. Hardcastle is converted in religious places (10)
{CATHEDRALS} – Another anagram (is converted) of HARDCASTLE.

28. Tread the stage (4)
{STEP} – Double definition, a single act of walking or one of a series of actions.

29. Helpful belief I can spread around (10)
{BENEFICIAL} – An anagram (spread around) of BELIEF I CAN is something that produces a positive result or is advantageous.


2. Identifying word as no French one (4)
{NOUN} – The part of speech used to identify something is NO plus the masculine French word for number one.

3. Some British submarines set up and spring a trap (6)
{AMBUSH} – Another word for a surprise attack can be found hidden backwards between the two words British submarines.

4. Ended series, having exceeded time allowed (7)
{OVERRUN} – You need a synonym for ended, and then another for a series to get a word that means to extend or last beyond a limit

5. I am taking mother up to Muslim leader (4)
{IMAM} – IM and a reversed two letter word for mother.

6. Thomas’s initial motive for betrayal (7)
{TREASON} – The first letter of Thomas, followed by a word that means “a rational motive for a belief or action” is a word that describes a breach of trust.

7. Not a starter in the ocean race (4,6)
{MAIN COURSE} – Not a dessert either. Another word for the ocean, and then a word that describes a fast moving flow of water.

8. Dead bodies seen in protected areas for shooting? (4,6)
{COLD FRAMES} – These are in fact wooden frames with glass tops in which small plants are protected from bad weather. You need to find synonyms for dead and bodies to make it work.

12. A poor reason for limping? (4,6)
{LAME EXCUSE} – An unconvincing explanation for being unable to walk properly.

13. He won’t get the sack if the bag’s big enough (10)
{GAMEKEEPER} – Bag here refers to catching or killing pheasants for example.

14. Courses for non-drivers? (5)
{PATHS} – Where you might walk and not expect to find motorised traffic? A bit weak perhaps? My first thought was “putting greens” but unfortunately it didn’t fit.

15. Move stealthily like Red Indian, quietly (5)
{CREEP} – A word that means to move slowly and carefully is made from a North American native Indian that originally lived in central Canada plus P (quietly).

19. It’s smoked chestnuts and hazelnut (7)
{CORNCOB} – A type of pipe is also another word for hackneyed usages or cliches. plus a nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus (hazel for example).

20. Natural cover in Eden? (3,4)
{FIG LEAF} – The sort of covering taken from nature that was intended to conceal something regarded as shameful and was often used in paintings or on sculptures.

23. Tart and explicit Rice/Webber piece (6)
{CITRIC} – A word that means acidic or sharp can be found hidden between the words explicit and Rice.

25. Things cracked up to stupefy (4)
{STUN} – Reverse (up) hard shelled fruit to get a word that means to daze or render senseless.

26. The Hispano-French girl? (4)
{ELLA} – A girls name can be made from the Spanish and French words for “the”.

The Quick crossword pun: {falls} + {salaam} = {false alarm}


51 comments on “DT 26811

  1. Got this done before the daughter headed off to school. First in was 1a and last in was 8d – that took a bit of thinking – but the penny eventually dropped :-) Good fun! Thanks to Libellule for the Hints and Tips.

  2. Did enjoy this, galloped through until top right corner and came to shuddering halt. Eventually got them but taxed my brain a little.

    Thanks to Rufus.
    And thanks to Libellule for hints and tips.

  3. My thx to Rufus for a very pleasant start to the week and to Libellule for explaining 8d. It’s obvious but I did like 26d :-)

  4. A nice gentle start to the week. Favourite clue – 18a. Least favourite clue – 25d; my pet hate is reversals where there is ambiguity in the wording as to which is correct. In this case, is it ‘Things cracked’ that needs to be reversed (up, in a down clue), or the verb ‘to stupefy’? I think it can be read either way, and a checking letter is needed before you can put the answer in.
    Moan over – Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule.

    1. I almost completely agree… apart from 18A being my LEAST favourite! Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same :-)

      Thanks to all.

  5. A good Monday starter puzzle and very entertaining. The only one to flummox was 8d, which dawned on me after a short break. Thanks to setter and retriever.

  6. Good morning Libelulle and thanks for the blog hints though I didn’t need them today at one point I thought I might when I got to the top R/H corner! 7d, 8d and 18a being the last three in! As usual lots I liked today my favourites being 2d and 18a :-) , I hope Mrs L is firmly on the road to recovery, continued good wishes :-)

    1. not being able to ‘see’ 18a and at this point not having 7d or 8d I almost put ‘morf’ in, thinking it could be thought of as a bad form I suppose!

        1. yes thanks Brian I got the answer but at first I theought ‘morf’ being a person with neither particularly male or female attributes could have bee a ‘bad form’

  7. Did anyone else put Bolster (a cold chisel) in for 22a? Seems valid to me as “portions of” could indicate an anagram. Not quite finished yet but will pick up again in a while.

  8. A quick run through, except for 7d and 8d which took a little thinking about. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule.

  9. As ever, charming and enjoyable puzzle from Rufus.
    8d took a wee bit longer than the others.
    Thanks Libellule.

  10. Very enjoyable, and done before the coffee got too cold. First in was 5d and last, like others, was 8d. Favourites 2d, 10a and 7d. Many thanks to Rufus and Libellule. Is anyone else suffering with man flu? It’s day 11 and I’m still boosting Kleenex’s profits!

    1. Hope that the man flu improves – my husband also has it. He isn’t boosting Kleenex’s profits as he is one of the very few men who still uses “proper” hankies, unfortunately! Yuk!! :roll:

  11. On train. Just read comments but not hints. Everyone remarkably same today. I got all in apart from 7 and 8d. At time of writing I have 8d although not exactly clear why. I shall refrain from looking at the hints to see if I can get 7d after a break. The other one requiring lateral thinking 13d I got easily but the checking letters were good!

  12. Like everyone else, I galloped through this straightforward crossword until I got to 7d and 8d which took me as long to sort out as the rest of the clues put together. Thanks once again to Rufus and Libellule.

    1. I thought it was one of the cleverest and trickiest clues that I’ve ever come across. Took me ages to understand it.

  13. Got there in the end with 8d then 18a being the last to go. Thanks Rufus and Libellule. Being keen on maps i liked 15a although the “on” threw me a bit, but it made sense in an all one sort of way.

  14. Lots of great clues today – really enjoyed it. Along with most other people my last ones were 18a and 8d – would have been quicker to get one if I’d had the other! I’ve never heard of the kind of pipe in 19d – spent quite a while wondering why anyone would smoke corn on the cob! Oh dear!! I’ve never heard of the 16a Scottish town but it was easy enough to work it out. Loads of four letter answers which I always find difficult. I liked 17a and 12 and 26d. My favourite was 18a. With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  15. Another enjoyable puzzle from Rufus.
    10a, 16a, 18a, 21a, 27a, 7d, 9d, 13d 19d & 26d were my likes.

    Many thanks BD for posting the article re Roger’s party.

  16. Glad I wasn’t alone in having trouble with 8d – had to resort to hints for that one! Otherwise not a lot of problems – good start to the week. Thank you Rufus and Libellule.

  17. Like most others, the NE corner needed a second look after a walk in the Sussex Spring Sunshine.
    This was the sly old fox at his cunning best! Thanks to Rufus for the mental gymnastics, and of course to Monsieur L.

  18. Thank you Kath. Maybe I’m on the mend – my patient wife says my sneezes are getting less violent!

  19. 8d got me and bizarrely 11a. Otherwise things are looking up! (even though Monday is I understand, by repute, easy ).. :-)

    1. Yes – 11a also got me for quite a while – not helped by not having 8d either ….. I do think that Mondays are one of the easiest days of the week although there were a few tricky little ******* in here today! :smile:

  20. 8d last one in for me too, liked 7d once the penny dropped .Liked the whole thing really and thanks to Rufus & BD. :smile:

  21. Nice one Rufus and a good review from Libellule so thanks to both.

    Thought this was a fairly gentle puzzle apart from 7d. As ex-yacht racers we coulldn’t get the surface out of our heads so it ended as last in. :oops: Strange though that we got 8d immediately :grin:

  22. Along with just about everyone else, I got stuck on 7 and 8. Two great clues which i eventually worked out after a lot of cogitation. Also liked 10, 12 and 13. Thanks to Rufus for a more difficult than usual start to the week.

  23. Off to deepest darkest Suffolk tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my lovely cousin and her equally lovely husband. :smile: My only slight worry is that the crossword could be “ONE OF THOSE TUESDAYS” and I will have no access to hints, comments or help of any kind! Oh dear!! I’ll just have to wait until I get home on Wednesday pm. :sad:

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